Naan Rajavaga Pogiren (2013)
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Movie: Naan Rajavaga Pogiren (U)
Cast: Nakul, Chandini, Avani Modi, Raaghav
Director: Prithvi Rajkumar
Producer: K.Dhanasekar , V.Chandran
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Velraj
Dialogues: Vetrimaaran
Genre: Action
Run Time: 149 Mins
Release Date : 26 Apr 2013

Naan Rajavaga Pogiren (2013)

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Nakul after a brief interval is back with his next venture Naan Rajavaga Pogiren.He started his career as one of the boys in director Shankar’s Boys and graduated to play the lead thereafter.

After a few duds, he chose to go slow and signed Nan Rajavaga Pogiren. Produced by Udayam and VLS Cine Media’s, the movie is directed by Prithvi Rajkumar, a former associate of National-award winning film-maker Vettrimaran.

The dialogues have been penned by Vettrimaran himself and the music has been scored by G V Prakash Kumar.

Besides Nakul, the movie has Sandhini, while Avani Modi, Manivannan, Kasthuri, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Seetha, Suresh, Vasu Vikram, Nishanth in important roles. Directors A Venkatesh and filmmaker Gaurav play the villains in this romantic tale.

The movie opens to show Raja (Nakul) having a bloody fight with some gangsters, before being run over by a lorry! Another scene shows Kamarajar (Manivannan), a social activist, lying dead in his own house, in a pool of his own blood! The movie cuts to Himachal Pradesh, where we see a timid and playful Jeeva (Nakul), who along with his mom (Seetha) works on his uncle’s Apple farm! After getting into trouble with the local military authorities, and while serving punishment there, an army comes across him, and mistakes him for Raja! He then proceeds to reveal that he and Raja were classmates, and shows Jeeva a video of Raja! Raja, Reema (Avani Modi), and Wahab (Nishanth) are very close friends, and their whole college life is one riot! Raja helps Wahab with his love, and marriage to Noori! Raja is the college hotshot and a kickboxing champion, who is the darling of his friends’ eyes! Jeeva gets enamoured knowing that there’s another individual looking exactly like him! Jeeva sets out to meet Raja!

Jeeva sets out to meet Raja, and along the way, meets Reema at her native Bhopal! While Jeeva was believing that Raja and Reema might have gotten married by then, he is in for a shock when Reema reveals that she parted ways with Raja, after Valli’s (Chandni) entry into their life, and Raja falling for her! Reema tells Jeeva, how she fell for Raja, and with a heavy heart, moved away from him, so as not to disturb his relationship with Valli! Meanwhile, Valli is a no-nonsense law college student, with a straight-forward and serious approach to life! Reema decides to surprise Raja on his fast-nearing birthday, by introducing him to his lookalike Jeeva, and the duo embark from Bhopal to Chennai, with this in mind! However, when they reach Chennai, they find that almost everything has changed! Wahab reveals that Valli’s parents were killed by Esakki (Gaurav), and he hasn’t seen Raja or Valli after that!

Why are Esakki and his men after Valli and Raja? What is the mystery behind Kamarajar’s death? Why has Valli been kept in a mental health institution? What happened to Raja? What is the relation between Raja and Jeeva? To know the answers to all these questions, watch the movie on the big screens!

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  1. Behindwoods

    Ambitious, but let down by a less engrossing screenplay

    Nakul has done some solid work, shows enthusiasm and intent in his performance. Chandini scores better and has been awarded more screen space. Avani Modi appears juvenile in parts and her dubbing (by Chinmayee) is far too expressive to match her performance.

    Other senior actors, Manivannan, Kasthuri, Seetha, A.Venkatesh and Suresh, have done their small parts with perfection. Particularly, Manivannan’s gruff voice suits his role of an activist.

    The story is the strongest element of Naan Rajavaga Pogiren. On paper, it looks excellent but what spoils it is the screenplay. Prithvi Rajkumar has attempted to do a Vetrimaaran’s style of screenplay, but hasn’t done it quite well. Too many flashbacks leave the audience befuddled at places. Another let down in the film is its poor pace.

    On the other hand, Vetrimaaran’s regulars don’t fail his assistant. Cinematographer Velraj has no problem crafting each frame with impeccability and freshness. GV Prakash’s background score does very well to add to the tension prevalent in the film. But his songs don’t create the same magic. Songs are wrongly placed and one might get a feeling that there are too many of those.

    On the whole, Naan Rajavaga Pogiren is an ambitious effort, by a promising new comer, but with a less gripping screenplay.

  2. Ambili S (Galatta)

    Watch Naan Rajavaaga Pogiren, If you want your summer vacations to have a bang!

    Director Prithvi Rajkumar has taken up a very intense and complex subject, and woven a tale of action and mystery around it! The plot is gripping and the screenplay ensures that the viewers are kept on the edge of their seats, right from the beginning to the end!

    The action sequences have been choreographed amazingly! The screenplay should be called the king of this flick, as it maintains the tempo throughout! However, the only dampening feature is the editing, which could have ensured that some tempo dampening scenes were cut short! The first half moved at break-neck speed, while the second half could have been crisper! But, the totally unexpected twists and turns in the second half, more than make up for the minor slip-ups!

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