Neerparavai (2012)
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Movie: Neerparavai
Starring: Vishnu, Sunaina, Thambi Ramiah,Nandita Das, Saranya
Director: Seenu Ramasamy
Producer: Udhayanidhi Stalin
Banner: Red Giant Movies
Music: N. R. Raghunathan
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 2 hrs 17 mins
Release Date: 30 Nov 2012

Neerparavai (2012)

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Neerparavai may not boast of big stars but it has generated a lot of talk amongst industry and fans. The latest offering from the national award-winning director Seenu Ramasamy raises the expectations of the movie pretty high.

The film stars Vishnu and Sunaina in lead roles. Bollywood actress Nandita Das (of Azhagi and Kannathil Muttamithal fame) makes a comeback with this flick. According to sources, Seenu Ramasamy got Nandita on board after a lot of persuasion. Noted writer Jaymohan has penned the dialogues while Vairamuthu takes care of the lyrics and N. R. Raghunanthan is the music director. The film is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin under his home banner Red Giant Movies.

Esther (Nandita Das), a widow from the fishermen community, is in search of something always. This irks her only son, as he wants to sell their house and migrate to the city. Everyday night Esther is seen at the backyard of her house, singing songs which is usually sung at the cemetery. Her son begins to suspect her and decides to dig the place. Shockingly, they finds out Arulappa Das’ (Esther’s husband) dead body there… Esther is arrested and the enquiry begins, from there on it’s her story narrated in a flashback!

Esther (Sunaina) is a pious young girl who lives with her cousin Sister Benita. On the same village, Arulappa Das (Vishnu) is an alcohol addict and they all belong to the fishermen community. Arul’s parents are always worried about his behaviour and decides to put him in a rehabilitation centre. Meanwhile, Arul falls in love with Esther. When Arul comes back as a changed man, his village people fails to believe him. Arul, then approaches Sister Benita for Esther’s hand but it goes in vain. Arul has to now prove himself, with the help of a Muslim boat merchant (Samuthirani), he starts his own fishing network. Everything goes right in Arul’s life, he gets married to Esther, until a disaster happens…

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  1. Ambili S (Galatta)

    Vishnu is brilliant as Arul, there is lots of hard work gone into his character and it is well reflected on screens. Sunaina, goes de-glam and she rocks the screen. Samuthirakani is brilliant so is Saranya Ponvannan, Azhagan Perumal, Thambi Ramaiah and Aupama Kumar.

    Nandita Das needs no introduction at all and she is perfect. Director Seenu Ramasamy has tried to address many issues through this love story. N.R. Raghunathan’s music is good and Balasubramanium’s camera works are brilliant. The beautiful locales of Tuticorin and Thirchendur are a treat for eyes.

    Not the regular run-of-the-mill kind! If you are getting bored of the masala entertainers, this is a fresh whiff of air!

  2. Cinema Lead

    Vishnu has a lot of scope for performance and has done a stunning performance both as the alcoholic and also has the love struck youth who does a U turn for his lady love.

    Sunaina as the young girl, who lives with her aunt in the convent, is convincing. She looks realistic in the deglamourised character. The romantic scenes and the BGM are appealing and the song Para para… is already topping the charts.

    Saranya Ponvannan again proves that she is unbeatable when it comes to character roles. Nandita Das does a good job and the dubbing by Rohini makes her character more endearing. Thambi Ramaiah as Joseph Bharathi is as usual good in his role and his dialogues evoke laughter and thinking at the same time.

    While the dialogue, Saathane, appalapo…, makes for a good laugh, one fails to understand why the director included dialogues like ‘Yaaruda Weapon ode vanthirukkan’ and ‘Mr. Arulappaswamy’, which does not go well with the time frame and setting of the story.

    Balasubramaniem’s camera has presented a visual treat. The BGM also is good. Except for one song the others did not make an impression.

    The movie is engaging for most of the parts and the story unravels in a flash back mode. However, at certain points one gets confused about the time period of the storyline. Director was able to get most of the dialogue delivery, Vishnu’s dialogues appears very sophisticated.

    The film throws light into the predicament of refugees on the shore and also touches up on the caste and religious issues in a subtle way, trying to say that people belonging to different communities/caste/religions are interdependent.

    Overall, the film is a feel-good one, which will leave a lump in your throat looking at the plight of fishermen who venture into sea braving not only the rough conditions but also the bullets from the neighbouring country.

    Verdict : This water bird will hover around for sometime.

  3. Rediff

    Director Seenu Ramasamy and writer Jayamohan (who has also penned the dialogues) shine. The characters describe the sea and their relationship with it with great emotion and depth that comes only with genuine understanding.

    Their lives revolve around the church, and all the characters are deeply religious in their own way, which adds another dimension to the story. The political angle is also touched upon but lightly.

    Secondary characters such as liquor-vendor Mother Ebenezer (Vadivukkarasi) and Joseph Bharathi (Thambi Ramaiah) add some much needed humour and colour to the backdrop.

    National Award winner Saranya Ponvannan performs effortlessly as Arul’s mother. Samuthrakani is a revelation; he is perfectly cast as the boat-builder and acts with the required dignity and grace. Azhagam Perumal impresses as well, as does Anupama Kumar.

    If anything, it’s Vishnu and Sunaina who don’t produce any sparks — they have done exactly as they were told to and nothing more.

    The film is not without flaws. The pace is remarkably slow and the first half meanders at a snail’s pace. Realism gives way to melodrama in places. Several characters are left hanging lose, with no resolution.

    Except for Para Para, N R Raghunandhan’s music does not really linger in one’s memory. The entire romance track on which the whole story is supposed to depend, doesn’t really make an impact.

    Neer Paravai is a beautiful record of the lives of a community, their hopes and dreams, and the harsh reality of their lives. Go and see it.

  4. Top10

    Seenu Ramasamy interweaves the real life incident on a emotional note laced with romance, sentiments and humour in places. Vishnu has reached the next level of his career, he has done a remarkable job, but it’s how he should be choosing his films. He just gets into the skin of Arulappasamy with a ne plus ultra attempt on dialogue deliveries and mannerisms.

    Sunaina excels with her stupendous act. Nice to see her sans makeovers with naturalistic look and dialogues that have humour and emotional touch (Not to miss her saying ‘Go away Satan’)…

    Saranya Ponvannan and ‘Poo’ Ram as Vishnu’s parents are excellent in their performances. The chemistry between Saranya, Ram and Vishnu, their conflicts and affection have been very well pictured.

    Director Samuthirakkani keeps winning the praises of audiences with his role. The dialogues he utters will thunder with applause in all cinema halls. The situation where he slams on media channels about presenting the brutal death of fisherman as TAMIL FISHERMEN HAVE DIED, NOT INDIAN FISHERMAN. If published like this, it would bring the unity of the entire fisherman across the country to fight for justice.

    Black Pandi as Vishnu’s pal is convincing and National award winner Azhagam Perumal takes a cakewalk with his show. Azhagam Perumal as priest, Vadivukarasi as illicit liquor seller and Nanditha Das have done justice to their roles….

    The musical composition by NR Raghunathan is heart-touching, especially the background score that enhances the emotional touch. Cinematographer Balasubramaniam captures the visuals in a spellbinding way. Seenu Ramaswamy and Jayamohan leave us awe-stricken with their dialogues. The scene where Poo Ram says that hiding the dead bodies in the home is the only option or else the police wouldn’t return the bodies and they’ll kill us pitilessly.

    Overall, Neerparavai is an emotional footage of fishermen, whose lives are dwindling with fate. A national recognition isn’t just enough for it deserves the global appreciation.


  5. ragu

    good thought

  6. R. Dhandayudhapani

    Neerparavai is one of the best tamil cinema in terms of both strong story and characters in it. And this movie is sure shot award winner.

    Verdict: Neerparavai is a fisherman’s paradise with sense

  7. Vish

    Iam so glad 2012 is turning out to be the year of the simple films. Neerparavai is an example of how a film should be. Great work by all artists in this picture. A moving portrayal of fisherman communities to trials and tribulations. Also the subtle hint of inaction on government and politician part on death on the high seas. Hats off to the team.
    P.S. I still could not understand how ‘Thupakki’ made all that money being a pure idiotic masala.

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