Lingaa (2014)
Movie: Lingaa (U)
Cast: Rajinikanth, Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha
Direction: KS Ravikumar
Producer: Rockline Venkatesh
Banner: Rockline Entertainments, Eros International
Music: AR Rahman
Genre: Action, Thriller
Run Time: 174 Mins
Release Date: 12 Dec 2014

Lingaa (2014)

Good: Superstar Rajinikanth
Bad: Movie Length, Computer Graphics
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Superstar Rajinikanth is back to rock the big screens with Lingaa, directed by KS Ravikumar. After the below par show with ‘Kochadaiyaan’, which is actually India’s first ever motion capture movie, superstar comes with strong socio commercial drama ‘Lingaa’. This movie presented by Vendhar Movies, is produced by Munirathna and Rockline Venkatesh and has music by AR Rahman and cinematography by Randy aka Rathnavelu. Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka play Superstar’s heroines and are supported by an able and ensemble cast.


The movie opens to an engineer (Ponvannan) surveying a dam with the whole village of Solaiyur looking on. The village headman Karunakaran (K. Vishwanath) and the area’s Member of Parliament (Jagapathi Babu) are also among the onlookers. That same night, the engineer is murdered and just before he passes away, he asks the elderly Karunakaran to open the Shiva temple located close to the dam. The engineer’s death is believed to be an accident by the villagers. The temple has remained locked for over 70 years and when the villagers ask Karunakaran permission to open it, he reveals that according to his father’s oath, only a successor of Raja Lingeshwaran should open it. He sends out emissaries to different parts of the country to search and find Raja Lingeshwaran’s only remaining successor – his grandson (Rajinikanth). However, hating his grandfather for not leaving him any wealth, the grandson – who has also been named Lingeshwaran, has shortened his name to Linga and is a petty thief, who steals small objects along with his gang (Santhanam, Karunakaran, Balaji), for a living. Linga and his friends are caught by the Police and are in jail, when an unknown lady reporter – Lakshmi (Anushka) comes and rescues them. Lakshmi reveals that she is from the village of Solaiyur and wants Linga to come to the village, to reopen the temple. Though reluctant at first, Linga and his friends go to the village, to escape from the Police.

On reaching the village, Linga learns that the Lord Shiva sculpture in the temple is made of a rare precious stone and plans to steal it and settle down for life. It is here that he learns of his grandfather – Raja Lingeshwaran (Rajinikanth). Lingeshwaran, also a Cambridge graduated engineer, first came to the village of Solaiyur as a Collector, in the British era. On learning that the farmers of this village and the surrounding villages are facing severe floods for 3 months and complete drought for the remaining 9 months, he appeals to the British government to help build a dam in Solaiyur. His fellow British collectors and their chief ridicule him and refuse to help construct the dam. He resigns as a Collector and takes up the construction of the dam on his own. Being a very rich Maharaja, he puts in his own money and goes about constructing the dam with the help of the villagers (Radha Ravi, Vijayakumar, R. Sundarrajan, Sonakshi Sinha and many others), much to the chagrin of the Britishers, especially Collector Hunter. In an unfortunate turn of events. just when the dam is nearing completion and there are torrential rains endangering the dam and the village, Linga is forced to seek Collector Hunter’s help. Hunter puts forth some conditions, sticking to which Raja Lingeshwaran loses all his wealth and is also disgraced by the villagers. The angry villagers chase him out of the village, asking him never to return again. What were the conditions put forth by the Britisher? Why did Raja Lingeshwaran lose all his wealth? What happens to the dam? Why are the villagers angry with Raja Lingeshwaran? What plans does the corrupt MP have for the present day dam? Watch Lingaa on the big screens to know…

5 Reviews

  1. Behindwoods

    Rajinikanth’s mesmerizing energy let down by writing. But give it your time for Superstar’s non-diminishing charisma.

    Lingaa follows the tried and tested K.S.Ravikumar template with comedy driving the proceedings forward in a pretty enjoyable manner, the flashback portion begins towards the end of the first half and lifts the movie noticeably.

    The senior Rajini as Raja Lingeswaran plays it in his trademark extravagant style with a tinge of arrogance. This role is sure to totally win over his ardent fans. KSR is generally known for his impactful flashback sequences, where he presents a gamut of emotions and other human traits.

    Senior Rajini’s little romance track with Sonakshi Sinha is another highlight and the Bollywood beauty fits the bill perfectly with her native looks, cute expressions and remarks. Chinmayee’s dubbing for her makes us invest in her role even more.

    Rajini’s energy levels and evergreen screen presence are admirable and he is the cynosure of all eyes whenever he is on screen. His costumes and other accessories in both the periods make him dazzle. Make-up could have been slightly better.

    Santhanam gets a few lines to showcase his comic timing while Karuna has not much scope. Anushka’s role has some bearing on the film’s outcome in a few key scenes.

    Just when you thought that the film was resolving in a pretty decent manner and when all the knots were being untied competently, comes a shocker of a stunt sequence in the climax where the action happens in a bike and a hot air balloon. The length of the movie is a downer too.

    To sum up, Lingaa is a mainstream entertainer with some substance, playing to Rajini’s strengths. Low expectations and high patience levels would enable you to enjoy Rajinikanth’s screen persona.

  2. Rediff

    Lingaa works only because of the charisma and enigmatic screen presence of the Superstar

    The music by A R Rahman is not very impressive. But cinematographer R Rathnavelu has captured some magnificent scenes. The much-hyped train fight scene has been brilliantly shot and so have some scenes of the dam.

    Rajini dominates every frame, thrilling his fans with his electrifying screen presence. He appears far more energetic and lively than in his recent films. You find glimpses of the old Rajini in many of the scenes, but in others, the make-up seems too loud and obvious.

    Lingaa follows the standard Rajini template. Director K S Ravikumar has ensured that the fans have plenty to cheer about. Rajini is stylishly dressed, complete with dark glasses and leather jacket and walks with the swagger that is unique to him.

    The film is packed with philosophical punch lines that are greeted with thunderous applause and ear-piercing whistles.

    The second half of the three-hour-long film is quite tedious. The biggest drawbacks are the uncomplicated plot, Ravikumar’s direction and the highly dramatic and exaggerated climax that is too hard to digest.

    Rajini has proved innumerable times in the past that he can carry the burden of an entire film on his shoulders, and he does so again.

  3. Indiaglitz

    Made for Rajinikanth, but fails to meet expectations

    The film is a good three hours long, but does not seem that tedious on screen. Kudos for the entertainment! However, the second half does seem heavier than the first, as there are two stories woven into one, as a movie. Also, many actors for relatively very little screen presence, seem to have gotten spent a lot as a talent pool. But no doubt, everyone is best in class.

    Although there was belief that Rahman’s charisma has come down for the movie, it is also true that we have picked up slow but addictive liking to the album of ‘Lingaa’. On watching the movie, we understand that the music befits the story. And so does the timely score all through. The songs have come out so well that they are no deterrent to the flow of the story.

    ‘Lingaa’ is a clean masala with barely anything to snip off in censorship. It has a racy screenplay to justify the story that preaches unity, integrity, honesty, humility, and generosity, all for the goodwill of people. Introduction of the thought that people should not be biassed based on caste, is an intelligent move. However, certain patches do stand out as sore thumb that are in dire need of finesse – like dialogues for everyone other than Rajini, action, choreography, and graphics, especially in climax. In all, the film looks like it is made for Rajinikanth, to make him the hero of all times, but fails to meet expectations as a movie on the whole.

  4. NDTV

    Lingaa is still a pleasant time-pass entertainment

    Rajini, in his public persona as the supercool superstar, super human being, with the common touch and the heart of gold, keeps peeping out. Almost in every frame of the film there is Rajini and it is all about adding to the Rajini aura and mania.

    The film makes no pretences about being a classic epic-in-the-making. It relies on the time-tested masala formula, selling the style quotient of an ageing but still much loved and revered superhero. But at 175 minutes, the film is a stretch.

    Santhanam shares screen space with Rajini in his modern avatar, almost like Vivek did in Sivaji. Popular Telugu comedian Brahmanandam comes and goes in one scene. Telugu hero Jagapathi Babu, who played the villain in the modern era, couldn’t recreate the menacing evil-coolness of a Suman in Shivaji. Afterall the film cover two eons with the villain in the bygone era, an evil-Britisher antagonist too reminds you of Lagaan, except the character looked too cardboard and not layered at all.

    The makers of the film perhaps wanted to avoid controversy with a disclaimer that elephants used in the film are computer-generated; but it did not really look like that, so they must have done a really good job of it.

    Whatever the reviews and critics say, no Rajini fan is going to miss this film for sure. For the rest, I would say, it is still a pleasant time-pass entertainment.

  5. prakash

    masssssssssssssssssss hittttttttttttttttttttttsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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