Endrendrum Punnagai (2013)
Movie: Endrendrum Punnagai (U)
Cast: Jiiva, Trisha Krishnan, Vinay Rai, Santhanam, Andrea Jeremiah
Direction: I Mueenuddin Ahmed
Producer: GKM Tamil Kumaran, Dr. Ramadoss
Banner: Red Giant Movies
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 155 Mins
Release Date: 20 Dec 2013

Endrendrum Punnagai (2013)

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Cashing in on the Christmas weekend is another Tamil movie this week. Actors Jiiva and Trisha Krishnan have paired up for for the first time for romantic comedy movie “Endrendrum Punnagai” which was released today on December 20, 2013.

With a running time of 155 minutes, the Jiiva starrer has released in 275 screens in Tamil Nadu and a total of 750 screens worldwide.

Mueenuddin Ahmed has directed this romantic entertainer which also stars Vinay Rai, Santhanam and Andrea in pivotal roles. Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies has distributed this youthful entertainer.

Gautham (Jiiva), Srini (Vinay) and Baby (Santhanam) meet for the first time in their primary school days and grow up to be the closest of friends. After getting an aversion towards ladies in general as a child, Gautham grows up into a man having complete resentment against women and the concept of love. Srini is a guy who flirts around with anything even remotely resembling a lady and this leads to minor conflicts between the trio of friends, but they patch up immediately as they are unified in the motto of never getting married ever. The three friends run an ad agency and live life to the fullest. But, Gautham who was very close to his father (Nassar) as a child, after his mother ran away, stops talking to him completely after an incident. The trio very confidently and proudly state that they will remain single forever and that their friendship will also remain the same always. They even take a blood oath on this count! However, suddenly Gautham’s two friends start behaving weirdly and state that their lives are more important than their friendship and decide to get married. A livid Gautham breaks up with his friends and pushes himself headlong into work.

On a working assignment, he gets into a spat with super model Soniya (Andreah), but things get patched up by Priya (Trisha) who begins to feel for Gautham. His work takes him, Soniya, Priya and his work team to Europe where an incident leads Gautham closer to Priya, and he begins to develop feelings for her. However, on their return to India, an incident leads the two to have a misunderstanding, and they move apart. Priya gets ready to get married. Gautham finds out a long held back secret of his father. Things completely come undone for him and he is completely at sea. Why do Gautham’s friends suddenly move away from him and get married? What exactly is happening between Gautham and Priya? What is the issue between Gautham and his father? What happens between Gautham and Soniya? To get to know the answers to all these, watch Endrendrum Punnagai on the big screens to know!

Endrendrum Punnagai (2013), 7.8 out of 10 based on 1106 ratings


  1. India Glitz
    December 21, 2013, 4:27 am

    Endrendrum Punnagai – Unlocking smiles from sorrow

    Jiiva has done his role convincingly well as the man who sticks to his wishes, until the day which forces him to change. Trisha is not the typical girly girl, always lost in high dreams. Although her screen presence is brief, Andrea’s role makes for a turning point in the love story, which the actress has performed very good at. Vinay has played both a happy and an emotionally sincere friend. Santhanam’s also compliments the scenes well, making for a supporting and understanding friend. Jegan’s presence is comically entertaining only when he enters the screen, but falls quite flat. Nassar is more of a buddy than paren. With the positives in place, the film is a clean and action-free entertainer.

    Sakthi’s camera has worked magic, especially in the snowy terrains. However, costume designing seems to have taken a hit,.especially in the case of Andrea’s. Make up is simple, but it could’ve been better too. While Santhanam’s comedy entertains in the first half, it utterly disappoints in the latter half. As for Vinay, his screen presence is also limited to the former half and climax, that is until he gets married. The story is fairly predictable at almost every frame, after the friends separate. In some places, there are dialogues that are unnecessarily long or winding. Harris’s music is refreshing at places but sounds repetitive over the many frames.

    ‘Endrendrum Punnagai’ is a comic entertainer in parts. The film is a different outlook on love and friendship. ‘Endrendrum Punnagai’, as aptly titled, is a story that urges to unlock the happiness behind our ego, and a film worth investing your time on.

  2. Mohan K (Galatta)
    December 21, 2013, 4:32 am

    Watch this friendship and romance fiesta on the big screens!

    Jiiva looks very appealing in his role as Gautham and gives a very neat performance. This movie is a good comeback vehicle for Vinay and Santhanam is his usual funny self.

    Director Ahmed has taken up a simple story and woven a very lively movie around it! This romantic musical is fresh and makes one relate to it, especially the young men of today. The screenplay is racy in the first half, but the second half could have been made more taut. H

    The first on screen pairing of Jiiva and Trisha makes for some wonderful viewing in Endrendrum Punnagai!

  3. Behindwoods
    December 21, 2013, 6:17 am

    Terrific cast sparkles in this Bromance + Rom-Com entertainer.

    Director Ahmed is clear in his agenda to soak his characters, and his audience, in happiness and good times. The first half is filled with humorous boys-will-be-boys moments and the second half hosts an endearing romantic segment that takes flight in a ‘Before Sunrise’ like montage. But he also injects the film with different emotional elements to stack up the personal challenges for his character Goutham to confront.

    Harris’s bubblegum pop tunes and the songs have been shot in the flavor of international music videos, but the composer unleashes his complete musical arsenal in the re-recording.

    Cinematographer Mathi must have had a field day capturing such fine looking people against gorgeous backdrops and settings. Specifically look out for his work in the ‘Kadhal naan thaan’ song.

    Endrendrum Punnagai does well not to test your patience with entertainment in some shape or form appearing in regular intervals.

  4. Madousoudanane
    February 9, 2014, 8:30 pm

    This movie is really good

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