Thanga Meengal (2013)
Movie: Thanga Meenkal (U)
Cast: Ram, Sadhana
Direction: Ram
Producer: Gautham Menon, Reshma Ghatala, Venkat Somasundaram
Banner: Photon Kathaas
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 140 Mins
Release Date : 30 Aug 2013

Thanga Meengal (2013)

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Six years after the release of the critically acclaimed Kattradhu Thamizh, the director of the film, Ramsubramaniam, is back with Thanga Meengal, a film that highlights the unique bond shared by a father and his daughter.

The backdrop of the film is the modern-day education system. The director himself plays the lead role, along with Baby Sadhana, who essays the role of his daughter.

Thanga Meengal has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and has been jointly produced by Gautham Menon under his home banner, Photon Kathaas, and J Satish Kumar, whose JSK Film Corporation, has been associated with films such as Bala’s Paradesi and Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom.

The film has been shot in a picture-perfect village surrounded by lush green hills, thick forest, flowing streams, and the sounds of birds mixed with the sound of the passing trains.

Chellama (Baby Sadhana) lives in this village with her doting father, Kalyani (director Ram), mother Vadivu (Shelly Kishore) and her grandparents Rohini and Poo Ramu. Though Kalyani’s parents are very rich, Kalyani is a school dropout without any proper job or income, and is dependent on his father.

His daughter Chellama is the apple of his eye and there is absolutely nothing in the world he would not do for her.

Chellama’s biggest problem is her school and her teachers. She is way behind the other students and often becomes the object of ridicule with both her teachers and classmates. This upsets her and she finds comfort only in the company of her father, who is patient and understanding and caters to her every whim.

A small argument with the school teacher, who refuses to allow his daughter to participate in a dance programme, results in a bigger disagreement at home with his father, who believes that Kalyani has spoiled his own life with his lazy ways and is doing the same with his daughter. An angry Kalyani walks out of the house, forced to leave behind his inconsolable daughter.

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  1. Behindwoods

    Brims with heart felt heavy emotions, has lifelike performances and is a brilliantly made film.

    A big round of applause to Director Ram for his vision, unflinching passion on his subject, his writing and of course his performance. He has literally given life to the character that he has written. Though he comes across as over-dramatic and hyper-emotional at times, it suits the story.

    Baby Sadhana plays Chellamma, a kid who lives in her own world and is a really slow learner at school. Her mind is brimming with fantasies and one such is about ‘Thanga Meengal’. The title has been justified very well and poetically in fact.

    Shelly plays the mother of Chellamma and she shines in the scenes when she releases all her pent-up frustrations. Looking at Shelly and Sadhana, they really do look like a mother-daughter pair. Great casting. Padmapriya is really dignified as a teacher and lights up the few scenes that she appears in.

    Yuvan Shankar Raja has again delivered his best for Ram and you will have plenty of hair-raising moments as he weaves magic with his instruments, for the movie’s BGM score. Thanga Meengal is a visual treat as well, with Arbhindu Saaraa capturing all the scenic locales and surreal night scenes.

    One must laud the passion of the producers too and Gautham Menon, being an ambitious filmmaker himself, must have understood what Ram was up to, and his contributions to the final output of Thanga Meengal mustn’t be undervalued.

  2. 8/10

    Definitely a must watch!

    At first you start to wonder if certain emotions in the film are exaggerated but when you look back at your father you start to think that these emotions are for real. Director Ram was the best fit for this film because this one was right from his heart; the film feels like an extension of him. Sadhana has done a great job by balancing her emotions and naughtiness.

    Thanga Meenkal will definitely be a film that will live on for ages like many other classics from our industry. Overall this story will take you into a world where only two people exist, a father and his daughter. So get lost in this beautiful world which will leave you in tears towards the end.

  3. India Glitz

    A cocktail of sentiments. A pleasant ride, go for it !

    It’s like a journey that we experience through its feel that makes us more attached to every frame of it. Post first half, the pain of separation from a daughter is shown with class and emotionally upped screenplay. The little girl Sadhana’s acting is sweet and tender like coconut, her innocence is something we can relate to a child who reaches out to her dad for solace at her times of need!

    Yuvan’s BGM is spot on and delivers quite well. Arabindhu’s camera work is magnificent, be it the visuals around the mountains or the cycle ride through the valley!

    Ram deserves a special mention for his direction cum acting, with only two movies he has proved his mettle and Kollywood needs more directors like him no doubt. The cameo by Padmapriya as a teacher might look uncalled for, however that’s screenplay of twists!

    Ergo, a movie is far more of an experience to feel and relish, go with your daughter and you are sure to enjoy!

  4. Rediff

    Thanga Meenkal is totally worth it, definitely a must watch.

    he film is set against the backdrop of the present-day education system and has the director himself playing the lead role, with Baby Sadhana essaying the role of his daughter. Television actress Shelly Kishore, Rohini, Padmapriya, Lizzy, Poo Ramu and Baby Sanjana play important roles in the film.

    The film has been shot in a picture-perfect village surrounded by lush green hills, thick forest, flowing streams, and the sounds of birds mixed with the sound of the passing trains.

    Thanga Meenkal undoubtedly makes it difficult to choose between Ram, the director, and Ram, the actor, both have done a truly splendid job. And one can definitely not forget Baby Sadhana, an eight-year old who effortlessly steals our heart with her endearing performance.

    Director Ram’s Thanga Meenkal is a heartwarming story told brilliantly with a simplicity and honesty that is seen so rarely in films these days.

  5. guru

    superb movie……….

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