David (2013)
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Movie: David (Tamil) (2013)
Cast: Vikram, Lara Dutta, Tabu, Isha Sharvani, Jiiva, Naaser
Music: Remo Fernandes, Prashant Pillai, Anirudh Ravichander, Bram Fatura
Director: Bejoy Nambiar
Producers: Bejoy Nambiar, Sharada Trilok
Genre: Action, Crime
Releae Date: 01 Feb 2013
Run Time: 130 Minutes

David (2013)

Good: Direction, Vikram & Jeeva Performance, Music
Bad: Dubbing, Vikram's Character, story transition
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Vikram has not had a great outing in the recent years. His last two movies Rajapattai and Thaandavam miserably failed at the Box Office. On the other end, Jeeva tasted decent success with movies like Mugamoodi and was part of blockbuster Nanban, which was a multi-starrer film.

Now, the duo, for the first time, are working together in David directed by Bejoy Nambiar. The film is simultaneously made in Hindi with a slightly different cast. Bollywood actor Vinay Virmani has stepped into the shoes of Jeeva in the Hindi version.

Now David sports a huge team, rich in acting, music, and cinematography to mention a few. Bejoy Nambiar’s fresh experimentation will be the highlight, as the film releases with a slight alternate version in Hindi. This will also be one of the fastest films by our Chiyaan Vikram and Jiiva, according to Kollywood gossip. Not to forget the array of music directors, a total of eight different artists have their hand in it and already being called as a “Trend setter of all sorts”. The trailer has already given a glimpse of what’s in the store, so let’s take a brief look at what the movie is:

Movie is set across different time zones (1999 & 2010) and locations (Mumbai & Goa). Jiiva plays the aspiring guitarist raised in a devout Christian family. He looks like a million bucks and charms in the first half with his chirpy attitude. His desire comes with hurdles owing to his family economic woes. He detests his father’s (Nasser) over pious nature and exceeding social conscience, and has big plans of becoming a renowned Guitarist. A local political wing alleges the priest on forcing religion conversion and begrimes the family. Struck in shame and pain, the plot evolves slowly around David and his family. The follow up of incidents provokes young and suave David to take a step that would change his life forever. Lara Dutta makes a special appearance in this side of story as well.

The other David’s character is etched as the freaky fisherman in Goa portrayed by Vikram. He essays a hopeless guy who boozes all day and night broods over his problems, only venting it out to Frenny (Tabu). Falling heads over heels for the fairy-tale kind of girl Roma, David jeopardizes his relationship with Roma as she is already engaged with his best friend. He finds solace by voicing his complications to his illusionary dad and Massage owner Tabu. The crux of the story forms by what he does to his love and friend. Watch out to find what happens to both the Davids!

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  1. Behindwoods

    The movie suffers from a heavy ‘dubbed movie’ feel particularly in the Goa portions as the entire Goan setting, inclusive of the actors, has been retained in both the Hindi and Tamil versions. The dubbing is out of place and jarring at few instances in Vikram’s story. In Jiiva’s story, the Tamil spoken by characters, like his elder sister (played by Sheetal Menon), is passable as you can say that is how people would speak Tamil in Mumbai. Rohini Hattangadi’s Tamil dubbing also leaves a lot to be desired.

    Rathnavelu has shot the Goan story and a lot of places like Mangalore, Alleppey, Kapu and Kuttanad have been used to match the beach-side backdrop of the story. The visuals are exotic and pleasant as expected. P.S.Vinod has shot the portions involving Jiiva and the general tone for this story is gritty and energetic.

    The main talking point of David before the movie’s release was its highly imaginative soundtrack. But sadly the way the songs have been woven into the narrative is underwhelming. Fans who were expecting good screen time for the beautiful songs would be disappointed. Only a few lines from all the songs find a place in the narrative.

    On a lighter note, the song ‘Pondaati’ from Osthe is sung by Vikram’s friend in one of the scenes in the movie. This story is supposed to be happening in 2010 while Osthe’s soundtrack was released in 2011. One feels the director could have paid heed to such trivial things as well.

    In all, this attempt by Bejoy Nambiar is an interesting idea on paper. But Vikram’s story doesn’t have anything going for it and is very hollow. Jiiva’s track, on the other hand, has more purpose and drive and one feels this story had the potential to have been made into a full-blown movie on its own, given the serious subjects of religion and politics, it touches upon.

    Verdict: A different attempt, backed by some good performances by lead actors, but ends up lacking nativity and pace.

  2. India Glitz

    Bejoy’s innovative tryst in David is one of the major assets of the film. The “Shaitaan” director has a flair for lateral film making and rests his strengths on Vikram and Jiiva throughout. Tabu undoubtedly is a value for money kind and she induces the look and act which can remain in our thoughts for a while. Jiiva is fresh and he is a real treat to watch, sure to catch the winks of his female fans. Vikram is the usual cool dude and looks fabulous. Isha Sharvani’s innocent looks grasps you without a doubt and makes you wonder when she might come onscreen again.

    Some of the dubbing scenes in the movie is a real let down and one can easily make out that few portions with Vikram was filmed in Hindi and dubbed to Tamil rather than originally making in Tamil itself. Vikram’ s character as a “lazy happy go drink all day” is portrayed with no real qualms , yet gives a sense of boredom after a point, as he is rarely seen without a drink. All these lead to generating interest in Jiiva’s story as it tests you to predict rather than Vikram’s which gives you a hint of what’s next. The transition between the two stories is surprisingly impeccable in this high voltage drama and the cinematographers and the director deserve an ardent pat for that. The screenplay is quicker in the first half and drags a bit in the second half.

    Music is a clear winner, with all 8 musicians captivate and immerse you in a whale of harmony never heard before. The story of fisherman David has a lovely BGM with a lot of beachy tunes definitely making you shake a leg.

    David becomes the lover, turns into a guitarist, springs as a friend, jumps into a sea of anger, rolls in laughter and all said hold the phone!, the climax is the surprise element in the movie.

    David is twin story induced in a single film with all elements making it a worthy watch.

  3. Richard Mahesh

    Outstanding performance of Chiyaan Vikram and Jiiva. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that after a long time, we tend to witness Vikram in a captivating role since ‘Anniyan’. Well, he doesn’t perform anything as challenging as Ambi, Anniyan or Remo, but shows up with the same energy that was prevailing before a decade. Thanks to Bejoy Nambiar for a good portrayal of Vikram. His emotional dilemma between friendship and love and his chill-pill mannerisms are appealing. Jiiva sleepwalks through the role of David, a young energetic boy. He is so much electrified in the emotional scenes, where he takes on the politicians is extraordinary.

    Bejoy Nambiar has done a fabulous job on narration of the film with his excellent writing. It’s not an easy task to come up with a plot of parallel stories without conjoining them. But he excels completely to the core. The other highlighting trait about the film is the sharp characterizations that are so unique laced with humour and realism. Check out for Vikram’s ghost dad getting into anyone’s body only to communicate with his son. There are certain things that may go beyond the perception of few groups of audiences. Say for instance, sister and her younger brother smoking together isn’t accepted anywhere in the society here. Lara Dutta does her part well and Tabu on pars scores brownie points with her performance. Nasser is brilliant in the role of pastor spreading the good news of God and helping the needy and poor. Isha Sharwani is the showstopper here as her acting skills in the role of a deaf-n-dumb is prodigious

    As mentioned earlier, the technical aspects of this film keeps us so much captivated. The different tones of cinematography make it more appealing.

    On the whole, David is exceedingly exceptional when it comes to Indian film industry and deserves special mention for a new dimensional screenplay. However, when it comes to the context of business, it completely banks on the perception level of universal audiences on this film.

    Verdict: Brilliant writing, Extraordinary performance – but too heavy for audience


    chiyaan performance rocked

  5. Sima

    Brilliant , Chiyaan extraordinary performance …

  6. siva

    good movie t watch…..dubbing could have been done better……overall a nice movie t watch

  7. nallavan

    Don’t go for the movie… No story. vikram should not.have done this movie.

  8. Siva

    Pakka waste.. Save your money, better go for kadal, atleast you will feel the nativity and for the music and beautiful cinematography.

  9. Raj

    Not worth, very boring. Wasted Vikram. Feels like watching a dubbed movie

  10. Hollywood

    Time and money waste.

  11. T R Ramanathan

    One of the most boring movies I have ever seen! Vikram as we know of Anniyan, Sethu and Pithamahan should have kept miles away from this crap. Tabu has practised her hand very well in artificial-acting. Characters are weak and strong characters of Vikram and Tabu have no character (sic!). I had a hearty laugh at RCity Mall, Ghatkopar at the loud and jestful comments passed by the exasperated audience,,,,,that was the only good thing about the movie! PLEASE, THOSE HAVE YOU WHO HAVE NOT YET HAD THE MISFORTUNE OF WATCHING THIS MOVIE, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM VOLUNTARILY KEEPING YOUR HEAD ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK!!!

  12. ramanan

    very bad movie.. have to give negative rating

  13. Deivan

    Never seen such a crappy movie in my lifetime. please don’t watch it

  14. sasan

    worst class movie….. Worst direction and screenplay… even the tortoise will be fast when compare to this sucking movie…

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