Neram (2013)
Movie: Neram (U)
Cast: Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Nassar, Thambi Ramiah, John Vijay, Charlie
Director: Alphonse Puthran
Banner: Red Gaint Movies
Producer: Viswanathan
Music: Rajesh Murugesan
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Thriller
Run Time: 110 Mins
Release Date : 17 May 2013

Neram (2013)

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For Tamil film audience, good films very rarely come their way. The month of May has already seen the release of Nalan Kumarasamy’s riotous Soodhu Kavvum; I am guessing our nalla neram has started because we have another film that’s very similar in spirit and almost equally competent in entertaining. Debutante Writer/Director Alphonse Putharen’s Neram is a bracing rollercoaster ride that bleeds with finesse.

Time is the most essential factor, the movie trots along with this theme. Alphonse’s intention is quite evident and he has made a movie with passable plots that gives us the thrills and fun. So you’ve seen racy movies that defy time, make you bite nails with the thought of “whats gonna happen next”. This movie is sure to fall in that category, along with some giggles through the ride. The movie was released a week back in Malayalam and opened to strong positive reviews, and now releases here with some Tamil aroma.

Well-qualified Vetri (Nivin) losses his job as his US based IT Company goes into a financial crunch. From there the trouble begins… To add on, he takes loan from the dubious Vatti Raja (Simha) for his sister’s wedding. And the story takes place on the final deadline given by Vatti Raja. Vetri’s only support is his childhood sweetheart Veni (Nazriya Nazim) and his friend John. To pile up his troubles, his girlfriend Veni runs away from home as her father does not acknowledge their love. Vetri’s problems get wroser when Veni’s father (Thambi Ramaiah) fixes her wedding with a man of his choice. To add fuel to the flare, his sister’s husband demands the pending dowry to start over his new found business. Finally Vetri’s friend arranges money and decides to settle Vatti Raja, but on the way Light House (Ramesh Thilak) steals his money. Now Vetri has three hours to settle Vatti Raja’s amount and fix his life.

All of these need to happen by 5pm in a single day and of course with little time left. If you think that’s the end to all of Vettri’s woes, nah! There are plenty more which keep mounting his head, so will he successfully repay Vattiraja to escape his wrath? What happens to his love? How does he escape the police? Go on save some time and watch the movie.

The story takes place in a single day when everything intervenes as Veni is waiting in a bus stop Vetri gets robbed off the money he was to pay Vatti Raja! The chase begins with a lot of twists and turns. The film works on the presumption that there is a time for everything in life, good or bad to happen.

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  1. India Glitz

    A lot to do and no time at all, Neram passes the litmus test.

    Nivin is pertinent to the character essayed, a lethargic lad in search of something good to happen. Except for the occasional dubbing errors, he is totally cool in his role. The chemistry between Nazriya and Nivin is sweet as nectar, she is such a delight to watch although, post first half her role is shelved a bit. Simhaa who’s recent Soodhu Kavum showed his guiltless side is the exact opposite here, playing a baddie who spares no hair. At times his “pathu pozhachiko” is a winner and sometimes not. All other casts John Vijay, Nassar, Thambi Ramiah deliver what they were intended to.

    In direction, storyline and screenplay, the movie is a steal from many movies and the director himself has admitted by showcasing a disclaimer. There are a lot of slow motions which after a point makes you frown. Even though its length is astonishingly small, post second half it drags with some unwanted elements trying to stretch it further.

    Overall a movie that doesn’t make you doze and smiles guaranteed now and then. Kudos to the director for scaling a simple story in a humorous way and the distributors Red Giants are simply scaling new territories with great belief on rookie directors. Udhayanidhi Stalin has always welcomed innovation with open hands and heads up for his belief in a fresh team.

  2. Sify

    Neram is genuinely a good attempt

    It is the crackling star cast that makes the film engaging. Nassar as Dhandapani is a scream. Thambi Ramaiah as heroine’s father and his phone conversation with John Vijay as Sub inspector Katta is hilarious. The two new comedians who was seen in Soodhu Kavvum, Simhaa and Ramesh are going to go places.

    The music and background score of Rajesh Murugesan is peppy and the Pista track in the end credits has been used well. Anand Chandran’s camera with sepia look is apt for the theme of the film, about good times and bad times. On the downside at times the tempo slackens and obviously the climax is contrived to get that happy ending feel.

    But at the end of the day Neram is genuinely a good attempt to make something unusual by a group of youngsters, which has to be encouraged.

  3. 7/10

    Neram is not the regular run-of-the-mill masala kind! It is interesting, it is different.

    Though the plot of the film is old and clinched, director Alphonse gives it a new treatment. Here the hero thinks of innovative ways to solve his problems, he even gives a shot at snatching chains. The film’s narrative go back and forth, which makes it interesting. Alphonse Putharen’s screenplay is tight and racy.

    Nivin enacts his role so effortlessly whim Nazriya Nazim looks stunning on screen. Thambi Ramaiah as Saravannar is hilarious and though Nazar appears only for the last 15 minutes, he steals the show. Soodhu Kavvum actors Simhaa and Ramesh Tilak have done their role with perfection. Music by Rajesh Murugesan is good while Anand C. Chandran’s cameraworks are sleekly and brilliant.

  4. Behindwoods

    Stylized treatment, slow narration but an interesting product which sparkles in bits and pieces

    Alphonse has mildly touched upon ‘Chaos theory’ in the opening frames. That apart, Neram appears to be a short film that is stretched to a length of a feature film with quite a few slow-mo shots in the scheme of things.

    Simha, seen in Soodhu Kavvum does the role of a loan shark Vatti Raja and appears totally different and aggressive. For R J Ramesh, his role as ‘Lighthouse’ is a cameo but is pivotal in its own way. Thambi Ramiah and Nasser come in, the film takes on an engaging form.

    Rajesh Murugesan’s tracks don’t impede the flow of the film including the Pista track. It is interesting to note that Beethoven’s famous Für Elise is used at different speeds as BGM in scenes involving the chase of Lighthouse and gang which was aptly labeled as Thiruttu Isai! Anand Chandran’s camera was evident with intentional shakes creating a suspense feel and a well handled color tone warrants mention.

    With a premise that has the potency to engross the audience completely, Neram sparkles in bits and pieces. Intentions may be honest but execution could have been done with more finesse.

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