Vidiyum Munn (2013)
Movie: Vidiyum Munn (U/A)
Cast: Pooja Umashankar, Malavika Manikuttan, Vinoth Kishan, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, John Vijay
Direction: Balaji K. Kumar
Producer: Javed Khayum
Banner: Khayum Studios
Music: Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Genre: Thriller
Run Time: 139 Mins
Release Date: 29 Nov 2013

Vidiyum Munn (2013)

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Balaji K. Kumar’s Vidiyum Munn is the most excitingly staged movie since Mysskin’s Onaayum Aattukuttiyum. The movie is aptly summed up by it’s tagline – Four Formidable Men, who, for Three Different Reasons are chasing after Two Women in One Day!

Producer Javed Khayum, director Balaji K Kumar (with experience of having worked in Hollywood), music director Girishh Gopalakrishnan (of Marina fame) and Sivakumar Vijayan (former assistant of PC Sreeram) and a bunch of actors well-known for their powerhouse performances have come together with a new face Malavika Manikuttan (child artiste making her debut), to deliuver the best thriller of recent times!

Balajee Kumar’s Vidiyum Mun is basically a thriller which is happening in one day. The basic plot of the movie goes like this ; four different men chases two women(one a girl) for three different reasons, very interesting right? But a director can’t fetch victory just with interesting ideas it should be converted into an excellent script with all kind of logic and when it comes to thriller everything including actors’ expression, cinematography, background score should be well glued with the movie’s flow.

A professional call girl Rekha (Pooja) is on the run with a 12-year-old girl Nandhini (Malavika). Who or what are they on the run from? That is a big question, because there are many different groups who are pursuing them.

Rekha’s pimp (played by Amarendran), is one of the people pursuing her, because he has been given a 24-hour deadline to capture and bring the 2 ladies back or his life is being threatened! Vinoth Kishan plays a relentless and ferocious head of a gang pursuing Rekha and Nandini with such a rage that really is frightening. John Vijay is a mastermind who uses his intellect to deduct stuff and track the runaway duo.

Just when you think that both the lady and the kid have gotten away, they fall into a trap and are captured by a gang! Who is it that finally captures the 2 women? What is it that they want from them? Why are the 2 on the run? To get all these question answered and for a rivetting 2 hours plus of movie viewing, watch Vidiyum Munn at a theatre near you!

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  1. Behindwoods

    A slow and enticing thriller, well made !

    The suspense element is maintained throughout with unpredictable twists being reserved for the post-interval session. The slow and enticing narration keeps you glued to the seats and towards the climax, when the knots are being untangled sans elaborate dialogues but with terse frames, you can almost hear your heart beating loudly.

    Pooja who makes her comeback after three years owns the screen with her body language and emotion laden voice. Her vulnerable face and trembling voice add a lot of depth to her characterization. Malavika Manikuttan, subtle and natural reactions, effective silences and poignant expressions.

    John Vijay is a revelation with his fantastic mercurial emoting skills who brings in a lot of joie de vivre in his scenes. Vinod Kishan’s steely eyes and expressions are apt for the creepy feel and Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and Amarendran are effective in their respective roles.

    Songs of Girishh Gopalakrishnan blend unobtrusively as short montages while his BGM enhances the feel and mood of the scenes. Cameraman Sivakumar Vijayan’s contribution to the film with his dusty brown, sepia and steel grey toned visuals is quite significant.

    In sum, here is a work of a debut director which is gripping, hard hitting and even shocking but all the same, well made to give the right kind of viewing experience.

  2. 7/10

    Beautifully staged in the mood for thrills.

    The pace is deliberate, and the subject matter is bracingly adult. No attempts are made to dilute the mood with comedy or romance, and except a stray line about all of us housing both God and Satan, or a veiled threat in the form of a fable, there’s none of the dime-store philosophising that frequently taints our films.

    The director is right to stylise this material — presented more “realistically,” the narrative may have come off as too thin, too familiar. Still, there are times I wished he’d held back. A lurid montage set to R. D. Burman’s ‘Duniya mein logon ko’ feels out of place in this milieu. And a slow-motion stretch in the climax is a mistake. We’re meant to be squirming with dread, and instead we seem to be viewing an arty music video.

  3. 7/10

    Movie that is sure to keep the audience engrossed throughout!

    One just cannot call Pooja Umashankar the heroine of the movie! Though she has surpassed her Naan Kadavul performance (considered her best till date) with her portrayal of Rekha, she has been given a tough run for her money by the little child Malavika! Malavika is a natural talent as an actor! The way she emotes and her body language are just mind boggling. Theatre artiste Amarendran excels in his role as a pimp, on the run for his life! John Vijay as the intellectual, yet money-minded tracker, provides a few laughs with his quirkiness!

    There is nothing that anybody can find fault with in the movie, except maybe the duration, which too has been taken care of by the wonderful editing, amazing screenplay and haunting music! The art director needs a special mention as do the people behind the Auro 3D mixing!

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