Inimey Ippadithan (2015)
Movie: Innimey Ippadithaan (CBFC U)
Cast: Santhanam, Ashna Zaveri, Akhila Kishore
Direction: Muruganand
Producer: Santhanam
Banner: Handmade Films
Music: Santhosh Kumar, Dhayanidhi
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 145 Mins
Release Date:

Inimey Ippadithan (2015)

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Directed by Lollu Sabha writer-friends Murugan and Anand, ‘Inimey Ippadithan’ is Santhanam’s second outing as solo hero. Santhanam can be seen walking down like a dude, clad in latest designer wears, dances along with foreigners for a number and then even better, gets to romance two gorgeous ladies in the movie.


The storyline and structure is similar to any other Tamil film in the rom com genre. However, what makes it different is its treatment by debutant directors Murugan-Anand.

The film opens with a ‘bride seeing ceremony’ and this goes on and on until the very last scene, when the hero Seenu (Santhanam) finally gets married.

Seenu is on a rejection spree. He hates all the girls suggested by his parents and decides to find a beautiful girl himself who he can fall in love with and marry.

There is a ridiculous song in which he goes around proposing to random girls on the street and all of them reject him.

Seenu the jolly-go-lucky guy, falls heads over heels on Maha who also appeared in his previous flick. Maha is a college student, played by Ashna Zaveri. As with any other romcom movie, he tries to propose to her innovatively to grab her attention, for once we even get to think he would become the stereotyped hero who would bash up the thugs who poke fun at the heroine, but the director has his own ideas and keeps the ball rolling. Maha shows no interest in Seenu.

Meanwhile, Seenu’s parents find him a lovely girl, Akhila (Akhila Kishore), confident that their son will find no reason to reject her.

Making an entry at this point is the National award-winning Thambi Ramaiah, as Seenu’s uncle. He further complicates the matter and Seenu finds himself engaged to Akhila. Maha now finds that she cannot live without Seenu and claims to love him.

Seenu now has two girls fighting for his affections. With the wedding day drawing closer, Seenu is running out of time. The second half is all about how he gets himself deeper into this mess. Just when you start assuming, alright give me something different, the duos of Muruganand pens down a twist to the plot.

4 Reviews

  1. Indiaglitz

    A good time pass entertainer.

    The concept is rather done and dusted; even then, the director combo needs a pat on the back for weaving out a neat entertainer from the hat.

    The movie’s first half with romance, comedy and songs takes the screenplay for a toss, but then shuttles well in the second half with more antics, then paces up for an unusual climax. Santhosh’s music doesn’t glue much when you hear them alone, but with some juiced up masala lyrics and comic visuals they do look well on the screen.

    Santhanam has been hyped, spiced and boosted rather too much to convince him as a young dashing hero, that actually makes it too artificial, for we have seen Santhanam on close quarters as the boy next door, playing pranks, pulling off healthy jokes and all this sudden makeover rather makes it too obvious of his desperation as a hero. Improper song placement, sloppy editing and dubbing, with a run time of more than 2 hours contribute for the film’s negative aspects.

  2. Behindwoods

    A typical Santhanam show! Throw away your thinking hats and watch it for the laughs

    Santhanam tests the actor in him a tinge more than usual and takes the audiences with him during his emotional rides. The actor has also offered a wide variety of comedy – there are his usual slapsticks and insult comedy, a few intelligent jokes and some very entertaining physical comedy. One might feel Santhanam’s attempt to make a joke at almost everything, a bit redundant.

    Thambi Ramaiah is another pillar for the film and his comedies are few of the best in the film. VTV Ganesh, Aadukalam Naren and the rest of the supporting team add hue to the film.

    Movie is heavily dependent on its slapstick content, but with a pleasant message in the end. Watch out for the climax; there’s a twist that only Santhanam could have come up with.

  3. Sify

    Enjoyable ride

    The film mainly works out because of the well written comic one liners, smart packaging and some unexpected twists and turns towards the climax. Santhanam looks fresh and he is full of energy, whenever the film loses its tempo the actor lifts up the mood with his trademark one liners which constantly generate good laugh.

    Though Murugan-Anand’s idea of making a comic entertainer with an important message is laudable, one should wait little longer to know how audiences are going to accept the unexpected yet logically perfect twist in the climax.

  4. 4/10

    Monotonous, poorly-written, uninspiring romantic comedy

    Santhanam has certainly worked hard trying to fit into the mould of a full-fledged commercial actor. He has trimmed down considerably and is seen in well-chosen designer outfits throughout the film. He even attempts a fight sequence, but his dancing skills leave a lot to be desired.

    The film let down by a poorly-written script and the director’s lacklustre execution. The actors try to add some zest, but the film shifts lifelessly from one scene to another. The extremely slow pace, the pretentious characters, ordinary background score, songs every 20 minutes, and a screenplay stuck on a single notion, makes director Muruganand’s Inimey Ippadithaan one dimensional and monotonous.

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