Masss / Massu Engira Masilamani (2015)
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Movie: Massu Engira Masilamani (CBFC U)
Cast: Suriya, Nayantara, Parthiban, Samuthirakani, Pranitha, Premgi Amaren
Direction: Venkat Prabhu
Producer: K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Banner: Aadnah Arts, Studio Green
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Run Time: 153 Mins
Release Date:

Masss / Massu Engira Masilamani (2015)

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When ever a Venkat Prabhu’s movie releases, the expectations high to see variety with a bash of youthful energy, and the ace director this time has adopted the most successful genre in the recent times, yes, a horror comedy.

Massu Enkira Masilamani (Masss), directed by Venkat Prabhu and starring Suriya, Nayantara, Premgi Amaren, Pranitha and a host of other stars, is produced by KE Gnanavel Raja under the Studio Green banner.


Suriya essays two characters in the film, Masilamani or Massu, an ingenious conman, and a ghost called Shakti. Massu and his friend Jetli (Premgi) are small time crooks, make a living by planning elaborate schemes, cheating bad guys and escaping with their money in the Royapettah area.

Nayantara (Manini) is Suriya’s neighbour, who is working as a nurse at a hospital and is aiming to become a permanent employee there but needs a lot of money to bribe the dean. As Suriya and Premgi don’t earn much through their petty thievery, they resort to impersonating Customs employees and make off with a huge sum of money from a gang, which had stashed their cash aboard a ship.

When the gang comes to know that they have been duped by Suriya and Premgi, they set out to recover their money at any cost. In the ensuing chase, the car carrying Suriya and Premgi meets with an accident and the gang believes Suriya and Premgi to be dead.

However, the duo escape and after treatment for over a week, set off for their house. On reaching their house, Suriya starts experiencing paranormal activities in it and also finds that he is being followed by a gang.

Not knowing what is happening, Suriya is left confused and not everything around him seems to be normal. Suriya realizes he is able to see and communicate with dead people around him. They approach him with requests to fulfil their dying wishes. Initially, Massu misuses his power by making them terrorise innocent people and demanding money from them by pretending to drive them away.

There is a quite a bit of fun, with ghosts popping out from everywhere chasing after Massu. Karunas, Sriman and several others play the ghosts in the film. The film moves to the real story almost at the end of the first half. Making a dramatic entry is a very dead Shakti, seeking vengeance for the death of his loved ones.

Will Massu help Shakti? What happens to the stolen money? Will Nayantara be able to cement her job? Watch Masss to know…

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  1. Rediff

    Yet another trademark Venkat Prabhu entertainer.

    The film is undoubtedly Suriya’s show all the way. He plays the two characters very differently in terms of looks, body language and dialogue delivery. As Shakti he is more stylish, composed but menacing, whereas as Massu he is the happy-go-lucky guy with not a care in the world. There is absolutely nothing in the film for Nayanthara. Even the romance seems rather forced.

    There is plenty happening in the film, both in the first and second half. Venkat Prabhu keeps the momentum going right from the opening scene. There is, however, a lot of chaos, until he decides to reveal it all at the very end. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music keeps up with the tempo of the film.

    You have got to hand it to Venkat Prabhu for attempting a completely different storyline each time he makes a film.

  2. Behindwoods

    A well-timed Sixer from Venkat Prabhu and Suriya.

    Suriya carries the movie on his strong shoulders and the kind of energy and youthful charm that he exudes is incredible. Masss is definitely an addition to his list of engaging films as he performs, emotes, dances, fights and romances with the ease of the pro, that he is. Premgi is seen in a completely different dimension, but of course with his trademark quirks, lines and ‘dry comedy’. Nayanthara and Pranitha look graceful and get a few key, pivotal scenes in the overall picture.

    Yuvan Shankar Raja is another heavyweight in the film along with Suriya, and his background score does all that is required – elevate, emotionally move and resonate. The VFX and CG works are a major factor in the film, and all the technicians who have worked on this aspect must be lauded. Given all the deadlines that the team must have faced, the overall VFX work definitely isn’t tacky.

    Watch out for the end-credits bloopers like always, and leave the hall with a smile as Masss ought to be a satisfying experience. It has the expected Venkat Prabhu elements, the crowd-pleasing supernatural factors treated in a slightly different way and of course Suriya in all his glory.

  3. Indiaglitz

    A Sixer in Typical Venkat Prabhu Style! Good watch for this late summer to quench your thirst with laughs and occasional surprises.

    Suriya’s characterization as a Srilankan Tamilian is commendable, as with all of Venkat Prabhu’s movies, he brings out the best out of his heroes. Venkat Prabhu has been stereotyped as the director who loves party hard movies, a bit of adult humor and all that but in Masss he has steered clear of those elements and has given a wholesome family entertainer with an interesting storyline for the summer. As much as we ridicule Premji’s antics we cannot but admire him here for his timely tickles and his funny body language, which make a definite impact in Masss.

    Yuvan’s music is certainly not the best, but the Poochandi and the BGM in the revenge sequences are a definite treat. The Poochandi song starts off in Michael Jackson’s thriller style and then moves in good spirit, you really have to applaud Venkat Prabhu for placing the song at the perfect juncture of the movie. A Special mention to stunt master Silva in the first half, for the car chase and fights.

    Those predictable scenes that make the sequences look even longer than reality. The Editing work in the first half is crisp especially with the one liners and comedy scenes not dragging, but loses steam in the second opening doors for improvement. Masss is little less on the funny quotient and rather relies and thrives heavily on Suriya’s super strength and mass factor. Nayanthara could have been used better.

  4. Galatta

    A perfect Venkat Prabhu and Suriya commercial sixer.

    A perfect commercial entertainer with supernatural elements added to it, make for some entertaining viewing. Suriya has once again showed that he is a versatile actor and carries the movie on his shoulders. Nayantara and Pranitha, though not having much screen space, shine through in the scenes they are a part of. Premgi has done a very good job and the extra effort he has put into this movie, shows. The extended support cast comprising actors like Parthiban, Samuthirakani, Karunas, Sriman and others have all played their parts well. Yuvan’s BGM score is impressive and the songs are pleasant. RD Rajashekar’s cinematography and KL Praveen’s editing have made the scenes colourful and crisp.

  5. Sify

    Spooky entertainer. Would have been a better entertainer.

    Massu is a no-holds barred entertainer with all essential ingredients. There are twists and turns galore. Suriya sporting a ponytail as the Sri Lankan Tamil living in Canada, is the highlight of the film. He comes in at the interval point and steals the show. Venkat Prabhu has once again given his brother Premgi a meaty role as a friendly ghost.

    Technically, RD Rajasekar’s cinematography is commendable and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score acts as another hero in the film while Praveen KL’s editing has helped the film to flow at a fast pace. The end-credits bloopers make you laugh.

    Despite the above said positives, the film doesn’t have a big story-line and is sluggish in the first half. Had the director spent more time on writing, Massu would have been a better entertainer but now it’s yet another mass masala film with feel good spooky elements and the powerful Shakthi as bonus points.

  6. Sloppy, with a not-bad second half

    The idea behind the supernaturally themed Massu is terrific, even it feels like a mashup of many spirit-driven films. (Ghost, The Sixth Sense, even Pisaasu — they all take turns possessing this screenplay.) The initial portions are quite ghastly. The editing is frantic. When the supernatural element kicks in, there’s finally something to hold on to. These scenes are still badly staged, and the tone is all over the place — but at least there’s a sense of things going somewhere.

    Like a benevolent Santa, the overlong Massu tries to have something for every segment of the audience. Kids are going to love the scene where Mass smiles at a schoolchild after signing a report card filled with zeroes. International audiences will love the bit where someone, after listening to the Sri Lankan lilt in the second Suriya’s Tamil, asks, “Ceylon-a?” and Suriya shakes his head and says, “Thamizhan.” The weak-bladdered will heartily embrace the unimaginative and drawn-out action sequences. As for fun-loving family audiences, what do I pick? The scenes of drinking at a TASMAC bar? The beeped-out F-word? The stretch where a mother and her little girl are burnt alive? The film’s U-certificate may be its spookiest accomplishment.

  7. Dhushan

    Masssssssss movie

  8. karthik

    Itz right time sixer by VP as well as Suriya.

  9. Sathiyaraj

    Super mv

  10. Sathiyaraj

    Vp super,suryasuper,yuvansuper,rd vsuper

  11. kaviyarasu

    Good movie…
    I like very much….

  12. kaviyarasu


  13. kavi


  14. kongu ravi


  15. kongu kaviyarasu

    Mass sup

  16. sakthi

    Suriya is always Masss

  17. sakthi

    Masss hero

  18. suthakar

    Different story

  19. mohan

    Pakka Masss

  20. kumar

    Its good movie.

  21. sathya

    Sixer ..

  22. Ashwin Rohit

    Good Movie with everthing and it is a good summer feast before the reopening of the schools

  23. Ashwin Rohit

    A Six which goes out of the ground

  24. bala

    Its good

  25. sudhakar


  26. sudha


  27. kabilan

    Masssssssssssssssssss Movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  28. ebin john

    total mass overload…. pakka mass

  29. gokulakannan

    super masss

  30. surya fan

    semma masss block buster hit 17th day 95 cr collection

  31. vicky

    2015 masss hit movie
    next super star surya only

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