Ethir Neechal (2013)
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Movie: Ethir Neechal (U)
Cast: Siva Karthikeyan, Priya Anand, Dhanush, Nayantara
Director: R. S. Dhurai Senthil Kumar
Producer: Dhanush
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 132 Mins
Release Date : 1 May 2013

Ethir Neechal (2013)

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Ethir Neechal is the maiden production venture of the actor Dhanush. He has signed up Siva Karthikeyan to play the lead role. Priya Anand plays as opposite him. Attakathi fame Nandita also shares the screens as the second female lead.

Directed by Vetrimaran’s assistant R.S DuraiSenthilkumar, who is pinning all hopes on a movie which is full of elements any movie goer would ask for. After KBKR, Siva Karthikeyan’s fan will have a treat on May 1, being a holiday this just adds the masala on the hype factor. Jayaprakash and Sathish form the ensemble cast of this movie. Music is by Anirudh, which is already rocking the charts for a long time. Phew, so what is this Ethirneechal about, let’s find out!

Our hero (Sivakarthikeyan) was named by his parents as Kunjithapatham after their favourite deity. The weird sounding name makes him the butt of ridicule among his classmates in school, college and finally at work. No girl wants to marry him with such a bizzare name!

On the advice of his best friend Peter (Satish) he meets an astrologer (Manobala) who specialises in giving fancy names and bringing luck with change of name! Kunjithapatham now becomes modern and stylish with a new name, Harish and his luck changes .Harish meets Geeta (Priya Anand) a school teacher and falls for her. All is well until Geetha finds out the real name and the hiccups are there on the way. She motivates him that there is nothing in a name and it is self confidence that matters in life.

So predictably the sorrow comes in form of drinks, an item song with Dhanush and Nayanthara and an advice by the leading lady. Promptly Harish gets his mind changed about winning in life. To prove the talent within, Harish digs his past and discovers the runner inside him, so tries his hand in the International marathon event with the help of Valli (Nandita), who is a former sprinter. Reminiscence of ‘Chak de’ , ‘Rocky Balboa’ , ‘Badri’ and so many other training scenes comes across immediately. If the first half was comedy ridden, the second is fully sentimental. That being the plot the movie settles down with the question, if he will make it big? Will he avenge his name? Who is Valli? Watch and find out what happens next!

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    Ethir Neechal was superub…..siva rocking again 🙂

  2. India Glitz

    A romcom and a sports film , put together makes you smile and inspire.

    We have a brand new Siva here. Whistles and shouts for his screen presence apart; Siva is a delight to watch with his witty grasp of humor and some wonderful acting. Sathish who shares the comedy segment with Siva, similar role he played in Marina, plays the perfect role of a guy who whines about his friend’s puppy love.

    Priyaanand is cute looking and the onscreen chemistry between Siva and Priya seem to be clicking well. Nandita grabs the meaty role of a trainer and is quite good at it.

    Anirudh’s music is a class of its own and the songs make you hum, sway and tap! Sad part, the director has engulfed four songs in the first half. The song ‘Sathiyama nee enaku’ is a whamming kuthu number with Dhanush’s presence making it big for his fans, but much anticipated Nayanthara appears for less than a minute making role hushed. Velraj deserves a special mention for his excellent cinematography work for ‘VelichaPoove’.

    The director has made a wonderful movie no doubts or big qualms. However the movie’s storyline is wafer thin ice with the plot itself being very predictable. Post second half the movie’s storyline is nothing short of what you see in the usual flashbacks with some devious plots, sentiments and normal stuff. There are some big craters which defy logic in this movie. The first half and second half barely are two strands threaded mediocrely into one with some arguable intentions.

    Ergo, this movie will be path breaking for Siva, a sure summer special for everyone.

  3. Sify

    Paisa Vasool

    It is an out and out Sivakarthikeyan film and he is superb. He shines in comedy as well as emotional scenes. Priya Anand has nothing much to do, but is adequate for the role. Satish (Marina fame) who comes as hero`s friend is simply too good and brings the house down with his one-liners.

    Dhanush and Nayanthara appear in a Kuthu number which has been well shot and is fast paced. The comedy scenes has been worked out well without indulging in cheap slapstick jokes or vulgar dialogues. Anirudh`s songs and background score are peppy and fits in with the mood. “Boomi Enna Suthudhe..” is the pick of the lot.

    On the downside after a comedy riot in the first half, post interval the film becomes too serious and emotional. However If laughter is the best medicine, try out Ethir Neechal, the complete summer family entertainer.

  4. Ambili S (Galatta)

    Ethir Neechal is indeed a must watch with friends and family. Enjoy!

    Story wise Durai Senthilkumar does not offer much, but his screenplay is what keeps the movie going. Anirudh whose background score is another character in the story. The young composer proves that he is not just a fluke hit, but has oodles of talent that is yet to be tapped.

    Dhanush gets a hero’s welcome as soon as he comes on screen. As a producer congratulations to him for bringing to cinemas a complete entertainer, devoid of double meaning and vulgar jokes, crass songs and unnecessary blood shed.

  5. siva

    nice movie with gud screen play

  6. Vimal

    The best film I’ve ever watched in my life. Guyzzz You should watch this film. Sivakarthikeyan is the best actor and multi talented person ever!!!!!

  7. thariqashiq

    super hit movie.. sivakarthikeyan nice acting.

  8. Dj

    Lively Done

  9. Dj


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