Sathuranga Vettai (2014)
Movie: Sathuranga Vettai (U)
Cast: Natarajan Subramaniam, Ishara Nair, Ponvannan, Ilavarasu
Direction: H Vinoth
Producer: Manobala, Sanjay Rawal
Banner: Manobala's Picture House, SR Cinema
Music: Sean Roldan
Genre: Satire, Thriller
Run Time: 150 Mins
Release Date:

Sathuranga Vettai (2014)

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Sathuranga Vettai is the first film from director-producer-comedian Manobala’s own production house. The film is directed by debutant H. Vinoth starring Natarajan Subramaniam, Ishara Nair.

You will go on a time travel to witness all the different types of scandals and scams/fraudulent activities in daily news-papers. The movie takes no time to set in, the credit rolls with a simple message stating; inspired from real events.


The protagonist in the film, Gandhi Babu (Natraj) is a skilled conman. He dreams up ingenious scams and executes them perfectly. He sells ignorant people ordinary snakes claiming that they are exotic and will fetch crores in the international market.

He promotes a non-existent ‘multi-level marketing’ company with its controversial chain referral schemes promising a BMW car within the year. And the climax has him pulling off ‘the rice pulling scam’, one of the most high profile scams of recent times.

About 40 minutes into the film Gandhi Babu is arrested and multiple cases filed against him. But the money he has scammed over the years comes to his rescue and he is released. He is not in the least remorseful and continues to manipulate everyone. He believes that if a person is foolish or greedy enough to be duped, then the person is to be blamed. He argues that every election voters are conned by the candidates who promise them the moon, but never come through.

Banu (Ishara Nair) is from a poor family. She comes to work for him and falls for his charms. Despite having a soft corner for her, money is Gandhi Babu’s first priority and he abandons her. Gandhi Babu has a tragic past, his family is taken for a ride and he is left with no money to even cremate his mother. After that sad incident, Babu decides that “Money is Ultimate” in life, and is least bothered about how he gets it.

With a huge network of accomplices, Babu goes from town to town, making up one scam after the other. He gets nabbed by the Police, but despite thorough and hard investigation he does not reveal where he has stashed his money.

Finally, after a lot of bribing, Babu is out of jail. The moment he steps out of the court, he is kidnapped by a gang hired by one of the people Babu cheated in the past. With his life at stake, Babu asks his accomplices to collect all the money he has cheated till date and bring it as his ransom. However, his accomplices take off with all the money, leaving his life at the mercy of ruthless gangsters. What happens next, forms the rest of Sathuranka Vettai.

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  1. Behindwoods

    A neat compilation of real life incidents, treated in a considerably engaging manner

    Vinoth’s dexterity in coming up with intelligent moves for every con sequence deserves a huge round of applause.

    Natty has done an efficient job in holding the movie together with his neat and timely dialogue delivery. Amusingly Gandhi Babu is not someone who whacks people mercilessly, throwing them away single handedly. The character does not fight back even after being beaten up multiple times. A lot of people can relate to the story as it covers a lot of things that they would have probably fallen prey for. Special mention for the ‘Rice Pulling’ episode of the movie, for its writing.

    There is an interesting element in the film that is named “Ilayathalapathy Vijay” and a few events that occur after the naming ceremony are both hysterical and thought provoking.

    One might get the feeling that the movie could have been trimmed a little more. Melodrama in the film could also have been controlled to make it a better arrangement altogether. Though the screenplay is pretty taut, the magic of a thiller seems to be missing.

    Sathuranga Vettai has many nice chapters which could have been a little more sleeker affair

  2. Rediff

    Sathuranga Vettai is a relevant, thought-provoking film

    Watching these absolutely bizarre scams on screen, you have a good laugh, conveniently forgetting that such instances are an everyday occurrence in our country. Natraj is totally convincing as a clever swindler. He is equally comfortable in suits and the traditional dhoti and lungi, fooling everyone from naïve villagers to the well educated.

    He has the gift of the gab that is strengthened by Vinoth’s well written, thought-provoking dialogues. Cinematography by K G Venkatesh and Sean Roldan’s background score add to the drama.

    Director Vinoth’s Sathuranga Vettai is a relevant and intellectually stimulating film. Watch it to learn how our vulnerability is easily exploited by clever con artists preying on our desires.

  3. Indiaglitz

    An original attempt which stands tall with an unthinkable screenplay and fantastic dialogues.

    The first half sparks like a gun loaded with premium bullets all over. The second half takes its time to regain the momentum but that is okay, considering the narration never makes you to take different positions in your seat. The dialogues are razor sharp and often make heavy dents at popular theories just like that by comparing to them to the current scenarios.

    The events unfold like a novel which lets you to predict the climax but surprise you in the last sentence by serving a poignant twist. The movie definitely holds its share of cliches and questionable events, they all take a back seat, at least, till the time you’re at the hall.

    The writing shows how the entire society is craving for money and what kind of justifications it can give to achieve the ‘Paper Weapon’. The amount of detailing has gone in to capture, MLM, Gold Quest, and Iridium which pulls rice are served so delightfully. Watch out for the character that speaks in pure Tamil and performs assaults in a brand new manner.

    Venkatesh captures the rural tone and puts perfect lighting for indoor sequences. Overall, the movie travels like an express train which stops at unexpected signals.

  4. Galatta

    Sathuranga Vettai – a game for the mind, is a must watch! Don’t miss it!

    Director H. Vinoth, though he is labelled a debutant, has surely not given a movie like a debutant would. The meticulous work on details and the casting are excellent. What stands out above all else are the dialogues. The racing screenplay and the enticing dialogues keep the viewers glued to their seats. Sean Roldan’s music is only getting better and better with time.

    Natty Kumar is excellent, as the bold con man. Ishara has done a very good job, and is a face to watch out for, in the future. Valavan, as the menacing baddie, is top class and Ramachandran has played excellently. Veterans Ilavarasu and Ponvannan have done their roles very well.

  5. Sify

    Sathuranga Vettai is superior quality cinema perfect for a night out at the movies.

    The film has nice message that money alone cannot bring happiness and security. The film has sourced real life get rich quick schemes, widely reported in local media like Emu chicken con, Multi level Marketing (MLM) companies scam, temple heists etc. Vinoth’s brilliant script and narration makes the film connect with the audiences.

    The film is chic with top class camera work by debutant Venkatesh. His camera angles tell the story and the top angle shot in the end is fantastic. Raja Sethupathy’s editing makes the film tick, but could have made it shorter. Music of Sean Rolden is in sync with the mood of the film and his BGM heightens the tension in the narrative.

    H Vinoth is definitely one of the great new finds of Tamil cinema and scores for his near perfect script, narration and packaging. Producer Manobala and Thirrupathy Brothers can be proud of Sathuranga Vettai.

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