Demonte Colony (2015)
Movie: Demonte Colony (CBFC U/A)
Cast: Arulnithi Tamilarasu, Ramesh Thilak, Sananth
Direction: R. Ajay Gnanamuthu
Producer: M.K.Tamilarasu
Banner: Sri Thenandal Films, Mohana Movies
Music: Keba Jeremiah
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Run Time: 118 Mins
Release Date:

Demonte Colony (2015)

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Demonte Colony is one of the top haunted areas in Chennai in Alwarpet area. The movie is an inspiration from a tale that has been in rounds around Chennai for a while now, a wealthy Portuguese business man from the 19th century who led a troubled life with his ill wife and a son who died mysteriously.

Ajay, former assistant of AR Murugadoss has taken perks from this movie to draft a full-fledged horror movie with Arulnidhi in the lead. Produced by Mohana Movies and Sri Thenandal Movies, the movie has music by Keba Jeremiah, cinematography by Aravind Singh and editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan


One rainy night, after some heavy drinking and fun at a bar, four friends – Srinivasan (Arulnithi), Vimal (Ramesh Thilak), Raghavan, and Sajith – decide to visit the De Monte Colony, an area in Chennai Alwarpet for some thrills.

The place is dark, deserted and spooky and after some goofing around, the four return home.

Though the visit seems harmless enough, one of the friends, Raghavan, has an ulterior motive. He is an aspiring film maker who wants to make a movie on Demonte Colony. So, to understand more they decide to spend a night in a house there.

He has knowledge of a unique gold chain with precious stones made by De Monte for his much-loved wife that is believed to be somewhere in the ruins of the colony.

When he shows the expensive jewellery to his friends the next day, they are stunned. They agree to help him sell it and share the money.

But De Monte wants his precious possession back. The thrilling second half is all about whether Srinivasan and his friends can survive.

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  1. 6/10

    Gripping tale of horror, crisply written, well executed horror thriller that will keep you glued to the screen.

    The film moves at a slow, deliberate pace, keeping you involved with the characters and their predicament throughout.

    Arulnithi gives a good performance and Ramesh Thilak adds a tiny bit of humour, but what stands out are the excellent writing skills and narrative technique of the debutant director.

    He is well supported by a superb technical team comprising Santhosh Sivan’s assistant Aravind Singh and a stunning background score by popular guitarist Keba Jeremiah.

    Almost entirely shot in a single room with no gruesome ghosts or unnecessary build up, the director has skilfully created the eerie atmosphere, with incessant rain, a subtle aura of menace, unsophisticated characters and underlying hint of truth.

    The film is undoubtedly a fine attempt by the debutant director. Definitely worth a watch.

  2. Indiaglitz

    A gripping horror movie. Gets you addicted…. to the end

    Demonte colony would definitely be a relief to horror lovers, for this movie is tad serious about the genre. The initial lead up to the flashback, house and the deserted colony would give an impression that the movie is a stereotyped “Haunted Mansion” ghost movie, but it moves past it and just takes the theme of the title and serves a different meal altogether.

    The scene just before interval is enough to make us glued to our seats and thanks to some thundering BGM and interesting sound designs from Keba. The film is also custom made without too many gory scenes making it a good family entertainer too.

    The climax doesn’t give a fulfilling finish and leaves us out scratching heads to wonder if the end was a convincing one. “Thrills” and “scary moments” are not many to boast about, its more of a fear that lingers through the screenplay and doesn’t give those shocking moments. Yet, the screenplay is what makes the movie more interesting and grips through the end.

  3. Behindwoods

    A well made paranormal thriller!

    The screenplay and writing is pretty neat and has the audience’s attention right through. The unexpected twists shake you up and Ajay keeps us shocked on a regular interval. There is a lot of intelligence revealed in the writing. In the guise of bowing down to commercial elements, the team has not taken a detour and has mostly adhered to the main line. When it comes to a horror thriller, it is imperative that all the knots are untangled properly which could have resulted in a product of sharper finesse.

    Demonte Colony is high on fear quotient and scene after scene, especially, in the second half wallops you in unexplainable and paranormal activities going on in the screen. Music director Keba Jeremiah, with his powerful background score pushes you to the edge of the seat with your heart in your mouth.

    Toting up, Demonte Colony made by talented technicians is worth a watch when you want to get spooked.

  4. ashwin

    Good Thriller but not enough

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