Soodhu Kavvum (2013)
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Movie: Soodhu Kavvum (U/A)
Cast: Vijay Sethupati, Sanchitha Shetty, Radha Ravi
Director: Nalan Kumarasamy
Producer: C.V. Kumar / Thirukumaran Entertainments
Music: Santosh Narayanan
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Run Time: 125 Mins
Release Date : 1 May 2013

Soodhu Kavvum (2013)

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Vijay Sethupathi is the blue-eyed boy of Tamil cinema. Known for doing movies that have an engrossing storylie, he has proved in the past that he is a director’s artiste doing films with a substance. After a hit in Naduvula Konjam Pakkathai Kanom and Pizza, he gathers guts to do a peculiar role of a 40-year old man in Soodhu Kavvum, that is racy and a rivetting thriller.

Directed by Nalaya Iyakunar fame Nalan Kumarasamy, the movie produced by C V Kumar, it is more a theilling journey with twist and turns. More in the shades of Mankatha, it brings audience to their seat edge. Radharavi, Simha and M S Baskar chip with their part in this film that is mostly a run behind a treasure. Nalan has managed to come up with a strong storyline and executes it well.

With nice comical oneliners and peppy numbers, the movie does proceed on a fast clip.

The entire plot revolves around four wastrels, Das (Vijay Sethupati) and his three friends Sekhar (Ramesh), Pagalvan (Simhaa) and Kesavan (Ashok Selvan) who earn a livelihood by pulling off kidnapping for small ransom until one day a big offer comes knocking on their doors. They are required to kidnap a local minister’s (CJ Bhaskaran) son Prakasham. What was supposed to be an easy task turns awry when unexpected actions change the course of the plan. After kidnapping Arumai Prakasham they will face many problems in the form of terrific police. Handling and overcoming all the hurdles in this expedition form the core part of the movie. This forms the rest of the story and eventually the climax.

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  1. Ambili S (Galatta)

    Soodhu Kavvum is a perfect joy ride for this weekend… Go for it!

    Nalan Kumarasamy seems to be a man of perfection, his interesting screenplay (which is actually a complicated one) has no flaws at all. The story is a simple one, but the fresh and different treatment made all the difference. Three cheers for the director, and welcome to Kollywood.

    Vijay Sethupathi, Ramesh Tilak (his gun scene with inspector Brahma is a must watch), Simhaa and Ashok Selvan have done their role brilliant. Sanchita Shetty is just a glamour factor! Billa fame Yogjapi is amazing as the psycho inspector, Bhaskaran and Radha Ravi are perfect as politicians. The rest of the star cast has done their role perfectly.

    Music by Santosh Narayanan fits the bill perfectly with the song ‘Kassu Pannam’ being the main highlight. One good thing about the film is there are no unwanted songs inclusions. Songs coming as speed breakers for a film’s pace has become a bane now-a-days in Tamil cinema.

    Dinesh Krishnan’s camera works and Leo John Paul’s editing definitely need a special mention. On the flip side the scenes involving Sanchita Shetty could have explained better as there is a small confusion in the screenplay there.

    A big applause to Thirukumar Entertainments and Studio Green for encouraging new talents. Guilt leads to disaster that seems to be the main theme of Soodhu Kavvum… This flick is an excellent team effort.

  2. Behindwoods

    Different attempt by a young team!

    The film introduces us to several quirky characters and ambitious sketches, all delivered with a light heartedness. The director is rather successful in making the audience root for the anti-hero group and their reckless ways but the viewing is lacking of a certain stranglehold because of many long drawn-out scenes and the leisure manner in which the story unfolds to an end.

  3. sam

    gud one.well done team….


    Very interesting and entertaining movie. Must watch

  5. sivasona

    very good team, Vijay Sethupathi chooses best script for every film

  6. Pradeep

    Nice Entertaining Movie…

  7. RAMYA


  8. Bala

    Movie was full of fun, Really enjoyed the movie it was awesome
    Perfect Entertainer & Vijay Sethupathi Keep Going on, u r really rocking in that aged get up with beard, Ramesh Tilak really superb & all the actors have done their job perfectly.

  9. Ranganathan

    Excellent movie … A must watch movie .. Don’t miss it

  10. Sasi

    I like very much

  11. Sasi

    I like very much

  12. guru

    Very nice movie. Must watch it Frnds.

  13. thariqashiq

    nice ok

  14. Vignesh

    A very good film in a genre that was not tried before in tamil cinema. This seems to be a golden era for tamil films in terms of new type of films being tried out, rather than the Hero loves Heroine stories. Good job, Nalan and Team; My hearty congrats.

  15. Vignesh

    forgot to add rating.

  16. yams

    realyy awesome movie.. roll on the flour..:)

  17. Bobcrp


  18. only truth

    waste movie that gives very bad spoils youth and children.These kind of movies should not be encouraged.It is good entertainer but surely the honest officers and politicians will be affected due to these kind of movies.stop encouraging these kind of movies that tells”We should be criminals to live happily”

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