Kumki (2012)
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Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Thambi Ramaiah, Lakshmi Menon, Ashwin Raja
Screenplay & Direction: Prabu Solomon
Cinematography: Sukumar
Music: D Imman
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala
Genre: Romance
Run Time: 150 Mins
Release Date: 14 Dec 2012

Kumki (2012)

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Kumki marks the debut of Vikram Prabhu, son of actor Prabhu, grandson of Thespian Sivaji Ganesan. Hence the expectations from the movie have been bulit up ever since it was announced. The movie is directed by Prabusolomon, who enthralled us with his Mynaa. This added to the hype around the movie. And with Thiirupathi Brothers producing the movie and now Studio Green joining the team, Kumki has benn one of the most anticipated movies of 2012.

The film starts with an introduction to the main characters: Bomman (Vikram Prabhu), the protagonist, his pet elephant Manickam, his uncle Kothali (Thambi Ramaiah), and sidekick Undiyal (Ashvin Raja).Bomman spends most of his time with his pet and earns his livelihood by hiring out his elephant for festivals in temples and wedding celebrations.

Meanwhile, in a village dominated by old principles, an rogue elephant (Komban) ravages crops and ambushes its people. Frustrated by this and without any help from the forest officers, their leader decides to bring a kumki elephant to tame Komban. Bomman and his crew reach the village as placeholders to stay for a couple of days until the real mahout and kumki elephant arrive (the villagers don’t know this). But life begins to change for Bomman when he falls in love with Alli (Lakshmi Menon), the daughter of the village leader. She is at first reluctant keeping in mind the village’s principles but she soon starts to fall for Bomman.

Life goes on smoothly, until Komban starts attacking the village. Komban kills Kothali and Undiyal, and injures Bomman. In the ensuing fight between Manickam and Komban, Manickam kills Komban but suffers serious injuries and dies. Bomman then cries out loud, regretting that his love had led to the death of his crew and Manickam. The film, then ends abruptly, leaving the fate of Bomman to the viewer’s imagination.

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  1. Ambili S (Galatta)

    Vikram Prabhu has given a convincing performance. He is a perfect fit to Boman, His understanding with the elephant is absolutely amazing. Lakshmi Menon is like a breath of fresh air. She is an actress to watch out for. Thambi Ramaiah is an absolute treat to watch. This National Award winning actor is more than just a supporting cast. He has given a brilliant performance. The others in the cast have given able support.

    Prabusolomon’s taut screenplay, Kadhal Sukumar’s brilliant camera work and Imman’s soothing music score makes Kumki a visual poetry. It is an experience not to be missed.

    This movie is definitely to watch on the big screen. Beautiful, enthralling and simply amazing… Kumki is an abosilute treat.

  2. Raven

    Kumki is worth watching for the diligent hard work put in by the actors and for technical brilliance.

    Vikram Prabhu does not look like a debutante in any of the scenes. Then amount of hard work he has put in to get trained with the elephant is evident on the screen. He has given a measured performance and his well-built physique is quite apt for the role.

    After a promising debut in Sundarapandian, Lakshmi Menon comes up with another fine performance as a village girl. Her expressions are spot on and flawless. Thambi Ramaiah does a decent job but his ‘mind-voice’ dialogues are tiresome after a while. Asvin of ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ fame impresses in a couple of scenes.

    Needless to say, Imman’s songs have already become tremendous hits and his background score is equally good. But, the problem is most of the songs are shot in similar manner and things get repetitive. Sukumar’s cinematography can easily be rated as one of the recent best works in Tamil. The majestic elephant, a tiny butterfly, huge waterfall, dense forest, he has shot them all and every frame look authentic. However, the CG work is not convincing in some of the scenes.


    • Prabhu Solomon should have toiled really hard to execute the script with the essence of nativity. Kudos to him for that.
    • Prabhu Solomon has got the best output from his actors and the casting is pretty good.
    • The scenes involving Alli and her father are well executed. The trust factor is conveyed in a subtle manner.


    • The screenplay does not have many twists and the too many songs affect the flow of the movie. The love sequences are superficial and lack conviction.
    • Some of the scenes are over-exaggerated and one might feel that the story meanders at times, especially in the second half. The climax looks contrived.
  3. Kanchana

    Overall, Kumki is a must-watch movie.

    The important character to be mentioned is the elephant, which has done a great deal in the film.

    Imman’s music renders wonderful melody tracks and the picturization of the songs give bonus to the tracks.

    Sukumar’s cinematography plays a major factor to determine the top-notch quality for the film.

    Prabhu Solomon has brought out an excellent masterpiece to Tamil cinema using debutant Vikram Prabhu, Lakshmi Menon, Thambi Ramaiah, Ashwin Raja and the elephant.

    The combination of director Prabhu Solomon and musician D Imman is also the plus point in Kumki.

    Kumki is an adventurous trip in exotic locales with friends that include an elephant. The movie make us forget our identity as audience and rather gives the feel that we are the part of the drama. Amazing cinematography in beautiful exotic locations are also the highlights of Kumki.


    Kumki is a average movie.. no fast screenplay, the screenplay does not have many twists and the too many songs affect the flow of the movie. The love sequences are superficial and lack conviction.
    Some of the scenes are over-exaggerated and one might feel that the story meanders at times, especially in the second half. The climax looks contrived.


    Average movie

  6. Raghavan

    Most hyped movie but not touch the ceiling disappointment

  7. sruthi

    average cinema

  8. murugan

    yes ,average cinema

  9. R.Dhandayudhapani

    “KUMKI” a wonderful movie each and every frame i liked it.
    Screenplay, songs and bgm are the backbone of this movie.

    Vikram proves his potential best and still lots to go. Lakshmi menon
    good performance. Thambi ramiah he is one of the major hero of the
    character roles, very crucial role done his part fantabulously.

    Prabhusolomon delivers again his best with the good story, with wild
    elephants. Cinematography is also a remarkable plus of this movie.

    Verdict: On the whole KUMKI an wild life paradise of an elephants with sense. Must
    watch don’t miss it.

  10. dhilip

    must watch movie…only in theater

  11. sam

    the truth in kumki is better than nep.

  12. Cinelover

    Good movie. But trust me. Not at all in home video. Please. I tell this because the cinematography is awesome in this film. Full marks to Mr. Sukumar. This man has got talent. Yes there is a lot of “MYNNA” hangover, but it is worth a watch. Vikram prabhu and lakshmi menon fit in their role. Thambi Ramaiah is good in many scenes but his mind dialogues are irritating at times. The characters in the village are also good. The story lacks content but the director through his screenplay manages to keep the audience engaged in the first half. The second half which is long becomes a bit boring and as far as I am concerned the climax is again a hangover of Mynaa where there is death and film ends with a tragic note. The scenes between Lakshmi and her dad is touching. Undoubtedly , “Maanickam-the elephant” steals the show. The songs are good but the “soi soi” number was made to fit into the screenplay. The camera work in Onnum puriyala, sollittaley ava kaadhala, Ayyayayo Aanthamey is picture perfect. Again, “This is a big screen film”. Trust me. You will like it if you are fond of nature. Go for it. My rating is 6.5/10.

  13. anandan

    fantastic movie.brilliant camera work.nice performance by all actors.kudos to prabu solomon

  14. Deepak Narayanaswamy

    Heart Stealing Movie ::::: A Visual Treat For Movie Lovers::::: A Wild Love Story:::::Unable to Express the Feelings:::Must Watch.

    Excellent Movie & Excellent Climax
    Excellent Story , Screenplay & Direction.
    Excellent Music , Songs & BGM
    …Excellent Cinematography.
    Excellent Artists : Vikram Prabhu , Lakshmi Menon & Manickam(Elephant) Thambi Raamaya.
    Excellent Locations

    After A Long Saw Claps & Vissles For All The Songs…..

  15. santosharul

    8.7 rating confirmed,we saw downloaded kumki excellent very good wow amazing woderful so many garden flower, every thing perfect. Prabu Solomon before myna 2010 better than kumki, dear Prabu Solomon good director. no disappointment no average,

  16. Priya

    Wow Super Movie Every body Must Watch this Movie Awesome Movie No chance No word to say Suprb movie I watched 6 times in theater Super movie

  17. murali

    excellent movie manikam remains in our heart should certainly change the climax had to make a positive climax

  18. kavi

    ahh.. Love it…!!

    1. The sceneries, the actor (perfect tamil look) / actress (nice choice, but so young 16?? no..!!), Manickam the elephant, wow..!!!

    2. Music and the songs – pleasant and so touching. Listened a movie’s song like 50 times after a very very long time…

    3. The climax – summarizing the whole story with the last few dialogues… and left with more guesses and talks among the audiences. The climax should not be changed.

    I think the success of a movie is when we talk about it still after we left the screen .. for days… the climax is lovely.. it touches me and i think the movie succeeded in that. 10/10.

  19. thamil

    i hate climax very much

  20. syed

    hard work must appreciate
    camera is amazing


    Super movie.The elephant is amazing.May i know which elephant is that???

  22. iniya.

    Really the movie is good…vickram proves the skill…..Lakshmi menon is very beatiful in this flim…
    and other character of the movie manickam,thambiramya,… acted very wll……Songs are very good especially onnum puriyala,ayyayoe anathamae and soi soi hates of to iman…..

  23. KGM

    Awesome movie, songs and photography are too good. Some roles went unanswered like Ranger, why his role is depicted as a villain?.
    Different end to this movie, Prabhu Solomon has improved by keeping the lives of the hero n heroine in-tact.
    Must watch in big screens of Tamilnadu.

  24. karthi

    housefull threatre

  25. Selvaraj

    Very nice movie…….



  27. Rasihan

    Excellent movie and nice songs and lovely screen play

  28. Rasihan

    Excellent movie

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