10 Enradhukulla (2015)
Production: A R Murugadoss, Fox Star Studios
Cast: Samantha, Vikram
Direction: Vijay Milton
Screenplay: Vijay Milton
Story: Vijay Milton
Music: D Imman

10 Enradhukulla (2015)

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The much-hyped road film 10 Endrathukulla is directed by Vijay Milton, jointly produced by AR Murugadoss and Fox Star Studios. The director’s earlier film Goli Soda was an action-packed entertainer and one of biggest hits of 2014. Vikram, who comes after a long break from his magnum opus I, takes on a less risky role this time in a commercial entertainer. Vikram stands tall with his style is paired with the gorgeous Samantha who might have grabbed her biggest role in Kollywood till date, given equal importance and also present is Pasupathy in a different avatar.


Vikram is a daredevil car driver, who is forced to take up jobs ferrying illegal goods to provide for his comatose sister. Interestingly, he has no name in the film, and calls himself James Bond, Mani Ratnam or Sunil Gavaskar.

He meets Shakeela (Samantha) at a driving institute, where he is a trainer. An orphan, Shakeela is determined to earn her driving license.

Meanwhile, we have a small-time goon Dass (Pasupathy), who hires Vikram to transport a vehicle from Chennai to Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. What he fails to mention is that a kidnapped Shakeela is lying unconscious in the car.

The first half meanders aimlessly with a number of unnecessary songs at regular intervals, while the lead pair are busy falling in love. But the second half takes on a more serious note.

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  1. 4/10

    A tedious watch. Marred by overzealous performances, ordinary music, tacky CGI and poor execution

    The director connects the dots between this mysterious person and Shakeela’s kidnapping at the very end. The road trip that was to be the crux of the film is almost nonexistent. The car chases are unremarkable and the over-the-top graphics utterly ridiculous.

    There is barely any chemistry between Vikram and Samantha, who seem too enthusiastic and appear to be overplaying their parts. Pasupathy, as the greedy goon with his straight face and casual dialogue delivery, provides plenty of laughter. The quietly menacing Rahul Dev is impressive as the bad guy.

    Though a decent plot, the director in his attempt to make it bigger and better than his previous film, has perhaps added too much melodrama.

  2. Behindwoods

    Not as racy as expected, but a watchable ride.

    Vikram’s attitude and grace is the film’s biggest plus point, as he fits into the role. Movie offers mighty scope for Samantha to unleash her range as a performer. The fun, twists and conflicts in the tale arise from Samantha’s character Shakeela. Pasupathy stands out in this lot with his comic histrionics at unexpected moments.

    The tacky VFX counts among the negative aspects of the film. The key intro scene of Vikram is let down by the frivolous visuals.

    The 2nd half feels like a stretch and too many cinematic liberties taken for the climax action sequences. Some of the picturesque locations that we see in the film are good takeaways.

    Vijay Milton has presented a ride that has its share of bumps. Go see the film for its lead pair.

  3. A slipshod road movie. Hard to grudge Vikram this fluff. After back-breaking efforts in I, he deserves some fun. But what about us?

    The film is a road movie that makes pit stops at the most interesting places, like a Renigunta bar where item girl Charmi gradually loses various items of her clothing.

    Milton has made exactly the kind of movie for which Goli Soda appeared an antidote. The writing is shockingly scattershot, right from the scene that’s supposed to set up the story. It goes by in a blur of disjointed speechifying and dismembered limbs.

    There’s no rhythm tothe proceedings, no continuity – even the stunts are underwhelming. And there’s a laughable twist at the end that has to be seen to be disbelieved. What is it about snagging big stars that makes our filmmakers so lax about the other aspects of filmmaking?

  4. Moviebuzz

    Average film which can be watched once for the chase scenes and performance of Vikram

    The major problem with 10 Enradhukulla is that all the characters look so artificially “cool” that we lose that most important emotional connect with the characters. The first half moves at slow pace while everything happens in the last 30 minutes of the film.

    Technically, the film is top notch with the crystal clear cinematography of Vijay Milton and lovely locales. Imman’s songs are nothing much to talk about while Anoop Seelin’s BGM is strictly average. Supreme Sundar’s action choreography and Lee Whitaker’s car chase sequences are a big plus, along with Sreekar Prasad slick editing.

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