Anegan (2015)
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Movie: Anegan (U)
Cast: Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, Karthik
Direction: KV Anand
Producer: Kalpathi S Aghoram
Banner: AGS Entertainment
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Genre: Romance, Thriller
Run Time: 160 Mins
Release Date:

Anegan (2015)

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Anegan is a romantic-thriller directed by KV Anand. The prime attraction of the movie will be Dhanush’s varied looks, which have caught the audience’s attention.

The Tamil flick has Amyra Dastur in the female lead role. Karthik, Aishwarya Devan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Atul Kulkarni, Mukesh Tiwari, Vinaya Prasad, Jagan and others are in the cast.

The film is written by SuBha. While Harris Jayaraj has composed the music, Om Prakash has handled the camera. Anthony is the editor of the movie.


Ashwin (Dhanush) is a happy go lucky person who works in a private organization. His colleague, played by Amyra Dastur falls in love with him the moment she sees him. Not being able to understand how a good looking girl can fall in love with him so easily, Dhanush doesn’t consider her love seriously.

Amyra Dastur, who tries to understand the reason behind her new found love for Dhanush realizes that her relationship with Dhanush goes a long way back. Not just in this life, but Dhanush somehow ends up being her lover in her previous three lives. Amyra also realizes that Dhanush is her soulmate and hence will always be her lover in all her lives that she has been gifted with.

Destiny plays the baddie in this film as it makes sure that Dhanush and Amyra never get a chance to lead a life together. Stories from their previous lives have been narrated in an interesting manner. What happens in each of their previous three lives and most importantly what happens in their current lives forms the rest of the story.

10 Reviews

  1. Siddharth Srinivas

    A well engineered psychological thriller, might make merry

    After a leggy offering in the name of Maattrraan, KV Anand hits back with Anegan, a well engineered psychological thriller. By taking immense care in the scripting department and maintaining complete clarity with his ideas, the director has achieved what he set out to, quite convincingly.

    Anegan traverses through four different avatars of the lead pair which are interconnected to each other. The end result is a compelling one with all questions answered. The film gets better and better with the passing minute, only to suffer from a slight drag in the pre-climax sequences. However, the intriguing tug of war between Dhanush and the villain in the climax emits laughter, thrills, spills and what not.

    The three musketeers in Anegan‘s cast card are Dhanush, Karthik and Amyra who come up with knock-out performances. Dhanush is extremely comfortable enacting the avatars, thereby doing full justice to his roles. His Dangamaari number in the second half will surely excite audiences, revoking whistles and claps. Amyra equally stands up to her counterpart with cute expressions and emotions, wherever required. More fun on the table when Karthik joins the party, as the veteran provides a fresh angle to the film and is a scream towards the end.

    Writers Subha and KV Anand have to be applauded for their paperwork which is devoid of a loose end. This film, might make merry.

  2. Indiaglitz

    Beyond ordinary – Love of a long, long time, finally complete in action

    ‘Anegan’ casts Dhanush in multiple roles – each for every time period that the film casts him in; and he makes his presence deeply felt – be it the wage worker with the mind of a precise engineer, or even the knight in the heroine’s dreams. Amyra is paired with Dhanush in all those eras, but the performance of hers that stands out the most is as Madhumitha. In every scene, Karthik justifies why he is hailed as being extraordinary.

    The moments to cherish in the movie, span farther than the much awaited ‘Danga Maari’. The song is worth the wait, alright, but there are other portions that treat us equally happy. Background score is refreshing and racy, making the movie experience enjoyable. Though narrated as convincingly as possible, the heroism fails to hail as high as aimed, owing to what you could fairly see coming up.

    Although not a masala perse, ‘Anegan’ savours all tastes. There is action, a little bit of revenge, lighthearted comedy, smothering love, all served with a twist from the usual.

  3. Behindwoods

    An entertainer that will keep you engaged.

    KV Anand’s flair for effective storytelling, with accurate use of commercial elements is spot on. Dhanush as Vyasarpadi Kaali is a definite high point in the movie. KV Anand proves yet again that the picturization of his songs would earn them a long shelf life. The ‘Navarasa Nayagan’ makes the movie special with a graceful performance – his cool attitude and his romantic one liners are still fresh.

    One factor which is weak is that the suspense which is nicely built up in the first half when opened up in the second half leaves us not fully convinced. A few lip sync issues here and there could have been tightened. Though there are lots of questions which can be raised on the story and happenings, the overall screenplay and editing keeps you engaged by and large.

  4. Rediff

    Engaging… Narrative technique and interesting screenplay keep things moving at a brisk pace

    The much-hyped different avatars of Dhanush — which seems to mostly rely on absurd wigs — do not make much of an impression. But performance wise, he comes through for his director. He has the entire theatre enthusiastically dancing to the rustic beats of Danga Maari Oodhari, which is already a huge rage among the youngsters. Veteran actor Karthik keeps one entertained with his quirky style.

    The narrative technique and interesting screenplay keep things moving at a brisk pace. But on the downside, there are far too many songs and several unanswered questions.

    The director has left it to the viewers to decide whether the film is actually about eternal love that transcends death, or a dopamine-induced crazy make-believe world of a stressed out IT professional.

  5. A complex story told simplistically.

    Who could have believed that three average love stories would assume bigger proportions and become a lot more novel by the simple technique of connecting them all with a concept — in this case, past life regression and rebirth? The answer: K. V. Anand.

    Anegan is a curious film, because if it had been handled with more storytelling sincerity, if the makers had taken their minds off the box office, they could really have had a gem here — a gem that ironically, of course, may not make the sort of money that the film, in its present form, will most definitely end up making. A great film, after all, doesn’t always make great money. Ask the makers of Anbe Sivam.

    Anegan has its share of problems too. In one scene, you’re shown how an event repeats itself, and how poetic its repetition is. In another scene, there’s a needless joke on a homosexual who has no personal boundaries. It looks like that’s becoming some sort of a trend. The whole love angle, set in the present, between Ashwin (Dhanush) and Madhu (Amyra) is also problematic at its core.

    Anegan, on the whole, is a complex story told simplistically. Had the complexity been retained, and had the masala spoon been of a lesser size, it would have made for a great film. For now though, it will have to satisfy itself with being a hit film.

  6. Sify

    Go for it, it guarantees entertainment.

    Gorgeously shot, crisply edited, and handsomely mounted, KV Anand’s Anegan is a fast paced rollicking adventure ride that is gripping till the very end. The strength of the film is its screenplay and Anand’s combination with writer duo Suresh-Suba is the single biggest reason. With Anegan, the trio come together for the fourth time.

    Anegan is an intelligent and intriguing entertainer which hits the target just like a tracer bullet. The core strength of Anegan is the ‘What next’ undercurrent in the movie. The writing is highly intelligent that the film is filled with a lot of tantalizing moments which keep us guessing till the climax. Of course, there is a pre-climax ‘reincarnation’ cliché which is a regular in any commercial movies but considering Tamil cinema standards, big kudos to KV Anand-Suresh-Suba trio for coming up with something out of the box and they almost adapted and executed it in an engaging commercial cinema format.

    Overall, Anegan is an exhilarating and intelligent commercial cinema which will satisfy both masses and classes alike. This brave film oozes the kind of sincerity that you long for in most Tamil films. Like heady wine, it delivers a welcome kick.

  7. R.MOHAN

    Anegan no chance….this movie will confirm aachieve to 150 days…Anegan movie is superb love story and thrilling … thiss Blockbuster Mega Hit….tnk u Dhanush sir……your acting is awesome…..

  8. 4/10

    Mishmash of many films that one has seen over the years

    Dhanush–who is now beginning to copy his father-in-law Rajinikanth’s mannerisms–plays three different roles–actually three different men living in three different eras.

    If Anegan is a mishmash of many films that one has seen over the years, the performances are passé. Yes, a new look Karthik may be a novelty, but Dhanush appears to be disinterested in changing his style or his roles. And with an unimpressive screen presence, it is always incredulous how the most attractive of women swoon when he comes along.

    But then the present-day Tamil cinema hardly cares about logic or authenticity. It dishes out caricatures that fans adore. And when the darkness of a cinema auditorium offers perfect anonymity, they just go berserk.

  9. M Suganth, TOI

    Pure camp but also a hugely entertaining one

    Anegan is pulp done perfectly well and KV Anand and his writers SuBa outdo themselves with this tale of reincarnation and revenge. The film certainly has the feel of a pulpy crime novel, which the writers are known for.

    Dhanush is in terrific form here and just as he did in Velaiilla Pattadhari, the actor effortlessly makes Murugappan/Ashwin/Kaali seem both heroic and credible characters. Amyra, in her Tamil film debut, gets a meaty role, and while, as Samudra and Kalyani, she’s just another pretty girl falling for charming men below her social stature, as the perplexed Madhu, she is quite convincing. Karthik, who is rather subdued in the initial portions, lets loose in the climax and makes you understand why the character does what he does.

    Anand has never been a filmmaker who holds himself and here, he keeps throwing various elements at us — reincarnation, past life regression, illegal drugs, military coups, ghosts, underground video games, murder, mystery, red herrings and a handful of accidents. There are traces of Magadheera, Enakkul Oruvan, Cloud Atlas and The Fountain, but these are mainly due to the reincarnation theme.

  10. 4/10

    this is a very good movie i like tamil movies

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