Maryan (2013)
Movie: Mariyaan (U/A)
Cast: Dhanush, Parvathy, Salim Kumar
Direction: Bharat Bala
Producer: Venu Ravichandran
Banner: Aascar Films
Music: AR Rahman
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Run Time: 150 Mins
Release Date : 19 Jul 2013

Maryan (2013)

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Mariyaan, the movie directed by Ace ad filmmaker Bharathbala, which makes his Tamil feature film debut, has Dhanush and Parvathi Menon in the lead roles. Movie deals with the story of a construction fishermen, who will be kidnapped and taken hostage in Sudan by mercenaries. The movie is based on the real incidents, which took place in 2008.

Maryan, which sees the return of Dhanush to Tamil films after a sizable hiatus post 3. With the best possible technical crew assisting the director, Maryan comes with the promise of delivering great music and visuals. Maryan also continues the recent love affair that Tamil cinema seems to be having with the state’s coastal areas.

The trailer gave us the perfect gist of the tale with elements like love, separation, struggle, survival and hope being the pivotal emotions. We have to admit that the movie is exactly what the trailer led us to believe.

The film opens in Sudan, Africa, where Mariyaan (Dhanush) is on a two-year contract with a company and has just a week left to finish. He is very excited to get back to India, where the love of his life Panimalar (Parvathi Menon) is desperately waiting for him.

As Mariyaan reminisces about his love, we are taken in a flashback to a fishing community in southern India. Panimalar has been in love with Mariyaan for a very long time and though he does not reciprocate her feelings initially, he soon realises that he too has deep feelings for her.

Soon they form a bond so strong that it withstands all the struggles and hardships that life throws their way.

Panimalar’s father has borrowed money from Theekkurissi (Vinayakan), a lecherous moneylender who has designs on the beautiful Panimalar. He asks for her hand in marriage in return for the money borrowed. When her father refuses, he gives him an ultimatum and threatens to kill him if he does not repay the money.

Mariyaan is now in a dilemma. In order to repay the money, he is forced to accept the offer to work in a foreign company for two years. A fisherman at heart and soul, he is loath to leave, but makes the difficult decision for his precious Panimalar.

We are back in Africa now, where Mariyaan is all set to go back, but certain unfortunate circumstances prevent him from returning. How he reaches his love Panimalar, fighting against all odds forms the rest of the story.

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  1. Behindwoods

    A movie with breathtaking visuals, heart-stopping music, terrifically talented cast set on a very leisurely paced narrative.

    Dhanush mastered pain and suffering on screen and gone through an extraordinary physical struggle for the second half. His emotional prowess is displayed in the scenes when he mourns his dear friend’s loss, during his lovelorn phone calls with Panimalar and when he overcomes his starvation with an imaginary feast of seafood.

    Parvathy Menon is all oomph and looks really attractive in authentic native costumes. She is a terrific actress and shows her emoting range in Maryan.

    Appukutty and Jagan have their moments as Maryan’s close friends while Uma Riyaz Khan is too loud and boisterous.

    The movie’s pace is leisurely all the way and the director might have deliberately slowed it down for the audience to feel the intensity of the emotions longer.

    Marc Koninckx’s visuals are poetic and out-of-this-world as he has fully exploited the wide visual canvas that Bharathbala has offered him. You might be reminded of Kadal and Neerparavai though, as the setting is the same.

    A.R.Rahman has used the tunes of the magical ‘Enga Pona Raasa’ and ‘Kadal Raasa Naan’ prominently as part of the movie’s background score and this will resonate in your heart, long after the show is over. The wizard has brought his A-Game for the movie’s BGM score.

    Ultimately, there is no questioning the crew’s hard work and the lead cast’s outstanding work. Maryan might not appeal to the common man seeking unadulterated entertainment but it is worth a trip to the theater nevertheless, for the very reasons mentioned above.

  2. Rediff

    Mariyaan is a must-watch

    Dhanush completely immerses himself in the character. In one particular scene where he’s being held hostage, he delivers with so much intensity that the entire theatre burst into spontaneous applause.

    Parvathi Menon is totally in sync with Dhanush all the way; she has matched him step for step, never allowing him to overshadow her.

    The film is great technically, the music is remarkable, and the performance of the lead actors exceptional.

    However, what brings the film down a notch is the pace, especially the second half, which seems to drag quite a bit. And though the film may not appeal to all, it is definitely a must watch.

  3. 6/10

    Maryan is a different experience, worth a watch!

    Dhanush, Dhanush and Dhanush! He is the man of the season. The joy, pain, sufferings, love and so on… he has portrayed every emotions with ease. A splendid show. The scenes where Maryan calls Panimalar, his urge to survive in the deserts are a treat to watch.

    Parvathy Menon is brilliant as Panimalar. Her desi-looks, dusky skin and intense acting skills fits the bill perfectly. She has in fact lived as Panimalar.

    A.R. Rahman’s music is the real hero of Maryan. He takes the film to the next level. The songs are amazing with ‘Nenje Ezhu’ being the main highlight. Kudos to the maestro.

    Another major asset of the film is French cinematographer Marc Koninckx’s rich and vibrant visuals. He has captured each and ever moment of the film with perfection. A special mention to Aascar Films and dialogue writer Joe D. Cruz.

    The rest of the star cast, Appukutti, Jagan, Salim Kumar, Uma Riaz, Immanuel and Ankur have done their role perfectly. This is director Bharathbala’s maiden movie in Tamil, but he has made a very informed choice in terms of casting and the story.

    Bharathbala’s screenplay could have been better and the same goes to editor Vivek Harshan. There are shades of Rajinikanth in Dhanush’s body language, which is actually not very surprising as we all know that he is a hardcore Superstar fan.

  4. b.sukumar

    dhanshu avarkaliuuk nandri. makaum kastipattu panni irukar. thankyou dhanshu

  5. vickneswaran

    Nc n diffrent movie.all people need to avoid wac masala movie n support tiz kind of mo v. Maryan wl win…

  6. kumar


  7. thiru

    Nc movie than singham 2 .maryan s running suceesfully in malaysia theatres…..sure wl b hit…

  8. rajan

    Awesome bgm and sg all.

  9. Apple Tek

    Superb movie great acting danush.

  10. guru

    dhanush acting superb. But story even strong in it.

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