Thalaimuraigal (2013)
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Movie: Thalaimuraigal (U)
Cast: Sashi Kumar, Vinodhini, Ramya Shankar, Balu Mahendra, Master Karthik
Direction: Balu Mahendra
Producer: M Sashi Kumar
Banner: Company Production
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 105 Mins
Release Date: 20 Dec 2013

Thalaimuraigal (2013)

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Veteran director Balu Mahendra’s Thalaimuraigal starring S Sashikumar, Master Karthik, Ramya Shankar, Vinodhini and Aryan in the pivotal characters was released today. The surprise however is that Balu Mahendra has taken up the role of one of the leads. After almost seven years since his ‘Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam’ the director is back with Thalaimuraigal and interestingly for the first time he is debuting as an actor with this film. Produced by M Sasikumar, who by the way has done a cameo in the movie, Thalaimuraigal is a tale of a grandfather and his grandson. And, this is why you must catch this movie.

The greater part of the movie is shot in a 250 year old house, situated in Chennai. The veteran has worked along with his students for this movie. Thalaimuraigal talks about the relationship between a grandfather and his grandchild. The director reveals that he came up with the script when he was 8.

Thalaimuraigal has a very beautifully woven storyline. It is simple yet touching. It is a grandson’s remembrance of his grandfather. Master Karthick, the child artist plays Adithya (Aadhi) in the film; Sashikumar and Ramya Shankar play Aadhi’s parents, Balu Mahendra plays Aadhi’s grandfather and M.Sasikumar plays a very important cameo. Aadhi’s parents are doctors who are always busy with the hush and hurry of city life. They tie the knot in an inter-cast marriage which Balu Mahendra (grandfather) does not approve of.

Balu Mahendra plays a retired Tamil professor who is still bent upon his orthodox way of living. A sudden turn of events brings this family of three back to the village. So from there on the storyline revolves around how Aadhi and his grandfather start bonding. This beautiful journey makes Aadhi and his family learns the simple yet necessary lessons of life and it shows us how an old man breaks free of unnecessary conventions.

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  1. India Glitz

    Thalaimuraigal – Beautiful silences with a touch of warmth

    Balu Mahendra wears the actor’s hat for the very first time. His performance in the film was very touching. He made sure he brought out a balance between naive and serene emotions. He showed us how old people have a child inside them waiting to come out. When he dances in the rain along with his grandson you cannot help but smile at such an honest portrayal of affection.

    Master Karthick is simply the best part of the film. His comical dialogue delivery, his innocence, his naive curiosity, and his way of showing pure affection does the trick and works wonders. Sashikumar, Ramya Shankar and M.Sasikumar have done justice to their roles. They fit into their characters very well. All of them give us impressive performances especially during the numerous close up shots in the film.

    This film has Balu Mahendra written all over it. From the lighting, to the focus, to the dusky beauty in the lead and the importance given to human relationships it is a Balu Mahendra movie throughout. It gives you a feeling of nostalgia, it leaves you helplessly emotional. The number of shots is less but the duration of each shot lasts longer. This can be done only when the filmmaker has utmost confidence on the acting skills of his artists. Natural lighting is used to light up most of the scenes and the unrealistic blue tone is eliminated. The entire film is taken during the golden hours photography (Afternoon to evening just before the sunsets).

    Illayaraja’s music in the film is very pleasant and it intensifies the emotions throughout the film. The unnecessary loudness of the city is kept away as we are welcomed by serene silence that leaves us feeling fresh and at ease.

    A pleasant silence exists all through the film. The silences give room for more emotions. The dialogues are very simple yet relatable. It takes us back to our roots and makes us realize the importance of our cultural values and traditions. It teaches us how to find joy and happiness in little things of our daily life.

    Overall this film breaks religious conventions and builds a bridge that connects the old and the new. Thalaimuraigal is an emotional, touching and beautiful film that will bring you closer to family. Definitely one of Balu Mahendra’s best. Do not miss out on this one.

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