Thalaivaa (2013)
Movie: Thalaivaa (U)
Cast: Vijay, Amala Paul, Rajiv Pillai, Santhanam, Sathyaraj, Abhimanyu Singh
Direction: AL Vijay
Producer: Chandra Prakash Jain, CP Dinesh, CP Sunil
Banner: Vendhar Movies
Music: GV Prakash
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Run Time: 170 Mins
Release Date : 9 Aug 2013

Thalaivaa (2013)

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Tamil film, “Thalaivaa”, one of the most-anticipated films of 2013, has been released worldwide except at home – Tamil Nadu. The family entertainer is directed by A L Vijay of “Deiva Thirumagal” fame.

The film features Vijay and Amala Paul in the lead roles, while Ragini Nandwani, Rajiv Pillai, Santhanam and Sathyaraj play supporting roles. “Thalaivaa” tells the story of a man who turns into a leader.

Upon watching the film this perspective is not hard to understand as his latest, reveals a Vijay different from what we’ve ever seen before. Helmed as a more serious action flick, reminiscent of Godfather tones in its trailers, Thalaiva took on the bold task of marrying commercial action with a grittier look at how those without means seek justice for a myriad of social issues.

A common man with common dreams went on to become the leader… This is the story of Vijay’s controversy-coated Thalaivaa.

The film begins in 1988 when South Indian community in Mumbai is attacked, there emerges a leader Anna (Sathyaraj) and in the midst of fighting for the people Anna hands over his son to his friend (Nazar), who migrates to Australia.

Cut back to the present era: Anna’s son, Vishwa (Vijay) is now a professional dancer in Australia, there he meets Amala Paul and falls in love. Vishwa along with his ladylove and father-in-law (Suresh) travels to Mumbai to meet his father and fix the marriage. But Vishwa gets the shock of his life and he realizes that his father is in trouble. He now decides to fulfill his duties as a doting son and goes to an extend to sacrifice his love. The rest of the story is all about the transition of an innocent young man (Vishwa) to a leader (Vishwa Bhai). He is now ready to take on his dad’s enemies.

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  1. Behindwoods

    A different Vijay offering with enough impactful scenes, which takes its time to build up.

    The first half of the film drags a bit given the lack of plot development. An hour into the film there is no real conflict at hand, however, within the few minutes immediately before the intermission the audience is rattled with shocking plot & character twists. There are several ‘gasp-worthy’ scenes soon after the break, based on Vijay’s portrayal and stunning cinematography of some raw (but not overtly gory) violence. Although the overarching revenge conflict & final climax scenes are not incredibly unique ideas, they are shot very well and add to the overall style quotient of the film

    Director Vijay knows what works for the audience – he has done emotional dramas to romance to action with equal ease and actor Vijay knows what his fans want. The combination is sure to hit the right chord.

    The film is set partly in Mumbai and the rest of the film is shot in international locations including Australia. The backdrops promise something unique. The film boasts of very high production values – for instance, slums of Dharavi were recreated for the movie’s shooting.

    The song videos were a true highlight, not only for Vijay’s dance moves & the fresh choreography, but also for the beautiful cinematography.

    Overall, although slow at the start and missing in some of its character backstories, the film makes up for it with few unexpected turns of events. It is not an overtly commercial film made for those who expect equal parts romance, comedy and action, but a more commercially lighter look at the ‘Godfather’ genre.

  2. Siddarth Srinivas

    A slow film with a good amount of substance. More class, less mass.

    Thalaivaa is a 3 hour biopic of a common man who turns into a leader. The movie starts off in Mumbai with Sathyaraj’s character being introduced.

    The screen is set ablaze with some breath-taking dance moves. Amala Paul and Santhanam make their entry, and the first half moves filled with fun, while looking colorful. There is a hilarious surprise too. Thelove track is well etched and special credits have to be given to the song picturisations.

    Thalaivaa is not the normal racy entertainer you will expect from Vijay. It is a movie which travels on a slower note, peppered with morale values and lessons to learn. It will entertain you and at the same time, enlighten you. A different Vijay film, by any means

  3. Ambili S (Galatta)

    Thalaivaa is a perfect mass entertainer, not only for Vijay fans but for all.

    Vijay is getting better and better. In Thalaivaa, he has two different looks, as a crazy lover and a leader. Vijay is brilliant in both the roles. Unlike a typical Vijay film, Thalaivaa doesn’t have too may action scenes, here it is less of action and more of acting. For the first time we get to see Amala Paul in dancing avatar and she is super confident. Another major highlight of the film is Sathyaraj’s brilliant portrayal as Anna. Abhimanyu Singh is good and Ragini Nandwani’s role is powerful.

    Vijay’s direction is brilliant as usual however he could have tweaked the screenplay in the second half. G.V. Prakash’s music scores are outstanding and Nirav Shah’s visuals are rich.

  4. 10

    Singleword:thalaiva is rock


    thalaiva movie is super… u look so handsome… i luv is movie… yeah…yeah…yeah

  6. saranya

    Excellent movie from vijay anna.always Rocks.

  7. Siva

    thalaivaa is a rock. A different vijay and all his talents have been showed over a son tamil pasanga. once again Thalaivaa Is A BLOCKBUSTER!!!!!!!

  8. Ajith

    vijay will be the real thlaivaa if he continues films like this but to compare this to thuppakki this is a huge BLOCKBUSTER HIT

  9. Santosh

    Super story of thalapathy enna irundhalum thalapathy pola varuma

  10. Kutty

    Vijay Is Next Superstar.Thalaiva Movie Very Nice

  11. Rajesh

    Vijay anna Excellent Movie.You Only Handsome In Tamil Nadu Actor.What a Style Anna Keep it Up.

  12. Selvanayagi

    Thalaiva in simple word :: wassup … Love Vijay
    Vijay is the next superstar

  13. Sharisha

    Thalaiva superp movie …
    i LOve u Vijay

  14. Vijay fan

    I love the movie to the core ..

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