Yennai Arindhaal (2015)
Movie: Yennai Arindhaal (U/A)
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Trisha Krishnan, Anushka Shetty, Arun Vijay
Direction: Gautham Menon
Producer: A M Rathnam, S Aishwarya
Banner: Shri Sai Raam Creations
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Genre: Action, Thriller
Run Time: 177 Mins
Release Date:

Yennai Arindhaal (2015)

Good: Racy second-half. Ajith & Arun Vijay Performance. Ajith-Trisha part.
Bad: Oridinary Script. Slow first-half.
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Ajith’s long expected Yennai Arindhaal finally released today. Produced by Shri Sai Ram Creations, director Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Yennai Arindhaal has Ajith, Anushka, Trisha, Arun Vijay and Vivek playing important roles. Harris Jayaraj has scored the music and Dan Macarthur has cranked the camera with Anthony on the editing board. Arun Vijay has played a handsome baddie role with chiseled body in the film. After a quite hiatus Harris Jayaraj and Gautham Menon teamed up for this Ajith starrer.


Yennai Arindhaal can be called as a biography of a cop named Satyadev from the age of 13 to the age of 40 years and is about the people he meets in his life. What are the consequences that he has faced to save his family from thee goons he faces because of his job forms the crux of the story.

The movie opens to Thenmozhi (Anushka) being prepped up for a potential groom to see her. After ensuring that the guy and his parents run away, a completely disinterested Anushka steps on a plane from Boston to Chennai. On the plane, beside her is a handsome guy. Impressed with him, she follows him around and even goes to meet him at a Coffee Shop the next day. However, here a gang of masked goons descend and utter chaos follows. The handsome guy – Sathyadev (Ajith) saves the day, but is injured by the leader of the gang – Victor (Arun Vijay). Requiring medical attention, Sathyadev asks Thenmozhi to accompany him to the hospital. At the hospital, Sathyadev recounts his earlier association with Victor and an enraged Victor also does the same.

As a school-going youngster, Sathyadev’s mother wants him to be a doctor. But destiny has other plans for him. The senseless death of his father at the hands of a gangster motivates him to join the police force.

Ajith, is a dedicated police officer who puts work ahead of his personal life. He also puts his own life on the line to make sure his jurisdiction stays clean and free from violence and illegal activities. During one of his investigations, Ajith meets the hugely pregnant Hemanika, and drives her to the hospital. Coincidentally, they meet again a couple of years later and he is introduced to her young daughter Isha (Baby Anikha). Sathyadev promptly falls in love with both. They get engaged, but the night before the wedding, Hemanika is brutally murdered.

Ajith then sets out on a mission to know about his wife’s murderers and Yennai Arindhaal then turns into a road film. The narrative alternates between the present, wherein he is trying to prevent Thenmozhi (Anushka Shetty) from getting killed, and his tragic past with Hemanika (Trisha).

With beautiful moments from Ajith’s life told in flashbacks, where does the journey of the protagonist ends forms the rest of the story.

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  1. Avinash Gopinath

    Yennai Arindhaal brings out Ajith’s best performance till date.

    He literally carries the entire film on his shoulders but importantly Arun Vijay helps him to do so. Arun Vijay has brought out his best and we wouldn’t be surprised if most of you think that he is the unsung hero of Yennai Arindhaal.

    Both the leading ladies have done a fantastic job. Though Anushka’s performance is neat, Trisha’s portrayal of Hemanika gets a special mention. Baby Anikha’s performance is as natural as it can get.

    Though Anthony’s editing could’ve been even more crispier, Gautham Menon’s amazing screenplay will keep you hooked throughout the movie. Harris Jayaraj’s background score is definitely a plus. Dan Macarthur’s cinematography is fresh and will provide a new experience to Tamil audience.

  2. Rediff

    Interesting cop film – new and the plot is engaging with reminiscences of director’s previous cop films

    The first half moves briskly, introducing many new characters and situations, keeping you totally engrossed, but the second goes off track and lacks momentum.

    Ajith as usual takes center stage, but Arun Vijay is equally impressive. He looks extremely tough and fit, in contrast with Ajith, who seems rather overweight. But there is no mistaking Ajith’s magnetic screen presence; he can drive the audience to frenzy with just a smile.

    Anushka has little to do, but the beautiful chemistry shared by the lovely Trisha and charming Ajith, definitely works big time.

    Music by Harris Jayaraj and cinematography by Australian filmmaker Dan Macarthur do the director proud, but the editing could have been better.

    The backdrop is new, and the plot engaging but the characters, the situation, and even the dialogues are reminiscences of his previous cop films.

    With Yennai Arindhaal, director Gautham Menon perhaps completes his cop trilogy.

  3. Galatta

    Yennai Arindhaal have got the tight rope walk (“Oru Mellisaana Kodu…”) perfectly right… Don’t miss it!

    The twists and turns, though almost predictable. The interval block and the pre-climax block are brilliant, with Arun Vijay’s voice holding forte in the pre-climax. This movie has to rank among one of Ajith’s best performances. He has a lot of scope to perform and emote and not only has he excelled in these, but has gotten the different physical transformation required at different stages of the movie, perfectly right. Trisha is gorgeous. Anushka seems to just be getting prettier by the day.

    This has to be the biggest break of Arun Vijay’s career and he has outdone himself and matches up to Ajith in the first half. He holds sway in the second half, with his voice as well as flaunting his toned physique. Vivek lends able support in the few scenes he is a part of. Notable cameos by Stunt Silva and Nasser along with a racy screenplay and action packed stunt sequences add to the movie’s strengths.

    Harris Jayaraj’s songs have already been well received and he does not disappoint with the BGM as well. The pulsating music keeps the viewers glued into the scenes. Dan MacArthur has done a wonderful job in capturing the vibrant colours of India in the ‘Unakenna Vendum Sollu’ song. If the overall run-time is trimmed a bit, this already rocking movie will become all the more taut.

    Thala Pongal has finally arrived with Yennai Arindhaal! The makers of Yennai Arindhaal have got the tight rope walk (“Oru Mellisaana Kodu…”) perfectly right… Don’t miss it!

  4. Indiaglitz

    An action packed entertainment, Gautham Menon Class delivered by Ajith’s Mass screen presence

    Satyadev, the character requires a bold and daring voice, the very voice that would send shivers down a rogue, the character deserves a look that Ajith fits in simply deservingly. Getting deep down into the character’s mindset GVM pens a simple script by adding few lovely moments. Trisha’s role leaps over Anushka’s, she appears in the flashback and trots home by leaving us with a heavy heart. Anushka’s character has little to offer, for a hugely reputed star, the role looks short-lived.

    The last half hour involving Arun Vijay’s word battle is where the actor shows his prowess. Comic relief comes in the form of Vivek, he comes with a few one liners and gives away a hearty laugh making the audience wanting more. Parvathy Nair and Daniel Balaji make brief appearances, but some important ones.

    The script is ordinary and basks heavily on the character of Satyadev leaving much to wonder about the rest. Harris’s music apart from the signature YA theme, has little to offer. Using rock fusion for BGM doesn’t seem much appropriate for the action sequences as is the case for romance he hasn’t put his best foot forward.

    Kidnapping, the waiting game, vengeance all that we have seen in Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. Yennai Arindhaal is a mixture of Mass juxtaposed with class and is sure to quench the thirst of Ajith’s fans and GVM’s signature style movie goers. Barring the nostalgic moments from his previous movies and the slow screenplay Yennai Arindhaal is a rock solid entertainer with enough scenes to get you hooked.

  5. Behindwoods

    It’s Gautham’s movie with Ajith adding colour admirably

    Ajith as Sathyadev delivers the right emotion and is effortless with the multiple transformations his character goes through. Yennai Arindhaal might give you an alternate experience of watching a Thala movie.

    Trisha excels as a mother and scores with her love filled eyes. With all the focus on Ajith and Ajith only, Anushka gets a fair share of the pie with her non-dramatic acting. Arun Vijay looks macho, has a flawless body, wears rich costumes and his hairstyle will very soon set a trend. Parvathy Nair gets a noticeable role and has perfectly done what has been told.

    Harris’ songs emotionally cement Yennai Arindhaal. Kudos to Gautham for making songs a part of the narrative and preventing them from becoming obstrucive. Special credits to Ajith for opening up to a story like this and giving what it needs, than eyeing for moments that would multiply his ever-growing fan base.

    Dan’s camera work is equally stunning and sensually colorful. He is a promising find. Anthony is Gautham’s partner-in-crime and he does set the much needed pace and gives an extra hand with the non-linear narration. Silva’s realistic stunts look painful and feel hard. Harris’ BGM with pulsating dub-step, guitars on distortion and sax with the pianos in the backing, gratify every dimension of the emotions portrayed.

    The oscillations between the ‘Mellisaana Kodu’ create a stir. Yennai Arindhaal is a feeling, a learning that just takes sometime to tell you the story, by not dramatizing events and exaggerating factors. Finally, Gautham should be credited for making a movie not for Ajith fans, but one which Ajith’s fans will enjoy!

  6. Performances lift an otherwise predicatable fare from Gautam Vasudev Menon.

    Like Kaakha Kaakha’s Anbuchelvan and Vettayadu Vilayaadu’s Raghavan, Sathyadev too is near invincible until he finds company with a lover.

    Ajith Kumar seems to have put his heart and soul into the role of Sathyadev, a character that goes through several physical transitions through the course of narrative, from being a fit young cop to a demoralised middle-aged man to a person who finds his way back to doing what comes naturally.

    The biggest gainer of Yennai Arindhaal could be Arun Vijay. His Victor is nearly as menacing as Jeevan’s Pandian, the antagonist of Kaakha Kaakha. But there is a lot of heart in Arun’s Victor, who has to face up with betrayal and eventually loss of his love too.

    Trisha Krishnan as dancer Hemanika and Anushka Shetty as software engineer Thenmozhi — add as much grace and poise as possible and excel in their roles too. Like all previous heroine’s of Gautham’s film, they represent the modern, sophisticated independent women of India’s emerging middle class. However, is it a strange coincidence that almost all of Gautham’s heroines eventually end up becoming the hero’s Achilles heel?

    Baby Anikha who plays the role of Isha has shown a good range of emotions too, as it is a rare opportunity for a child artiste to work with a star of Ajith’s stature.

    Gautham manages to have pulled off Yennai Arindhaal but only just. There are places where the narrative sags and even confuses. But where he redeems himself are the sequences that lay emphasis on human emotions.

  7. Sify

    Watch it for Ajith’s majestic screen presence and the underlying emotional current.

    To be honest, Yennai Arindhaal is just a rehash of all Gautham Menon movies in the past, but here the novel factor is the emotional quotient between Ajith and his daughter Isha (Baby Anikha ) and the mature yet cute romance between Ajith and Trisha. But sadly, those sequences come only for thirty minutes.

    The film lacks the reason behind Arun Vijay’s revenge against Ajith. Yennai Arindhaal definitely has its moments and keeps us entertained but somewhere down the line, the mixing is inappropriate.

    The initial gangster portions lacks detailed depiction and it seems that a lot of scenes are chopped off. Also, romantic portion between Anushka and Ajith falls flat which is strange for a Gautham Menon film.

    Ajith’s best work in recent times. The actor is full of energy and constantly shines in the classic emotional portions and racy action sequences. After Ajith, it is Arun Vijay who takes the film to a different level in the film especially his phone conversations with Ajith is terrific.

    Trisha looks beautiful and elegantly emotes in the brief role. Anushka like all her recent films (Irandam Ulagam, Lingaa) looks jaded and mature in a not-so-well etched out role.

    Technically, Dan Macarthu’s cinematography is scintillating that he captures both the tense and emotional portions with vivid color tones. Harris Jayaraj songs (has a sense of déjà vu) and background score along with editing by Antony is commendable.

    Overall, Watch Yennai Arindhaal for Ajith’s majestic screen presence and the underlying emotional current.

  8. M Suganth, TOI

    Less punchy than Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu, falls a bit short on thrilling element

    The romance segments of the film seem to be other versions of the romantic tracks we saw in Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu. That is not to say they aren’t interesting. But the film does seem less punchy than Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu; it falls a bit short when it comes to matching the emotional undercurrent in the former and the detective thriller beats in the latter. The thriller elements, especially, are subdued, mainly because the director is focused more on the character study aspect and so, the first half feels less exciting.

    A sub-plot involving another gangster only increases the running time without adding much to the plot. But once Victor enters Sathyadev’s life, Gautham changes gears and we get the cop thriller that we were expecting. Arun Vijay, despite sharing certain resemblances with Gautham’s villains from the other films, manages to be effective in this role.

    Ultimately, the film belongs to Ajith and the star is in such fine form here. Playing a character that gives him the chance to be someone his age, here, he turns on the charms when he is with the heroines and taps into the coolly aggressive and self-possessed persona that we saw in Mankatha and Billa.

  9. yasir

    Nalla irruku na nenacha mathere illa

  10. MuruganS

    SuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuper Overall….But Thala Scene as low but Arun vijay Action Mass…..

  11. MuruganS

    super…Fight scence…..Mass Atharu Song Stylish Thala Ajith


    It’s a very good movie…We have seen our THALA in a different avatar after a long long time….That too really rocked by THALA…………

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