Kanchana 2 (2015)
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Movie: Kanchana 2 (CBFC U/A)
Cast: Lawrence Raghavendra, Taapsee Pannu, Nithya Menon
Direction: Lawrence Raghavendra
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner: Sun Pictures
Music: S. Thaman
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Run Time: 165 Mins
Release Date:

Kanchana 2 (2015)

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Kanchana 2 is a comedy horror film written and directed Raghavendra Lawrence, who also plays the lead actor. It is the third part in the Muni franchise, following Muni and Muni 2: Kanchana. Kanchana 2 is among the most expected films this summer particularly after the release of the terrific first look stills.

Produced by Thenandal Films, the movie is presented by Sun Pictures starring Taapsee, Kovai Sarala, Sriman, Devadarshini and Nithya Menen. Manobala, Mayilsamy, Nan Kadavul Rajendran are casted too.


Haunted house, dead woman’s spirit carrying the vengeance of betrayal is what you would usually expect of a horror movie. But ‘Kanchana 2’ chooses to be different.

Lawrence is as usual afraid of ghosts and his mother Kovai Sarala is tired of the things he does due to his fear. The endeavour begins as a TV channel sets out to capture ghosts, as marketing tactic. He works as a camera man in TV Channel and the crew accidentally end up in a haunted house and see horror unfolding in front of their eyes. Few days later, their friends discover Lawrence and Taapsee are haunted.

While they choose a dark, spooky house and set ghosts artificially, the crew is in for a rude shock when they are chased and eventually haunted by real spirits. This time, it is not one woman, but quite many that come in turns, seeking revenge. The only thread to connect the present day Lawrence with the mystery of spirits, is people relating him to a ‘motta’ Shiva.

Who has haunted them? How they died? What they want is the rest of the story that unfolds layers after layers.

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  1. Behindwoods

    Chills, comedy and entertainment guaranteed.

    Horror Comedy is not a new genre – Chandramukhi being one among the first that went on to make it big. But thanks to Muni and Kanchana 1, only after Kanchana, people started adoring films of such kind.

    The core theme of the film looks pretty much the same as its predecessors and like how Lawrence managed to slip in some useful social messages through his earlier films, he has managed to knot one or two useful social messages along with the narration.

    Unlike the previous versions, this film is filled with more horrifying moments which only adds flavor to the film. The comedies are perhaps the highlight of the film, but it feels some of the slapstick comedy sequences looks repetitive. Thanks to Kovai Sarala’s brilliant comical chemistry with Lawrence and the expression oriented performances of Mano Bala, Sriman and Mayilsamy especially in the first half.

    Let aside the logical loopholes; in fact, it is not fair to look for sanity in such films, the film keeps you at bay right through. Looks like Lawrence has mastered the genre, so well that he knows how to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. His creative imagination has made this film different from the usual horror comedy films.

    Though the CGI work in the film’s climax looks slightly unconvincing, Rajavel Olhiveeran has coped all the falls up with some glossy visuals and massy scenes in between, making the overall production value look cool.

  2. Indiaglitz

    ‘Gives you goosebumps’ – Manage your breath between holding it in fear and laughing out loud.

    Before you realise, two hours of the movie simply whiz past. The screenplay is so taut that you hardly realise time ticking. Quite a heavy story, told amidst crackers of comedy, this movie is a sure win.

    Perfect concoction of comedy and horror, the film almost leaves you breathless between hair rising scary shots and rib tickling funny humour. For those of you who were sceptical how Tapsee would suit the role of a typically south Indian ghost, it is time to take back your words – she is a bomb!

    Rajavel’s camera, in combination with music (with credits to Leon James, Sathya, Thaman and Ashwamithra) enhances the overall movie experience.

    All is well, but for some little bugs. For those of you wanting classy entertainment, some portions of comedy could prove loud and repetitive. While the story stays taut till the end of flashback, all the force seems to drain down slowly, thereon. Climax could have used more realism than graphics

    All said and done, the summer has begun with a riotously entertaining movie. On a note to return yet again, ‘Kanchana 2’, or the third in ‘Muni’ series, nails it!

  3. Galatta

    An entertaining horror movie, Lawrence’s treat for the summer

    Nithya Menen has done a splendid job even though she has done a cameo. The visuals and sound effects are better than the prequels.

    Social messages are woven with the script as he did for the earlier movies. A few misses here and there but overall an entertaining movie which has all that it had earlier. Lawrence does not disappoint his audience.

  4. Sify

    Horror comedy riot. For the masses who are looking for some entertainment this holiday season.

    Taapsee is a revelation and has given a solid performance in the film, especially the scenes where she transforms into ghost Ganga is terrific. Lawrence has put his heart and soul to be versatile, the scene where he transforms into a small child, old woman, transgender and Motta Siva will sure get applause from the masses. Nithya Menon as the physically challenged Ganga is adequate while the rest of the actors like Kovai Sarala, Manobala and Sriman are in charge of comedy.

    Vaada Veera from Leon James is the pick of all the songs in the movie and the visuals are equally good. Technically, the team could have concentrated on the VFX work given the time this film took to be made.

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  6. IANS

    The ghosts in this franchise just don’t scare

    The movie, which follows a very cliched and dated format of horror template, suffers heavily due to the lack of a good story.

    There are about five ghosts in Kanchana 2, and Lawrencce gets to play all of them. This only proves that he can play any number of characters sans adding any value to the story. The visual effects are pitiful, and the climatic fight between two ghosts is a bad rip-off of the most popular series of Hulk versus Superman fights on Youtube.

    Kanchana 3 is hinted at the end, and let’s hope it isn’t as bad as Kanchana 2, which is undoubtedly a weak film in the franchise.

  7. Rediff

    Enjoyable horror comedy about six ghosts who are out to avenge their deaths

    There is plenty of fun, with each character adding his or her style of comedy to the situation. There is a long and tedious flashback introducing many new characters and the villain finally makes his appearance in the form of Jaya Prakash, a rich landlord.

    Also making a surprise appearance in the second half is Nithya Menen in a crucial role. Taapsee as the confident, bossy and sceptical programme director has a substantial role and is well cast. Kovai Sarala as Raghava’s mother is hilarious. The easy rapport they share and her perfect comic timing has the audience roaring with laughter.

    The VFX is ordinary and the second half too long and high on drama and emotion. Even the climax is a let-down.

    The music is by four different composers. The sensuous Vaaya Yen Veera number sung by Shakthisree is the pick of the lot. Lawrence, who has donned many hats for this film – writer, director, actor, and choreographer – has brought out the best in his team.

    The plot may be out of date and the comedy absurd, but the antics of the familiar characters and their enthusiasm make you laugh despite yourself.

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