Paagan (2012)
Cast: Srikanth, Janani Iyer, Kovai Sarala
Music: James Vasanthan
Direction: Mohammed Aslam
Banner: V P Productions
Producer: Vishwas U Lad, V Purushotham
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release Date: 07 Sep 2012

Paagan (2012)

Good: Soori and ‘Black’ Pandi’s comedy. And the love techniques.
Bad: Cycle, music, both songs as well as background score, lengthy film and confusing script.
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Paagan movie is tamil movie is directed by Aslam.Srikanth plays alead a male role for the movie and female lead role of Janani Iyer (Avan Ivan fame Actress).Kovai Sarala, Soori, Pandi are the cast of the movie.James vasanthan is music director of the movie.

Srikanth after his supporting role in Nanban, returns as solo hero in Paagan directed by Aslam, who is from Ameer’s school of film making.

Paagan has nothing to do with elephant mahout but the director views the term as a rider who could ride anything and in Paagan it happens to be a bicycle. Aslam’s debut film talks about the relationship of a young man with his cycle and the significant role the two-wheeler plays in his life.

Srikanth as the protagonist wants to make it big in life and is always flanked by his buddies Suri and Pandi who help him in this financial pursuit.

We have seen the story of a movie narrated by the hero or heroine, a character in the story, or some person or the other, but interestingly, Paagan starts with a cycle narrating the story! A cycle shares with us the story of its owner (Paagan – mahout)! The owner of the cycle is Srikanth (Subramani), who is literally in love with his cycle! The cycle has been with Subramani since his birth, and has witnessed almost all the most important events in his life! Subramani and his 2 closest friends, Makali (Black Pandi) and Velliyangiri (Soori), are on the lookout for making it big in life, without much luck! All their get-rich schemes get foiled one way or the other, and that is when ubramani decides to woo a rich man’s daughter, and settle down well! He woos Mahalakshmi (Janani Iyer), purely for the sake of settling down into a wealthy lifestyle, but when she decides to throw away everything in her life for his sake, and comes to live with him, he is devastated! He leaves her to weep, in a temple, and escapes! When Subramani comes to know of the deep love Mahalakshmi has for him, he realizes his folly, and tries to correct his wrongs. How can he convince Mahalakshmi that he truly loves her, this time, and has turned over a new leaf? Or does he? What all does he undergo, to grow rich, in the right way? Watch the movie to know all this!

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  1. Rediff

    Shrikkanth looks trim and fresh, but hams his way through quite a few scenes. Janani Iyer plays the part of the pretty girl, and fits the bill. But its Soori and Pandi, along with Kovai Sarala, who walk away with the honours with their witty one-liners and natural performance.

    James Vasanthan’s music may be melodious but it doesn’t fit in with the film.

    J Laxman’s cinematography is neat as is Kevin’s editing.

    Aslam’s dialogues, the village milieu and the feel-good mood make for good viewing. But there are moments when the screenplay turns choppy, and you’re not quite sure where everything is going.

    The second half seem like it is building up to something exciting, but things fall rather flat.

    Paagan is a feel-good film

  2. Galatta

    Srikanth looks super-smart, and younger than ever before! He has played his part perfectly, and shows that he means business, in his second coming! Kudos to Janani Iyer, who has given a wonderful performance! She is apt for her role! However, Soori and Pandi are the real stars of the show! They are just way too funny! Soori has shown that he can carry off even emotional scenes with ease! Kovai Sarala, has breezed through her role, and is a major plus to the movie!

    Director Aslam does not give us any hint that this is his first movie! Though the screenplay leaves the viewers a little baffled at times, overall, the dialogues and the story are good enough to make us not notice any minor flaws that may exist! The dialogues are witty, and at times makes us wonder if they have been written by Crazy Mohan! James Vasanthan’s music is lively! J Laxman has handled the camera wonderfully, and the visuals in the songs are very pleasing! Kevin’s editing is crisp!

    Paagan is a comedy riot, and Srikanth, director Aslam and Vendhar Movies, have a winner on their hands! A must watch!

  3. S Viswanath

    At the nub of Paagan is a cycle, literally film’s hero, which narrates the tale of its owner Subramani besotted with his machine and which become’s the co-conspirator in several of its owner’s tryst with rich quick trips he indulges in with his pals-in-crime Velliyangiri and Makali.

    The trio’s slew of hare-brained ideas to rip off gullibles with their trademark tricks turns into ticklish time.

    Their final coup de grace being Subramani romancing local bigwig’s lass Mahalakshmi to lay their hands on riches. How things turn topsy-turvy before tumbling towards final denouement forms the rest.

    The film’s rustic milieu and Aslam’s dialogues pep up the proceedings. While Srikanth hams his part and mis-cast, Janani is just pretty babe. Kovai Sarala is as loud as she can be.

    Soori and Pandi provide the stable comic vaudeville. Though the film builds up to breezy expectations, it however, peters into tame and trite finish. Still it’s fun for regulars at theatres.

    It’s a laugh riot with Paagan where comedy is the king and its proceedings hilarious. Of course, the film has its dull and dry moments. However, the overall feel of rib-tickling, scores over giving audiences mirthful moments at the movie.

  4. Behindwoods

    The biggest drawback of Paagan is its mis-casting of the protagonist as Srikanth’s urban and debonair looks stand out in his characterization of the rural Subramani, a school drop-out. This works against the film big time. Nevertheless, Srikanth is sincere in his performance, giving his best to the story. But sadly his dialogue delivery also cries of urban diction.

    Janani Iyer looks better in Paagan and gets to wear designer clothes and gallivants in coiffured hairstyles. The plus is that it is good to hear her speak her lines which give a nice tone to her character.

    Pandy and Soori have been designated to make the audience laugh but most of their humor fall flat and sound very archaic. Of course there are some occasional chuckle-worthy moments like the climax one and the scene where Srikanth tires Pandy and Soori reading out lines from Janani’s diary.

    Kovai Sarala is as usual her loud self and A Venkatesh’s appearance is like a cameo.

    Pace is a casualty in Paagan and the film moves on a very slow path. When many film makers are experimenting with form and content, Aslam appears to have been caught in a time warp with his cycle bomb. The voice of the cycle also sounds quite out of times.

    On the technical front, cinematography by Lakshman is functional and the music of James Vasanthan is melodious and is light on the ears.

    To sum it all, Paagan does not have much going in its favor and turns out a bland fare.

    Verdict: A bland fare

  5. Top10

    Srikanth’s bicycle seems to be the hero in this film. He sings and fights with his cycle. There is a scene wherein his cycle clashes with the heroine’s cycle and romance erupts between the cycles! His cycle also punctures itself to save the owner from near possible death! He also travels between Pollachi and Thiruppur, almost 61 kms, in this cycle. Despite all this, the cycle remains new right from the beginning till the end.

    What is the connection between this story and cycle? One wonders if the director has forcibly included the cycle in the script because no one else has done so in the history of Indian cinema!

    Aslam seems to be confused right from the start. He is perhaps not sure if he wanted to make it as a love story, a comedy film or a film with the cycle as the central subject.

    Soori and Pandi are welcome relief as they make us laugh with their antics. Apart from this, the scene where Srikanth attempts suicide to get Janani’s attention is laughable.

    The director has used the age-old formula in Tamil cinema by including four comedy scenes, three romantic scenes, and two or three chasing scenes with the cycle. Other than this there is nothing new.

    In total: If you are not worried about the story and logic but interested in the comedy (though we might have seen such comedy tracks a number of times before), then go for it!

  6. Dishyum

    Srikanth plays his role quiet neatly. The director could have concentrated more on his costume it doesnt really look like he is from a lower income group.

    Janin Iyer has pretty decent role which she has potrayed Quiet well.

    Parota suri and black pandi with there comic act bring the house down.

    Mainly the dialouges are good. Music by james vasanthan is above average. The D.O.P EDITING IS OK

    On the whole, Paagan is a simple light hearted. Vendhar Movies, have a winner on their hands! It will do a decent business in BC Centers. To A class audience plz go with an open mind. Do not look for logics.

  7. The Hindu

    Subramani (Srikanth) is not your usual hero material. Awastrel, trickster and a loser in all his business ventures, he is constantly on the look-out for an easy way to become rich — no values, no qualms, all he wants is big money. Looking younger and sporting a fit-as-a-fiddle look ever since Nanban, the actor has dared to break away from clichés, dons a role you wouldn’t expect to see him in, and delivers.

    After long gap , Janani returns as a solo heroine. Eyes are her asset and she puts them to optimum use. Her role is nothing new, yet it’s refreshing. Sadly, the costume department has let her down. The colours of her attire, particularly in the song sequences, and the co-ordinates, are so garish that they hurt the eye.

    George, a spontaneous actor, who deserves more recognition. He plays Srikanth’s father in Paagan. And with Kovai Sarala as his wife the melee is enjoyable. Sarala’s over-play is her trademark and when the audience enjoys it, why not, she serves it in plenty.

    The melodious ‘Ippadi Oru,’ a James Vasanthan composition, will ring in your ears for long.

    The moments leading to the climax that involves planting of a bomb under the seat of a bicycle, the chase and the ‘boom’ that follows, don’t quite fit in with the rest of the plot.

    A neat film all the way, Paagan is engaging. Thinking differently seems the norm with our young crop of directors. May the tribe increase!

    Paagan: Bonding with a bicycle

  8. Sunder

    The movie never got me impressed from the get go , there was absolutely no chemistry among anyone. The comedy duo(soori and pandi) did a decent job and kovai sarla stood out among all the performances. The heroine of the movie seriously needs acting lessons as the expression coming out of her never made me belive that she was in love with this guy from childhood.The scenes lacked depth and screenplay was absolute shitwork. You may laugh probably three times during the whole movie but that in no way classifies this as an all out comedy movie as it has been hyped. Very mediocre movie from all aspects i would give only one star in my books , that too only for beautiful location that was shooted on.

    “Cycles auto-biography which completely sucked all the way”

  9. manikandan

    very good movie family movie no sexy no voilence np blood its smothly lovely comedy but good

  10. roshini

    oru bicycle ku ivalau build up aah ? naan ee ku paaka parava illa

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