Eli (2015)
Movie: Eli (CBFC U)
Cast: Vadivelu, Sadha, Pradeep Rawat, Kitty
Direction: Yuvraj Dhayalan
Producer: G. Sathis Kumar, S. Amarnath
Banner: City Cine Creations
Music: Vidyasagar
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Run Time: 155 Mins
Release Date:

Eli (2015)

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Vadivelu is back after a two year gap with his latest flick Eli which is written and directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan. The comedy film also sets a comeback for the beautiful actress Sadha who plays the female lead. Being a Vadivelu flick and also the comeback of the duo has managed to pique the attention of the audience.


Set in the backdrop of the 1960’s in Chennai (Madras then), Vadivelu plays the role of a thief named Eli (Elisamy) who wants to become a Police Inspector. Fortunately he gets a chance to work in the Police department as a detective who has been assigned to do an operation to infiltrate a gang smuggling Cigarettes (Cigarette was banned during that time). He agrees to work for the police in return for the promise of dropping all the cases against him and being made a police officer. His task is to trap a smuggling team. He manages to infiltrate the gang. The comical looking Vadivelu tries to undercover the situation in a funny way. He falls in love with Julie, one of the gang’s members. How he survives in the gang and how he gets them arrested by the police forms the rest of the story.

3 Reviews

  1. Galatta

    Nothing new to offer and is strictly for Vadivelu fans.

    The film which was supposed to be an out-and-out comedy number did not work out with the audience. Vadivelu’s slapstick comedies and expressions impress the audience to an extent. Naan Kadavul Krishnamurthy appears in one scene and steals the show.

    The film sets the mood of 1960’s, with the colorful costumes, sets, etc for which the art department has to be appreciated for the brilliant work. The essence of the period has been beautifully captured by the cinematographer. The film’s narration and songs are slower than a snail making the audience bored. In addition to that, the comedy elements did not work as well as the director expected. Vadivelu’s comedies have worked only at some places.

  2. Behindwoods

    Vadivelu tries hard but Eli doesn’t evoke enough laughter.

    Vadivelu single-handedly carries the film on his shoulders; he does manage to tickle a bone or two here and there with his funny mannerism and one-liners but it still doesn’t serve enough to satisfy the audience. Sada looks glamourous and comes for a couple of songs coupled with a few scenes towards the end.

    Moreover the plot looks a little convenient for the hero to conquer which takes you into a confused zone – is he actually on a mission or not? Overall, the core idea is promising, but the humor doesn’t work.

  3. 10/10

    The film is set in 1960s Chennai (Madras then). A police officer and a social worker give speech about ban of cigarettes in All India Radio. Then three men get out from a car . They were thieves and were headed by Eli (Vadivel) a petty thief (who once aspired to become a police officer), who pretends to be a thief who has sold all his robbery items to a jewellery shop owner. The jewellery shop owner had no contact with him and his henchmen dressed as police take all the items pointed out and pretend to arrest Eli and loot the shop. He uses his tricks and loots many other places . One day he enters the house of retired police officer Mr. Rangarajan who had rejected him at the police selection. He loots everything except his photograph. When the current police I.G came there to meet Rangarajan, Eli pretends as though Rangarajan had vacated his house and he is performing rituals and not to disturb him. When the police officer meets Rangarajan on the way he is shocked to find that he had been tricked and Eli had looted the house.

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