Raja Rani (2013)
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Movie: Raja Rani (U/A)
Cast: Sathiyaraj, Aarya, Nayanthara, Jai, Nazriya Nazim, Santhanam
Direction: Atlee Kumar
Producer: AR Murugadoss, S Shanmugam
Banner: AR Murugadoss Productions, Fox Star Studios
Music: G.V.Prakash
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 165 Mins
Release Date : 27 Sep 2013

Raja Rani (2013)

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All the hype and hoopla surrounding the movie has been put to litmus test on September 27th, as after tremendous marketing and lateral teaser trailers, the film directed by promising talent young debutant Atlee Kumar, who had previously worked with Shankar during the making of Enthiran, hits the screens today. With a whale of cast, young and energetic “Arya, Nayan, Jai and Nazriya” the movie also has the fun loving GV Prakash crooning the music. Raja Rani reiterates that ‘there is love after love failure’ and importantly ‘there is life after love failure’.

In every household there is a king and a queen. How that royal couple rule together and independently is up to the choices they make. The happiness and equilibrium of the family depends on the compromises they are ready to make. This is the story of director Atlee’s Raja Rani.

The story of Raja Rani revolves around John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanthara), who learn to live and love each other, after being forced to get married. Both have previously loved and lost and agree to get married only to keep their respective parents happy. While Regina’s true love was the innocent Surya (Jai), John is still in the sweet memories of Keerthana (Nazriya).

Preferring to hold on to their past life, both are often rude and hurtful to the other in an attempt to push them away. Regina tries to get herself transferred and wants to get out of the country, while John drinks himself senseless every night with his buddy Sarathy (Santhanam).

As the story progresses, John and Regina learn about each other’s past love life and since both understand the pain and heartbreak of losing someone, they start to sympathize with the other.

But can they ever fall in love again? What destiny has in stores for John and Regina; how they rediscover their love forms the rest of the story.

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  1. Rediff

    Raja Rani is a simple, refreshing tale about life, when we lose someone we love

    Director Atlee has addressed this very contemporary issue in a very simple and refreshing manner without any undue fuss or theatrics. Jai’s meek and timid character in the film effectively complements Nayanthara’s bold and daring one. Similarly, the fun and bubbly Nazriya and Arya too, make a terrific combination.

    Nayanthara looks gorgeous and has given a great performance. Arya and Santhanam are entertaining.

    The seasoned Sathyraj, who has been seen in a number of films recently, has yet again given an impressive performance.

    Music by G V Prakash in Raja Rani is lively and cheerful. The film feels a little long and an edited version of the story would have been much more enjoyable.

    Debutant director Atlee’s Raja Rani is a simple refreshing tale about how to cope with life, when we lose someone we love. The film has a lot going for it and definitely succeeds in entertaining the audience.

  2. Sify

    Above Average

    Debutant director Atlee`s highly hyped Raja Rani starts off promisingly and keeps us engaged in the first half. But post-interval it loses steam, with a predictable long drawn out climax that goes on and on for 35 minutes.

    The trouble with the film is the weak story which can be told in one-line but runs for nearly three hours. On the downside, the emotions too are contrived and there are no smart dialogues.

    How many films have we seen the hero or heroine cancelling her trip at the airport, railway station or bus stop? Going back to the oldest trick in the book, Atlee selects a long drawn out climax at the new Chennai airport, for that mushy happy ending. The film has some similarity with Kannada flick Milana and there are traces of Mani Ratnam classic Mouna Ragam.

    Raja Rani has it all good looking stars, big budget, rich look, peppy music, technically glitzy and popular comedian and his bar dance. In short all the trappings of a commercial potboiler but lacks a solid script.

    On the whole, Raja Rani is a film with many merits, but alas it fails to hold it all together. Two hours and forty five minutes have never felt longer.

  3. Behindwoods

    With the cast and crew capably delivering the goods, Raja Rani spells classy romance.

    Arya exhibits maturity in emotional scenes, shares great chemistry with both the lead ladies and breezes through the role. Jai is a great comedic element in the first half with his constant weeping and self-pitying antics.

    The much loved number ‘Angnyaade’ is sadly nowhere to be seen or heard in the movie. George C Williams is another talent to watch out for. The way his lens captures sunlight adding class and finesse to the frames is unique. G.V.Prakash is the bloodline of Raja Rani breathing life into Atlee’s script. The movie’s running time is 2 hours 45 minutes and there are moments in the second half leading to the finale which sag. The end product could have been much tauter.

    To sum up, though the second half of Raja Rani moves along predictable lines, it’s still a promising debut by Atlee.

    Atlee has ably handled a pure romantic film with so many seasoned actors on board and joins the list of promising directors to have made their debut this year.

  4. India Glitz

    “There is a love after a love failure”, that’s about it, clean and charming.

    One look at the movie and there might be suspicions of Atlee as a debutant, he gives away a clean family entertainer with no hoopla’s.

    There might be some argument about the way Jai’s story and even the climax is handled, but in the end as you walk out of the theatres “The feel good” factor comes to the rescue.

    There are two other major contributing factors, George’s enchanting cinematography giving a bouncing color to the film, and flows with freshness.

    And the other is GV’s music, if the songs are chartbusters, then the BGM is another success story. They flow well with the scenes right from the start to the end, way to go team

    Ergo, a clean and happy go movie to relish with your family!

  5. jaylani

    Such a nice movie. Performance of Nayanthara, Jai, Nazriya and Arya was fantastic. Repeatedly we can watch this movie. Background music is very nice. But one sons is missing on this film.

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