O Kadhal Kanmani / OK Kanmani (2015)
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Movie: O Kadhal Kanmani (CBFC U/A)
Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menon, Prakash Raj, Leela Samson
Direction: Mani Ratnam
Producer: Mani Ratnam
Banner: Madras Talkies
Music: AR Rahman
Genre: Drama, Romance
Run Time: 139 Mins
Release Date:

O Kadhal Kanmani / OK Kanmani (2015)

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‘Ok Kanmani’ aka ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’ a romantic drama starring Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon, Music by A.R.Rahman, Lyrics by Vairamuthu and Cinematography by P.C.Sreeram reunites the super hit team of ‘Alaipayuthey’ after fifteen years. This movie is a bilingual made in both Tamil and Malayalam, and dubbed in Telugu as ‘OK Bangaram’.


the movie starts with Adhi(Dulquer) getting of the train in Mumbai and meets Thara (Nithya) in the junction. Adhi goes on to stay in Ganapathy’s (Prakash Raj) house who is a colleague of his brother. Bhavani (Leela) is Ganapathy’s wife who is an Alzheimer patient.

Adhi then gets busy with his job and takes up a project to develop an Indianized video game. His ambition is to become a millionaire. Thara is an architect who is career oriented and has plans to go to Paris. One thing that they have in common is they don’t want to get married ever. They meet again unexpectedly and become friends instantly. This friendship soon becomes love and they decide to move on to live together until Adhi goes to US and Thara goes to Paris.

They convince Ganapathy and live with him and his wife as paying guest but things take a turn when their families get to know about their live in relationship. When at one point, the families decide to get them married, do they still hold on to their views against marriage or not is the rest of the plot.

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  1. 7/10

    A celebration of love – Beautiful and sensitive tale of love filled with fun that warms your heart

    The film explores a wide range of emotions, but doesn’t get too melodramatic.

    Both Prakash Raj as a sensitive and caring husband and Leela Samson as an Alzheimer’s patient, are brilliant.

    Mani Ratnam has roped in most of his old associates for the film.

    Noted cinematographer P C Sreeram, who last worked with him 15 years ago in Alaipayuthey, makes a spectacular comeback.

    His camera skilfully captures the essence of Mumbai, the exuberance and pain of the characters, and the wonderful play of light and colours in every frame.

    A R Rahman has outdone himself once again. Both the background music and the songs are exhilarating and perfectly in sync with the narrative.

    The simple dialogues that are the director’s trademark, the unique narrative style, realistic characters, and excellent performances coupled with great music and stunning visuals make Mani Ratnam’s O Kadhal Kanmani a must-watch.

  2. Indiaglitz

    Fresh like a cup of coffee, Pops out like a fresh popcorn

    The film’s major strength is the down to earth simplistic dialogues, that moves the story along swiftly. The film is absolute democracy, yes for the youth, to the youth, by the youth, and we may not be wrong in calling Maniratnam, AR Rahman, PC Sriram and Vairamuthu youth, for it seems that the veterans have just kicked off their sandals and sported sneakers.

    OKK too gives a lot of importance to art work and it is just spot on with crafty curtains, chic costumes and speckle free wood work.

    Rahman’s presence is felt throughout the movie and his music lures the audience into the story making one forget the fact that it’s a staged composition and the BGM just kicks in silently yet creating the perfect ambience for the situation.

    The trains, the old couple in love, the buses and the songs all remind one of Maniratnam’s previous movies. Paranthu Sellava song looks misplaced and causes a minor glitch to the screenplay. The sort of confusion when Adhi goes missing is uncalled for, or rather never explained convincingly.

  3. Behindwoods

    Something special for all young people, and in style !

    The effect that the elder couple has on the younger duo is showcased with astute subtlety that only a maker like Ratnam is capable of.

    Dulquer Salmaan is nice breezy addition to the list of actors in Tamil, Nithya Menon is 2015’s answer to Mouna Raagam Revathi. Prakash Raj brings on the finer nuances of his character with a lot of dignity and understatedness. Leela Samson, dancer and former director of Kalakshetra is in a different creative medium now and has quite a substantial role to play with, which she delivers well.

    Dialogues score major brownie points are sure to be a hit with the youth. Ratnam seems to know the exact feel of the younger populace. Makes one wonder about the age of the director! Humor glides through the film effortlessly albeit without a full-fledged comedian’s assistance. Ratnam’s characteristic tropes, rain and train, are there in OKK too and they sure energize the narrative.

    Brindha shines in ‘Parandhu Sella Vaa’ song, while the art director, Sharmishta Roy, is very consistent in portraying Mumbai through out. Sreekar Prasad challenges all current generation editors if they can be as contemporary as him in the cuts, PC Sreeram challenges all young cinematographers if they can be as imaginatively fresh as him in the colors and frames, Mani Ratnam challenges all new age directors out there if they can be as romantic as him, and A.R.Rahman, forget it, is there anything else left for him to challenge? The great technical team of Mani was sure about making a mainstream movie, but with what elegance did they make it ?!

  4. Galatta

    Love in its true shade! A movie that should be watched with family and discussed too.

    Ok Kanmani is a stylish movie that reflects today’s youngsters mindset, the confusions they face, the stress they undergo to choose between love and career. A beautiful picturization of love would be like this. Love cannot be classified as yesterday’s love, today’s love or tomorrow’s love. There is no age for love so it cannot be old age or new age love. It is as it is – then and now. This essence is accurately captured in Ok Kanmani.

    Dulquer and Nithya have a promising career ahead and Prakash Raj scores silently as always. Leela Samson has an important role in the movie and has carried off the character with ease. A special mention to the art department and Costume Designer Eka Lakhani. Ok Kanmani is an experiment of the cultural shock as said by the team earlier. A movie that should be watched with family and discussed too.

  5. Sify

    Bursting with the kind of lovely little moments that’ll bring a smile on your face. Go for it!

    Dulquer is good looking and if that’s not a bonus, his screen presence and natural performance and above all his likable face lifts the film. Uninhibited and spontaneous, Nitya Menen is the soul of this picture, its biggest strength, as she brings alive her character with not just those expressive eyes and infectious simile, but with the kind of candor that actors seldom invest in their work. Prakash Raj puts in all his experience as the old caring husband while Leela Samson attracts us with her innocent yet charming act. Ramya S and Buddy Prabhu as the hero’s friends has small but significant roles.

    The premise is simple and to Mani Ratnam’s credit, he keeps the story focused and spares us of subplots. Technically OK Kanmani is superior as both AR Rahman and PC Sreeram have given their career best work for Mani Ratnam as the master craftsman himself is in tremendous form. Compared to the mediocre cinema we have been subjected to lately, O Kadhal Kanmani is definitely above a notch.

  6. Mani Ratnam is back in form

    In a way, the film explores, in a light hearted way, what modern India thinks about the all-compromising life-event called marriage. By placing two love stories in context, the film explores what is worth keeping from the past and what is not.

    The funny moments in the film arrive when the narrative turns satirical: where conservative values are seen through the modern progressive lens, redrawing terms of engagement.

    The theme of ‘new’ ideas transforming the old (and vice versa) runs through the film. The narrative seems to suggest that the problem does not lie, in fact it never has, with the institution of marriage but with its terms: it is acceptable as long as it is not about making many compromises on all sides but about ensuring personal freedom and preserving ambitions.

    It is one of those films in which everything seems to have come together: music, acting, editing and the cinematography.

    The biggest take away from the film is that Mani Ratnam, a filmmaker who was compared to an ageing boxer, has regained his sting. That’s good news.

  7. A lightweight but enjoyable romance. The cuteness, the zingers, the youngness — it’s all back.

    OKK is an unapologetically upper-class movie. We don’t want all films to be like this one. But given the mortal fear our directors have of openly courting this upper-class audience, it’s nice to have one of these films, once in a while.

    There’s no melodrama. Each of hurdles could have led to a screeching-violins high point — but, things are kept super-classy. Even the comic relief is classy. One thing this film cannot be faulted for is the quality of its performances. But of course, this film is made for a much younger audience and at least in the theatre I saw it, they weren’t complaining. One reason is surely that the romantic scenes are so delightful.

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