Vedalam (2015)
Movie: Vedalam
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Shruti Hassan & Lakshmi Menon
Director: Siva
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Producer: S. Aishwarya
Banner: Shri Sai Raam Creations

Vedalam (2015)

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Vedalam is an action-masala film written and directed by Siva after the successful collaboration Veeram with Thala Ajith. Produced by S. Aishwarya, Ajith Kumar and Shruti Haasan play the lead roles, with Lakshmi Menon, Ashwin Kakumanu, and Kabir Duhan Singh among others, appearing in supporting roles. Anirudh Ravichander composed the film’s music and background score.


Ganesh (Ajith) reaches Kolkata for the higher studies of his younger sister Tamizh (Lakshmi Menon) He starts working as a taxi driver and helps police nab an important member of an international syndicate of criminals run by three brothers (Rahul Dev, Kabi Singh and another one new actor). Ganesh incurs the wrath of the criminal network. Only when he was dragged in to be killed we come to know that the purpose of Ganesh’s visit is dismantling the mafia by killing its three heads, To know what is the reason behind this mission and how Ganesh accomplishes it, watch ‘Vedalam’ for answers.

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  1. pavithra

    I’m ajith fan thala ipdi sothapiteengale.. Watcable one tym.
    .expecting lot in next movie

  2. kannan

    Badasha movie..

  3. Indiaglitz

    Enjoyable mass entertainer. Put on your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

    The film highly depends on Ajith’s star power, mass appeal and his skills to perform and entertain his fans and general audience. Writer director Siva emerges a winner in capitalizing the phenomenal positives of Ajith as an actor and as a star and manages to serve us a product of high octane entertainment despite a few glitches. There are predictable twists, convenient turns of events, logical lapses and all that are common in a mass film which would require us to keep our logical thinking aside and enjoy the show.

    Music is one of the big plusses of the film Songs, two each in both the halves, thankfully do not hamper the pace of the narration. The entire team of Silva, Anirudh, cinematographer Vetri, Editor Ruben, director Siva and Ajith who has pulled this off on the screen should be commended for such a brilliant effort in all the fight scenes of the film.

  4. Behindwoods

    Sparks do fly, but not frequently enough.

    The focus is clearly on projecting women in good light with Ajith always looking out for his doting sister. Vedalam has its fair share of ‘thiruvizha’ action moments resulting from the revenge theme of the film. Anirudh is indeed a ‘masster’ and his work in Vedalam needs a mention.

    Some of the comedy scenes don’t work out as intended and the sentiment scenes go overboard into the melodramatic territory. The film doesn’t engage consistently as intended.

    Editor Ruben’s work is noteworthy in the frenetic climax action scene which has some intelligent episodes and also plenty of outer-atmospheric elements in it. Stunt master Silva must have had a lot on his plate given the big action scope of the film and with his trusted aide Ajith, Silva has delivered some high-octane set pieces.

  5. Moviebuzz

    Formulaic film with few enjoyable moments. Ajith’s one man show and it might enthrall his ardent fans for others.

    Vedhalam is yet another template mass masala film with few well etched out action sequences and feel-good moments but most of the time, the ship rests on the broad shoulders of Ajith, who single handedly makes us sit through the predictable potboiler.

    The biggest strength of Vedhalam is its first half, where we happen to see the super energetic Ajith and the suspense elements surrounding his characterization. But once the director breaks the mystery, things gets fizzled out and it is very difficult to sit through the second half.

    Major drawback of the film is that the much needed flashback portions fail to create any impact and we are unable to establish any emotional connect with the characters.

  6. vignesh

    excellent mass

  7. anandthan

    Teri Teri mass movie No movie Can beat this movie

  8. this Vedalam movies is a action movies.hero is my active man.Vedalam movies is my best movies in tamil is a great movie in tamil industry.

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