Yaarukku Theriyum (2012)
Movie: Yaarukku Theriyum
Cast: Sanjana Singh, Jayaprakash, Riyaz Khan and Kalabhavan Mani
Director: Ganeshan Kamaraj
Producer: Arubere Art Ventura Pvt Ltd
Music: Kannan
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 2 Nov 2012

Yaarukku Theriyum (2012)

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It seems to be the season of thrillers. After the recent release Pizza, now comes Yarukku Theriyum. After a brief hiatus, Kalabhavan Mani is back in Tamil cinema. He would be playing the lead role in Yarukku Therium, a suspense thriller Written and directed by Ganesan Kamaraj, the movie has a host of newcomers, Riyaz Khan and Jayaprakash, produced by Arubere Art Ventura Pvt Ltd.


The film runs for just around a couple hours and for a thriller it has to be short and crisp and the suspense element should be there all through. And Ganesan Kamaraj has handled it well.

One fine evening, Shakti finds himself locked inside a factory along with two other grievously injured persons. They regain consciousness but fail to recollect who they are.

Meanwhile, they stumble upon three more strangers, who also have no clue about how did they end up in the same factory. Further, none of them remember ever being acquainted and therefore they don’t believe each other.

They suffer from short- term memory loss, the only thing that they remember is that one among them is a killer who wants to kill the rest.

They embark on finding their past and whether they succeed in spotting the killer or not forms the rest of the story. The notable thing is that all the lead characters do not know who they are till the interval and audience has to follow the script without knowing the names of the characters.

Are these strangers connected? If yes, then how are they connected? With no way out, they must connect the dots and find a way out.

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  1. IBN

    What could’ve been an edge-of-the-seat thriller gets sabotaged because of naive acting and poor characterisation. Although there are moments that increase tension in the film, the overall output falls short of satisfaction. Director Ganeshan, with his amateurish style of filmmaking, does manage to impress a handful of audience, but eventually earns the disappointment of many.

    Thankfully, there are no sub-plots in the film and even in the flashback scenes; the director focuses solely on the thriller aspect without paving way to glamour, love and action.

    The film’s strength is its screenplay, but sadly it gets diluted with every passing minute.

    Riyaz and Kalabhavan Mani show some involvement in their roles, while the rest go unnoticed with their cliched performance.

    Although the director showed signs of novelty in bringing forth a story Tamil audience are quite alien to, he simultaneously irritates them with the inclusion of too many English dialogues that sound artificial.

    ‘Yaarukku Theriyum’ engages partly, but disappoints extremely.

  2. Tamil

    The director has succeeded in bringing out right emotions from his artistes. Kalabhavan Mani carries the burden on his shoulders. He plays the role of a complex character with ease. Riyaz Khan as a top police officer and Jayaprakash as an industrialist do justice to their roles.

    Though there are dull moments towards the second half, Yarukku Theriyum is a pleasure to watch.

    Verdict: Game is on

  3. gama

    Good attempt, a decent thriller, for the low budget film with unknown cast I think the out might be better if there is atleast some publicity.

  4. dolduppa

    Seemingly “INSPIRED” by the Hollywood Movie “Unknown (2006)” ……….!!!!!

  5. Arun

    Its the remake of Acid Factory (Hindi), which itself is a remake of Unknown(English 2006).

    Unknown—>Acid Factory—>Yaarukku Theriyum

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