Darling (2015)
Movie: Darling (U/A)
Cast: GV Prakash Kumar, Nikki Galrani, Karunas, Bala Saravanan
Direction: Sam Anton
Producer: Allu Aravind, KE Gnanavel Raja
Banner: Geetha Arts, Studio Green
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Run Time: 128 Mins
Release Date:

Darling (2015)

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Kollywood seems to have embraced the concept of ‘Horror and comedy’ so quickly ever since movies like Kanchana, Aranmanai, Yamiruka Bayamen started performing well and now we have Darling which is music composer turned actor GV Prakash’s debut too. The star cast includes Nikki Galrani, Srushti Dange, Karunaas, Bala Saravanan and Naan Kadavul Rajendran in prominent roles. GV Prakash himself has composed the tunes for this horror film. Geetha Arts and Studio Green have jointly produced this film. Darling is the official remake of super hit Telugu film Prema Katha Chitram.


Kathir (G. V. Prakash Kumar), Kumaran and Nisha plan a combined and flawless suicide because of their failures in their respective lives. Firstly they try to fulfill their last wishes before leaving this world. Nisha wants to steal a new car and Kathir wants to slap the local MLA in his own house.

After stealing a new car and slapping the local MLA, the trio flee away from there to a nearby resort after escaping from the police. There Athisaya Raj, yet another suicide aspirant joins them and the four reach the farm house. There, Kumaran and Nisha, who is in love with Kathir, plan to postpone their suicide for 3 days so that they can prevent Kathir from committing suicide due to a Love Failure.

Their plan turns successful and in that interval of 3 days, all the four get close to each other. Kathir develops feelings for Nisha but hesitates to tell to her for fear of being humiliated by her. At the end of the 3rd day, Kumaran asks Nisha to kiss Kathir to divert from death, as per male psychology. He meanwhile requests Kathir to kiss Nisha as she wants to experience her first kiss before dying to which Kathir accepts with shame and shyness.

As he tries to kiss her, a ghost enters the body of Nisha , who forces Kathir out of there. A flabberghasted Kathir runs out of the room. Whenever Nisha shows her feelings to Kathir and Kathir reacts to it by hugging or touching her, the ghost enters her body and scares Kathir away. Unaware of the ghost’s entry into her body, Nisha feels depressed.

When Kumaran hears Kathir describing Nisha as a ghost, he rushes to Nisha ‘s room to scold her and ask for an apology to Kathir , only to see the ghost enter her body and thrash him. That night, Raj too experiences the Ghost’s fury at its villainous best. The trio decide to distance themselves from her and always stay together.

From the next morning, they try to get the ghost vacate Nisha body only to earn the wrath of the ghost. After Nisha comes to know about the ghost’s presence in her, she too accompanies the trio to escape from there, in vain. Nisha , who observes Kathir avoiding her to escape the wrath of the ghost, gets deeply hurt and depressed, resulting in a suicide attempt by slitting her wrist.

Three rich men enter the farm house who permit the four to stay there. One of them is the owner of the farm house. Kathir reaches Nisha but in turn is requested to kill those three by the ghost. Kathir asks her the reason for vengeance, and the ghost narrates her story to the trio.

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  1. Indiaglitz

    A clean time pass entertainer for ghost-comic lovers

    GV Prakash rather makes an impressive debut, comes silently and does not show any hint of a debutant. The movie’s intent is to give the viewers a good laugh time, thanks to the performances of Balasaravanan, Rajendran and Karunaas the intent is fulfilled. The movie is a time pass entertainer and some crisp editing has made the movie appear without any much drags. Nikki as the female lead is someone to watch out for, as the ghost and lead heroine, she stands firm on her part.

    The movie falls into stereotypical horror blend category with a lot of scenes looking similar to any other horror movie. The gawk eyed she-ghost, blood spilling appearances have been tested for years together, and the makers could have oozed in some innovative means to thrill. Some of the dialogues look too dramatic to be passed off, they could have been adjusted.

  2. Galatta

    Complete horror comedy entertainer and a perfect launch pad for G V Prakash.

    G V Prakash has proven his acting skills too. Nikki looks very pretty and plays her part well.

    Though it is a remake there is lot of improvisations and humor has been maintained throughout. Kumaran and Athisayaraj performances deserve special mention. Sound track composed by G V Prakash himself adds a lot of value to the movie.

  3. Behindwoods

    Does entertain with its comedy and thrills!

    Though a safe project to bet on, GV Prakash has chosen his launch pad well and has done justice to his character. His minimal expressions, the fear he emotes, dialogue delivery and modulations fit the trend.

    Main players, who drive the film forward keeping the boredom at bay, are Balasaravanan and Karunas. ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran makes his appearance very memorable. The English language that struggles out of him is sure to make the audiences get their ribs shattered with laughter.

    GV Prakash hits the bull’s eye with his songs and background scores too. Krishnan Vasant’s visuals are sharp and his tastes in lights seem impressive. Special mention to editor Ruben, whose cuts are precise and enhance the run. Impressive special effects and a good work with the sound designing contribute to the film’s technical strength.

    The team hasn’t pushed the boundaries in terms of thrills and chills. There are also one or two over-exaggerated dialogues, dramatic acts and the slapsticks that are included purely to make the experience fun. Another down in the movie is a fairly loose first half. But everything is compensated with an air-tight screenplay in the post interval session. Although the ‘cause’ is justified (on paper) in the climax, its inclusion seems forced.

    Darling is an entertainer and can make an enjoyable Pongal outing for people who enjoy scary teasers.

  4. M Suganth, TOI

    Sam Anton ensures that it works very well in this setting as well

    As in Yaamirukka Bayamey, the ghost here terrifies the other characters but there is no mortal threat. It is the supporting characters who do the heavy-lifting, while the leads largely play it straight. The only misstep here is that while that film managed to keep the ghost’s back story light-hearted to go with the tone of the film, this one gives us a serious flashback that somewhat makes us feel guilty for having laughed so much. The Gang rape and slit throats make for queasy viewing. The flashback episodes involving Kathir and Nisha, too, could have been shorter.

    While GV Prakash and Nikki Galrani make confident debuts, the film belongs to Balasaravanan and Karunaas. Rajendran plays Ghost Gopal Varma, an exorcist-type character and the visual gag where he is shown as the Ghost Rider as he makes his entry is inspired. His bald head, thin figure and sandpapery voice make him effective for both villainous and comical roles but from the screams and whistles that his character gets, it is clear that he has made much more impact as a comedian.

  5. Sify

    Yet another entertaining comic horror, Perfect time pass for this holiday season.

    Darling is a perfect launchpad for GV Prakash as an actor and his innocent face fits the bill perfectly while Nikki Galrani is cute and adorable, she is quite good at emotional sequences as well. But the real show stealer is Karunas who evokes constant laughter throughout the movie. In the later part, Ghost Gopal Varma (Rajendran) joins the party and made the movie even more enjoyable.

    Technically GV Prakash’s music and background score work big time, also the cinematography style perfectly suited for the comic horror genre. The running time of the movie is just 126 minutes which is huge plus for the movie and the editor Ruben must be lauded for it.

  6. A familiar ghost serves as humour fodder, again

    Karunaas, in particular, is a laugh riot. Transformation from being a menacing villain to a comedian who leaves you in splits with his mere presence — Rajendran. Bala Saravanan seems a natural with his dialogue delivery and comedy timing. “Pachcha mannu da,” he says each time, the theatre, as if in cue, breaks into laughter. Despite the jokes coming thick and fast, the story seems tedious. It’s a mark of how little happens, and how predictable the story is, that even the 2-hour 9-minute duration seems long.

    Even as you break into occasional laughter, you are twiddling your thumbs in impatience, waiting for back story of the ghost. There’s also a lengthy fight sequence at the end and an unsurprising final scene whose purpose you aren’t entirely sure of.

    Darling is being touted as the best of all Pongal releases, and it is — a huge compliment when you remember the scale of its competitors. However, it is important to remember that this is not so much a compliment to Darling than it is a slight to its competition.

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