Thillu Mullu 2 (2013)
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Movie: Thillu Mullu (U)
Cast: Shiva, Prakash Raj, Isha Talwar, Soori , Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Ilavarasu, Brahmanandam
Director: Badri
Producer: S. Madhan
Banner: Vendhar Movies
Music: M. S. Viswanathan, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Run Time: 141 Mins
Release Date : 14 Jun 2013

Thillu Mullu 2 (2013)

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K. Balachander’s Thillu Mullu is in fact the remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s cult comedy flick, Gol Maal (1979). The film is widely known for its comedy timings, subtle love story and the perfect screenplay. It is also regarded as one of the finest comedy films in Indian cinema.

So this time our very own Mirchi Shiva is here to enthrall his fans with the remake of cult comedy hit Thillu Mullu, a turning point in the career of both Rajinikanth and veteran K. Balachander. The film is directed by Badri while S. Madhan has produced the film under Vendhar Movies.

Pasupathi (Shiva) is a small-time character artist and is looking for a better paying job. He lives with his sister and uncle (Illavarasu), who is also a lawyer. Pasupathi’s only hope in life is his father’s property which is in a legal dispute and unfortunately they lose the case.

Now he has no other go and starts looking for a better job. At that time his uncle tells him about Siva Gurunathan (Prakashraj), owner of a leading bottled water brand and a sincere murugan devotee. He manages crack the interview and grab the offer letter. Trouble comes in the form of T20 match, for which Pasupathi takes leave by pretending that his mother (who dies many years ago) is not well. But he gets caught red-handed. Next day Siva Gurunathan questions him.

Remembering the plot of a friend’s film, Pasupathi convinces Siva Gurunathan that he had seen his identical twin, with twinkling blue eyes, Ganguli Kanda at the stadium. Siva Gurunathan is not yet convinced, and he decides to hire Kanda as his daughter Janani’s (Isha Talwar) new karate teacher. Pasupathy alia Kanda falls for Janani… What follows next is a series of missy-messy confusions…

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  1. 7/10

    Overall, Thillu Mullu is a comedy riot perfect for a family weekend!

    Shiva is as usual good with his comedy timings and he has enacted both the characters with ease. Newbie Isha Talwar looks beautiful on screen. Prakashraj needs no introduction and he is one actor who can do any role with ease and perfection.

    Sarala, Manobala, Soori and Illavarasu is a treat to watch. Director Badir has played it safe by remaking a cult comedy, however he has made few interesting changes like the lens effect, showing Prakash Raj as a murugan devotee and many more…

    Yuvan has retained two songs from the original, Thillu Mullu title songs by MSV and Raagangal Pathinaaru, which is a true treat for ears. Santhanam’s special role is a real fun on screen. Lakshman’s camera works and editing by Praveen-Srikanth are apt for the story.

  2. India Glitz

    A load of laughs in the store, come buy it!

    Movie as a whole is a watchable entertainer entirely owing to Shiva and Prakashraj, the duo just have an immense “presence of mind” bonding. Shiva the RJ just make you realize how charmingly funny he has matured over time. He is still the same old guy in Radio who cracks jokes with his innocently witty one liner. Prakashraj, he dons the role of a very honest and devout Murugan disciple and does justice to Thengai Srinivasan’s role.

    For diehard Rajini lovers, this has no way harmed the original indeed. Isha Talwar is gorgeous and has bagged a meaty role indeed and her dubbing, lip sync is pretty amazing for a non-Tamil speaker. Kovaisarala, she is such a delight as a localite and boy does she spice the audience with her Madras Baashai. Rest of the cast; Manobala, Soori, Sathyan and all do their roles pretty neat and tidy enough. Santhanam’s brief cameo is such a delight and he is at his usual best indeed.

    Badri has done a decent job of remaking Thillumullu to entice the current audiences, Taking only a page out of the original, Badri has made a whale of changes and the biggest strength of this movie is probably the dialogues.

    The downside of the movie is clearly the editing, with the first half suffering a lot of unfinished gaps. The first half is a fun load, while the second half bores you slightly however the presence of occasional songs does cheer you up. Music is not a complete winner, with Kai Pesi the best of the lot.

    Staying true to the original, Badri’s “Thillu Mullu” is a clean entertainer, sure to strike a chord with the family audience.

  3. Rediff

    Thillu Mullu fails to evoke spontaneous laughter and lacks the brilliance and rib-tickling humour of the original

    Though it may seem unfair to compare the two films, it is inevitable. With Shiva playing a dual role and the presence of the very seasoned Prakashraj, you do expect a lot of laughs. And though both have given their best shot with absolutely no support from the rest of the cast, there is still a sense of disappointment and being let down at the end.

    Sadly, Mirchi Shiva’s Thillu Mullu fails to evoke spontaneous laughter and lacks the rib-tickling humour of the original.

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