I (2015)
Movie: I (U/A)
Cast: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel
Direction: Shankar
Producer: V Ravichandran, D Ramesh Babu
Banner: Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
Music: AR Rahman
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Romance
Run Time: 188 Mins
Release Date:

I (2015)

Good: Vikram, Picturization and Technical aspects
Bad: Predictable Story & Screenplay, length, dubbing
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I, the most expected film of the year, after postponing the movie several times, this science fiction romantic thriller film finally made it to the silver screen. I is produced and distributed by V. Ravichandran under his production company, Aascar Films. The film was scripted and directed by Shankar and features Vikram and Amy Jackson leading an ensemble cast which include Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel, Santhanam and Ramkumar Ganesan portraying pivotal roles.


The movie opens to a wedding hall where a hideous looking hunchback guy stealthily comes and abducts the bride – Dia (Amy Jackson). The hunchback takes Diya to an old house and keeps her prisoner there. The movie travels between flashback and the present day.

Lingesan (Vikram) is a body builder with a dream of becoming Mr. India and begins by becoming Mr. Tamil Nadu. He is a die-hard fan of leading model Dia.

Though he understands his status and holds no hope of ever winning her affections, fate brings them together.

Dia is harassed by her colleague and popular model John (Upen Patel). When she refuses to succumb to his demands, he gets her blacklisted.

She loses many of her contracts and is furious. In retaliation, she decides to create her very own model. To get her career back, she decides to make Lingesan a model and revives her career by replacing John with him.

She brings in her stylist, a new haircut, trendy clothes and some stylish sunglasses transforms the lowly Lingesan into a suave and stunning personality.

But mesmerized by her beauty, Lingesan is still uptight and awkward around her. Their chemistry just does not work.

A frustrated Dia pretends to fall in love with him to loosen him up a bit. This works wonders and together they take the modeling world by storm.

But in the process they make many enemies. Besides John, there is Ramkumar Ganesan, a business tycoon, Dia’s stylist, who is also in love with Lingesan and a bitter body builder from Lingesan’s previous life.

There is also the well wisher and doctor of Dia’s family, Suresh Gopi, who has an axe to grind.

Meanwhile, the hunchback is going about ruining the lives of a few people. Why is he doing it? Who is the hunchback? Why does he abduct Diya? What happens to Lingesan turned Lee? Watch I on the big screens to know…

22 Reviews

  1. Galatta

    I is indeed a perfectly made magnum opus tale of love, jealousy, revenge and passion.

    Director Shankar has taken up a very interesting storyline and made a movie the way only he can – bigger than life. Right from the opening scene to the climax, each frame exudes grandeur and finesse. Vikram has just exceeded himself. This is by far the biggest project of Amy Jackson’s career and she has given her best. Upen Patel is convincing as the baddie. A slim and trim Suresh Gopi is the surprise package. Santhanam’s one-liners are rib tickling and keep us in splits.

    AR Rahman’s music has already been topping the charts and as expected, Shankar’s visuals captured by PC Sreeram’s camera are fantastic. The movie shows why it took so long to make. The painstaking efforts gone into getting each scene perfect are apparent. Predictability and running time are the two banes for this I.

  2. A terrific performance let down by an uninspired, exhausting movie.

    I is set largely in the world of advertising, where looks matter, and the biggest suffering one can endure, according to the film, is the loss of these looks. But it’s understandable that these themes aren’t elaborated — no film made on this kind of budget, with gargantuan images from P. C. Sreeram, can afford to traffic in that kind of nuance. What’s surprising though is that even the entertainment aspects are glossed over. There’s a great masala moment that involves undone shoelaces, but elsewhere — in the fights, in the revenge scenarios — there’s a distinct lack of freshness. A story this pulpy should have been way more exciting.

    I leaves us with the impression of watching a giant machine grinding away. In films like Mudhalvan, Shankar made us feel for his characters. Here, there’s nothing to make us care — nothing, except Vikram’s performance as the hunchback. But beyond a point he has nothing to do, nothing to play — he’s all dressed up and he has nowhere to go. A story this pulpy should have been way more exciting.

  3. Behindwoods

    Amalgamation of Masters at play, Watch it for Vikram !

    Shankar has taken up a Romantic Thriller genre that’s remarkably different from his previous flicks, he makes sure that he puts forth some succinct messages in the areas of cosmetology, and medical negligence.

    Vikram doesn’t take time to warm up, and instantly wins over the audience right from the minute he hops onto the screen – as the hunchback. Entirely covered under a world-class prosthetic makeup, the actor emotes more via his eyes, and also with his body language and posture rather than his curbed up voice. Claps for his passion and dedication!

    The other clapping moments were Royal Enfield morphing to Amy, and when Vikram’s shoelaces get tied off itself with him just flapping his legs, the stunt sequences and also his songs! And, with PC Sreeram behind the camera, these sequences become mini-movies. The stunt sequences in particular, be it in China or India are grippingly shot. Art director Muthuraj is subtle even in his grand sets, speaking of his artistry.

    Shankar has used non-linear narrative to intrigue suspense, serves to elucidate the effort put by Vikram.

    Amy Jackson’s part, as a model, deserves commendation too. With Vikram holding a solid ground on one end, Amy had to deliver on the other side. And, she does! Initially, at times, her dubbing does feel a bit tacky. However, around the halftime, when she gets to converse the ‘Madras slang’, she hits the perfect chord!

    Santhanam is given a free run to deliver his one-liners – his trademark Punch lines. Music composer, AR Rahman and Shankar combo has always worked and in I too, their winning streak continues.

    The problem with I is that the story becomes predictable beyond a point. The villains are weak, the love portion in China extends more than what it should have and though songs are brilliant stand alone, they do have an impact on the pace of the narration.

    Ultimately, it’s an amalgamation of Masters at play which works to a larger extent because of their huge efforts.

  4. 6/10

    There’s a lesson in I for makers of masala movies

    That’s a shame because there’s so much to admire in I, particularly Vikram’s riveting central performance. Veteran cinematographer PC Sreeram puts up quite the show too, filming terrific action scenes like that gravity-defying bike chase on the rooftops of a housing colony in China, and those wondrous eye-popping musical numbers set to AR Rahman’s winning tunes.

    Before reaching the long-winded yet predictable love story that inevitably ensues, the first hour of I is unabashed fun. The pace is brisk, the set pieces thrilling, and no apologies are made for the many double meaning jokes provided by our hero’s best friend (Santhanam).

    There’s a lesson in I for makers of masala movies everywhere: Big-budget commercial films don’t have to be lazy, mindless enterprises; you can bring big ideas and apply craft. I may be far from perfect, but for the most part it’s pretty entertaining stuff. I’m going with three out of five.

  5. Sai Shyam G

    Watch ‘I’ for Vikram, Magnum opus lived up to the hype it created

    Vikram, who is desperately looking to deliver a hit in his career, has courageously invested three years of his career in this film. He has undergone tremendous level of pressure, both mentally and physically, to suit into the characters perfectly. He has literally made a mockery of his age. In the hunchback character, he emotes just with his eyes, even as his entire face is loaded with complex prosthetic makeup. He looks agile in stunt sequences and as dashing as ever in romantic scenes. Hats off to his dedication and willpower!

    Amy Jackson has a credible role in the film, and apart from lip-sync issues, she had done a neat job. She emotes brilliantly in the second half, when she defines what true love is. Upen Patel is good during action sequences, while lip-sync remains a concern. Ramkumar tries to imitate Vijay Mallya, and Suresh Gopi’s characterization is too predictable to make an impact. Ojas M. Rajani’s character is irksome and the movie would have been even more taut, if her portions were not there. Santhanam provides comic relief in the first half, but his scenes towards the climax are debatable.

    The movie boasts of superior technicians including music director AR Rahman, cinematographer PC Sreeram and editor Anthony. AR Rahman’s songs do make a mark in the film, but the team could have done away with couple of them, at least. The male version of ‘Ennodu Nee Irundhaal’ song acts as a speed-breaker at a crucial period in the film.

    While watching the movie, one might believe that legendary writer Sujatha was greatly missed by director Shankar during the scripting stage. If he was involved in the project, it could have been a different end product altogether. The main problem with I is that it is extremely predictable and lengthy, to an extent that many scenes look repetitive or follow a fixed pattern.

    The movie is more of a usual revenge drama, which tries to be unique by capitalizing on Vikram’s endurance. Shankar scores yet again with the grandeur sets and rich technical aspects, but Vikram’s three years of career threatening hardships definitely deserved a much better screenplay. Unlike Shankar’s earlier movies, I does not keep keep you hooked throughout the running time.

  6. Indiaglitz

    Simply Awesome! Love, Revenge: Vintage wine in new bottle.

    “I” is not the movie that brings a character just for the sake of it, however integrates into the plot. All the hardwork Vikram has put into has a fitting justification, something that doesn’t serve just the actor’s hunger but what the fan’s stomach wants as well.

    Some of the highlights include the short yet sweet exchange of Madras Baashai between Amy and Vikram, the stunning acting sequences from Chiyaan after Interval, Amy sets the screen on fire as a model, finally though I hate to repeat this in every Shankar movie; the Songs and its jaw dropping picturization. As again Rahman somehow keeps waving his magic wand for Shankar movies at ease, springs life to the movie. PC Sreeram’s work behind the lens, especially for the shots in China are simply magnificent, also puts justice to the extensive makeup work from the Weta workshop.

    Amy Jackson’s screen presence is just wow. One cannot think of someone else in her place, and she had worked really hard to get the lip synch, which is laudable. Suresh Gopi has underplayed for most part of the movie and erupted hard when it’s required. Upen Patel looks classy and fits the bill perfectly as an international model. Ramkumar Ganesan will remind you the famous Liquor baron and Shankar has extracted what is needed from him.

    The editing department could have spent some more time to make the screenplay a bit faster. WETA has done more than a magic to the script and this will open new avenues for Tamil cinema.

    I is the most predictable one; be it the plot or the next to come sequence. It’s surprising to see mediocre dubbing in a perfectionist’s movie, all the lip synch between the non-Tamil speakers look haywire. An age old tested storyline heavily weighs on Vikram’s performance and makes the viewers constantly in search of thrills and perks.

    Ergo, I capitalizes too much on Vikram’s energetic performances yet crosses the boundary line in style.

  7. Meena Iyer, TOI

    Romantic-thriller told simplistically

    Suspend your disbelief and get into this fairy tale that is told by Shankar on a grandiose canvas. Shot mesmerisingly by PC Sreeram on virgin locales in China and India, with world class CG work, this spectacle works because at the core, it’s a romantic-thriller told simplistically.

    While the waif-like Amy looks mesmerising, Vikram bowls you over with a heart-wrenching performance whether he is handsome or disfigured. Santhanam provides the perfect comic relief. The first fight in a local gymnasium and the BMX bike fight on Chinese rooftops are an adrenaline fix. This is pure escapist fare but will resonate with those who read fairy tales at bedtime.

  8. Rediff

    Vikram’s I is definitely a Pongal treat

    The narrative lacks the pace; we usually associate with a Shankar’s film. But he does tell a beautiful tale of love sullied by jealousies, greed and anger. The intriguing screenplay as the director alternates between the light-hearted past and the thrilling present keeps you engrossed.

    Vikram, as he painstakingly transforms himself from a body builder, to supermodel to ugly hunchback, is truly impressive and deserves much applause. Amy Jackson too is perfectly cast.

    Thankfully Shankar has not sidelined her in favour of Santhanam. Celebrity makeup artist Ojas M Rajani is simply hilarious as the gay stylist in the film.

    The cast may be perfect, and performances excellent, but Rahman and PC Sreeram are undoubtedly the real winners of the film. Sreeram’s visuals, especially those shot in China, simply stun you, giving new life and meaning to the already memorable songs.

    Shankar efforts at making them spectacular are evident, but the same cannot be said about the plot, which seems rather tame in comparison. Towards the end, the narrative takes on a humorous turn, which does not quite gel with the gravity of the situation.

    Nonetheless, Shankar’s I is not to be missed, it should be watched in all its glory on the silver screen. Definitely, a treat for Pongal.

  9. Filmibeat

    I turns Trend setter as promised, brilliant movie

    Be it visuals, action sequences, VFX and make-up, all these factors in the movie have surely taken Kollywood to the next level thanks to outstanding visualization by Shankar and his technicians to bring the director’s dream alive on-screen.

    Vikram excels throughout the movie and his years of dedication just to make the movie that much more interesting is apparent. Amy Jackson too has done justice to her role which is very much a part of the movie unlike many other Tamil movies. Suresh Gopi and Ramkumar’s acting skills are utilized really well while Upen Patel could’ve showcased much more emotions for the role demands it.

    I is a technically brilliant movie. While all VFX used are executed almost perfectly, PC Sreeram’s camera work supporting such graphics stands out and has an international appeal to it. AR Rahman’s background score will definitely add accolades to his never ending list of awards. T Muthuraj as an art director might receive many awards for I in the near future. Anthony’s editing could’ve been even more crispier.

  10. Sify

    I is not the best of Shankar, but still it is a one-time watch.

    I is definitely not the best of Shankar and he has to take the blame for poor writing. His story is predictable and there are no twists or scenes which keeps you engaged. Barring few eye-popping stunt scenes, a slew of beautiful unseen locations, breathtaking camera by PC Sreeram and few hummable songs by AR Rahman, I is very ordinary!

    We are all used to Shankar movies with witty, hard-hitting dialogues but this one is not up to the mark. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that late Sujatha is badly missed. The only laughs in this film – few and far between – are provided by Santhanam.

    With so much going on, it’s no surprise that the film feels inordinately long, as it unfolds leisurely at 3 hours and 9 minutes! Villains in all Shankar movies are cold-blooded, intelligent and definitely not stereotypes but in I all we see are a bunch of loud, over-the-top clichéd caricatures (Ram Kumar, Upen Patel, Suresh Gopi and two new faces). Vikram sinks his teeth into the role of Lingesan. He has lived the role of a body builder turned flamboyant model to a deformed hunch-back. The biggest surprise packet in the film is Amy Jackson who is perfect eye candy.

  11. Salman

    Just got out of #I Premiere in France. In a few words: Perfect, innovative screenplay in 1st half, and a good msg conveyed abt Love n Beauty

  12. Venkat

    Watching #I this is world class stuff…will blow ur brains out,terrific bgm…arr best in past decade..hats off!!!1
    #I goosebumps allover… Scintillating stuff from shankar…out of the world thinking!!!!
    #I no spoilers…just posting my views…no offense

  13. Karthik Raja

    ‘I’ One word AMAZING! Director Shankar nvr fails to mesmerize wt his colourful picturization & cinematography graphics.
    Movie was worth the watch.

  14. JHayeish

    MERSAL START ……..never expected such a BGM from @arrahman …#I ..you will find the story from the logo of the movie ….
    here comes CHIYAAN VIKRAM ……age is just a thing to him …very colorful
    I am really sad that such a class film should be trimmed around 2 hrs 30 minutes …..interval on its way ..till now its a feast #I

  15. EX5 Prime

    Watched #I..I donno guys bt I feel Msia cut the movie 2 much.
    Story as expected but Chiyaan was out of the world!
    @rameshlaus : all revenge n fight scenes r cut. We were totally blurred until audience shouting in disapoinment!
    Chiyaan proved nobody can match him when comes to performance. He can be fire or water or watever! #I
    The best thing I liked in #I is @iamsanthanam ‘s comedy.
    He made the entire crowd run ROFL!
    Oh yeah, Shankar used all Amy’s ability to maximum. Exterior & Interior #I mean.
    She was so hot in pink bikini body!
    Since many scenes cut, we cannot feel the mersal effect enough tough in Msia!
    All in & out, @shankarshanmugh the king of #I made yet another exceptional but MASSIVE EPIC movie for Indians!
    Not to forget, this #I is definetly not for children. Too much glamour & double meaning scenes.
    We enjoyed it tough 🙂

  16. Thanes

    @BcinemaFrance @vetrivelan172 of course #I in terms of comedy and love plus national award acting by Chiyaan
    #I sincere movie from Shankar outstanding love and acting kudos to santhanam Hw ready as #I gng to break all records national award 4 vikram
    #I semma padam in Malaysia all clapping hand enodu nee irunthal semma @mithunraman @AndhraBoxOffice @kamaljii @rameshlaus
    #I theri mass superb comedy and fight blockbuster of the year @itisprashanth @sri50 @Lmkmoviemaniac @sureshmylapore @RDBalaji

  17. siva

    Awesome illiantawesome….br

  18. kiran

    No words to express…. best movie from Shankar with different story

  19. Radhakrishnan Gopal

    Not bad. cinematography – good (only in few scene’s and in couple of songs), Music – BGM is not catchy (except, couple of songs), Makeup – excellent work, Action – good (only train fight), Direction – Neutral (except punishing methods – revenge)

  20. naveen m

    I is an magnum opus of Shankar n Vikram. it met the hike it created. watched it thrice. fantastic romantic thriller. stunned with Vikram’s performance. Screenplay and story are awesome. hat’s off Shankar again. Rehman sir deserves appreciation for giving such a beautiful songs.
    SUPERB MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. kamalesh

    Not like shankar’s movie but it’s Vikram’s movie his dedication is shown in screen itself

  22. roy

    Which studios Lee go to

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